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Berm Peak

I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!

We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.

In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.

Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.

  • Danny M
    Danny M

    Best seth bike hacks video

  • Rafael DC
    Rafael DC

    Can u make a video on bunny hop on a rip rock

  • Blade Rances
    Blade Rances

    Scot:never useing gears never useing brakes Also scot: has a system while sessioning the bowl

  • Bennett Lindell
    Bennett Lindell

    Where do your keep your cars at

  • The awkward guy on the right
    The awkward guy on the right

    you should use a full suspension bmx bike

  • Bert Liu
    Bert Liu

    At 1:20, dog has no helmet, gottem coach.

  • melonbreaker72

    "the house just needs some minor fixes" *rebuilds house entirely*

  • Dont Tread On Me
    Dont Tread On Me

    This is an old video, but I just wanted to say thats a sick ass idea. I've been meaning to build a quarter, but this would be a good build too.

  • colin Brown
    colin Brown

    4:30 did he just say guesstimate

  • Tangmere Motor Company
    Tangmere Motor Company

    The most intense dude,still wish I could ride like that lol

  • Mitch

    I'm not very good at riding, but def would like to try biking on trails

  • thedepressedguydoesstuff

    I know he 100% got that bucket idea from Grant Thompson....and I respect the hell out of him for it!!

  • Daymeian Richardson
    Daymeian Richardson

    You need to get a Traxxas bandit vxl, it’s really good off-road and it can handle jumps and stuff and it’s really fast

  • Rc Maniek
    Rc Maniek

    you are crazy doing such tricks

  • Comm. Dawg
    Comm. Dawg

    Where is Berm Park

  • Eli

    my god sbh has changed over the years

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler

    I've been a biker for 30+ years, and I didn't know bike parks were even a thing. I feel like I missed a concert that will only ever happen once because the conditions will never align quite the same way lol.

  • Luke's Adventures
    Luke's Adventures

    i like your vids

  • Luke's Adventures
    Luke's Adventures

    sup i have a chanel called lukes adventures

  • Notant

    U should be working on suspension dude

  • Thoughmuchistaken

    8:41 Sadly

  • MrRealP x
    MrRealP x

    this is truly in-DEPTH

  • Itz Filip
    Itz Filip

    2:29 😂

  • PNW Mtb
    PNW Mtb

    2021, the first day my whole family got the virus.

  • Austin Connot
    Austin Connot

    Why don’t you use a pipe cutter

  • sully cookie
    sully cookie

    “lose traction and Experience a high likely hood of die” -Seth

  • Conner Beyers
    Conner Beyers

    Thank you for the tip I was going t o buy a diamond back Carbon release 5c but I might buy that bike now

  • Bryden Smith
    Bryden Smith

    Yo try dirt bike races some of the brake bumps are like half the size of the tire I kid u not u star in the back of the seat and buy the time tie in the cinder your up against the tanks and yes that’s were your supposed to be when your cornering my point is they get really really bad

  • Ginger .
    Ginger .


  • Hayden Faust
    Hayden Faust

    Seth should build a treehouse drop-in into one of your trails (Preferably thumb bucket).

  • Rich Cael
    Rich Cael

    he seth do you use cleat pedals

  • Sjors de Waard
    Sjors de Waard

    Fake flowers at 1.30 min!

  • 3 the man 3
    3 the man 3

    I would love to see you take and flip a Walmart bike that would be insane

  • JM OK
    JM OK

    I really hate that bike-destroying game

  • vianadg

    fucking mosquito

  • Hky Simp
    Hky Simp

    I have been waiting to convince my parents to get a account and now I have a account to subscribe

  • JouktheJouk

    Can confirm that fabric water bottle is really good had it on my bike for almost 6 months now and it has held up like new👍

  • Tau tology
    Tau tology

    Hey hello! Are you familiar with COLE bicycle? If you are what can you say about it?

  • Steven Fitzpatrick
    Steven Fitzpatrick

    Hey Seth, could I request more of this dougscore-esque scoring but for all things MTB? Parks, parts, you name it

  • Last777

    hi I am from Uk and i am doing exactly the same is good side hassle and money is good but you need be perfect to fixing them as well not just flipping well done pal

  • MastergamerX905yt


  • diansteezy

    *this is my 14 times watching this*

  • 20 years ago
    20 years ago

    Great, now I keep getting a "Mountain Biking Singles" app popping up after watching this smh

  • Gaming boy
    Gaming boy

    You’re better BMX than mountain biking

  • diansteezy

    *jesus christ hahahaha!*

  • Marco Brunelle
    Marco Brunelle

    Eggbeater? It’s Candy crank Brothers pedals

  • Kim R Martins
    Kim R Martins

    Mate you should just clean that tar with kerosene.


    Seth, you should build an opposite turning bike and learn how to ride it. Build it to turn left when you turn your handlebars right and turn right when you turn your handlebars left. I bet it takes forever to retrain your brain to ride an opposite bike.

  • GingerDaemon

    Seth I didn't know how I could contact you, as I wanted to see if you take bikes being shipped to you. I have a gravity full suspension bike from 2014 that mainly needs a replacement drive train. The bike has quite a lot of history and I was thinking of converting it to an e bike, and doing some upgrades however one issue with the bike was that I was too short for it at 5'2" so I'm purchasing a different hard tail instead. I would love to sell it for cheap and have it find a new home.

  • Topher Osborn
    Topher Osborn

    Hip locks are pretty useful for long road / gravel bike rides. I’d comfortably leave my bike for about 3 minutes, which is just enough time to grab a drink from a 7-11 or use a bathroom. You are also banking on a thief not being right there when you park your bike, so I also survey the area before using one. But they are the difference between nothing and something for a full day epic. And at 25 grams, I think it’s a fantastic tool once expectations and capabilities are aligned. More of a “delay” than a lock. And a delay is usually all you need. I carry two. One to lock the bike, one to lock the wheel to the frame. So if I were to roll up on some dude who just cut through the lock, I’d be able to chase him down since he can’t roll away on the bike.

  • ItsPhoenixx

    you should use 9point 8 seatposts lightest all mechanical seatpost on the market and straight from canada i love them

  • Mike Znel
    Mike Znel

    That taco hack is the smartest thing I've seen on the internet in years.

  • Esormit


  • Curious Firefly
    Curious Firefly

    I have a very similar bike, 25 years old. Thank you for basically a tutorial on how to fix it up!!

  • kinematic

    Ranger Station here we come! Seth my boys would luv to meet u. we arrive this sunday!

  • Ma Lawrence
    Ma Lawrence

    this bike path is.... RACIST !!!!!!

  • a cool kid
    a cool kid

    i love that your using dead trees instead of cutting down live ones

  • Collins Content
    Collins Content

    Fun fact my mom has a 20 dollar mountain bike

  • Raul


  • Tryingtoget1milwithnovideos

    Bless you

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson

    What brand or type of grease do you use ??? i just use red and tacky , is that ok???

  • Flump

    my bike is half of my weight

  • funny tiktoks, ROBLOX
    funny tiktoks, ROBLOX

    I have challenge for you: do the track on bmx

  • Reece Holmes
    Reece Holmes

    I'm a closet sewing master, your right everyone should learn the basics, thanks man

  • Ricardas Stunza
    Ricardas Stunza

    that looks like a little bit almost like welding, as a welder i had a good laugh and i can confirm he is not wrong ;D

  • The Eccentric Roblox Player
    The Eccentric Roblox Player

    All of the cons at the beginning are the same where I live, I also have the same type of house

  • vijay mankar
    vijay mankar

    It is the sound of. Gear

  • Marvin Gulanes
    Marvin Gulanes

    Hey i would not haggle because the bike was serviced by you

  • D L
    D L

    Aren’t we all “now” the most experienced we’ve ever been on a bike? 🤔

  • D L
    D L

    “This was a little more engaging” 😅😂🤣

  • Comm. Dawg
    Comm. Dawg

    Is the Trek ZX 6000 a good beginner bike for someone who is just getting into jumping, and loves to to do sketchy things, all the parts are stock.

  • frank milkovics
    frank milkovics

    Hey Seth, I have a question, this doesn't have anything to do with this video but i figured you may know the answer, I just watched a video stating that you can save weight by removing the centrifugal clutch weights from behind the Cassette, is this true? it came from a channel that in my opinion is pretty knowledgeable. Would their be any repercussions from doing this? Thanks

  • skiing maxi
    skiing maxi

    Me and my friends also building trails.

  • Juraj Knezov
    Juraj Knezov

    My bike lost the chain sound that it should make and i dont know why

  • Rodney Trotter
    Rodney Trotter

    More bike flip videos please

  • Leonardo Špiranec
    Leonardo Špiranec

    Make an ebike ⚡

  • hfranke07

    Great work. I love it. PS. Here in Europe we stopped using phillips screws 20 years ago. Phillip screws sucks. Use torx screws. 1.000 times better.

  • jessica murray
    jessica murray

    i almost got hit by an idiot taking a left turn into oncoming traffic last night, and i was able to stop the bike, but the ground was wet and i fell off of it - the first time anything like that has happened in years. the slower speed of time asserted itself, and i just remembered the one thing i knew - land on your hands, not your head and not your spleen. and, so i've got some scrapes on my palms and my knee but i'm otherwise ok. that's a really key thing to remember when you're falling in an awkward way - get your hands out to break the fall, don't land on your face, or your liver.

  • Ronan Do
    Ronan Do

    I have a question. Would kids be able to go to Berm Park, even if they are not that skilled?