Berm Park's New Trail is Clickbait
Clickbait is Berm Park's black diamond jump trail! Clickbait was funded entirely by members on Patreon, so they got to name it and decide what we would call the features. On another note, Berm Park will be opening in Spring of 2022 now instead of the original Fall 2021. I can't get into details about why, but it's nothing on our end. The contractor has been on time, we've been well funded, and there has been no foul play. Our partners in the Town of Canton and the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy are doing amazing work on this project during a worldwide pandemic. Thanks for your patience.

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  • Ronan Do
    Ronan Do

    I have a question. Would kids be able to go to Berm Park, even if they are not that skilled?

  • Teo_Fock

    where will berm park be? i really want to go there because i have never been in a real bike park and i only have ridden on small trails with like 2 or 3 small jumps.

  • The Eccentric Roblox Player
    The Eccentric Roblox Player

    "the rickroll" love it

  • dietsoda13

    this video just triggers me, also cool looking trail

  • Rodian Gaming
    Rodian Gaming

    imo it would be pretty cool if there would be a bigger drama drop at the start of a harder trail

  • Backyard berm bros
    Backyard berm bros

    Heeding that way for a trip have a FIbill channel called backyard berm bros can I ride there

  • Oliver the sunflower
    Oliver the sunflower

    I feel like there must be a larger version of the drama drop here

  • Logan Logan
    Logan Logan

    I'll show up to finish this myself. Berm park will be in good hands

  • Will Ness
    Will Ness

    I think table tops are perfect!

  • cwuzii

    2:44 someone is 100% gonna fall off the side of that…

  • Evan Shinn
    Evan Shinn

    Don't get Rick Rolled.

  • Val Nikonov
    Val Nikonov

    I've been watching you for like 3-4 years now and this all lookss very fun to me even though I'm way out of shape for a 16yo

  • דרור צ'ביק
    דרור צ'ביק


  • Ben Lund
    Ben Lund

    If you see this you inspired me to make my own single track trails in the bush at my house and I’m getting a new Norco storm 5 tomorrow! I’m so excited!

  • Jacob Wilson
    Jacob Wilson

    I love the construction worker esk dudes in high vis jackets on mountain bikes

  • Suffering

    The name gives me 2018 youtube content vibes

  • Itzik Jani
    Itzik Jani

    so you go on "clickbait" then start with "rickrolled" and then "upvote".... not sure this is the combination that results with an upvote.

  • riley leet
    riley leet

    Lol the title was clickbait

  • Maxveitch Goingtotgebeach11:42pmrightnows
    Maxveitch Goingtotgebeach11:42pmrightnows

    This sucks, not the trail it looks ok except for the fact you made everything rollable, that is not fun at all. And now there are going to be a ton of people going slow. And you will not be able to hit it as intended or you’ll run into people

  • Fatma Blum
    Fatma Blum

    Hey seth, Im looking to buy a cube reaction tm olive ˋnˋ lime (2022 edition of the tm), and I’m 173 cm high, my footlength is 84 cm, (I’m a boy, 12 years old but 13 on the 11th of October) but I don‘t know what size I should get, M or L, because I want to ride it for like 2 years minimum. What size should I get? :)

  • Tan Tan
    Tan Tan

    Love MAGA country mountains baby 🇺🇸🙌🏻

  • LordDecapo

    Want to ride this so bad. 0.0

  • Tim Bank
    Tim Bank

    Drama drop LETS GOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    This park has to be on the top ten list of all things that have ever resulted from youtube channels!!!

  • LynnVibes

    This whole time I’ve watched I didn’t know you were in canton🤣

  • quaarko

    Guys I think he wants us to buy his patreon

  • EzerArthiom

    where are the new flip bikes pls!!!

  • Jacko Felker
    Jacko Felker

    hi im in a small boy scout troop stationed in Louisiana and was wondering if we could come up and help work on the trails and place for no cost.

  • Gundam America 00
    Gundam America 00

    great video as always, the icons on top of America were genius too

  • Quoc Tran
    Quoc Tran

    Sounds like the "i got everythin under control" joke

  • jonie vcsb
    jonie vcsb

    do you have mtb frame can i have one of that 😍😍🤤from 🇵🇭

  • Cooper Moriarty
    Cooper Moriarty

    What state is this in

    • Jonathan Stovall
      Jonathan Stovall

      Canton, North Carolina

  • KatieBell R97
    KatieBell R97

    I’m okay with spring ‘22 gives me more time to get back into biking postpartum 😅😅

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    This park has to be on the top ten list of all things that have ever resulted from youtube channels!!!

  • nemure

    When I saw click bait in the title I was expecting something else 🤣

  • Build Ride Shred
    Build Ride Shred

    oh man shame im in australia, so stoked for whoever gets to shred all the epic trails!!

  • Caleb Carter
    Caleb Carter

    what!!! no drama drop!!

  • Max McKIllop-Davies
    Max McKIllop-Davies

    Thanks to u I’m building a bike track for the people in my town and thanks for inspiration

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Seth, Can you do a video on some of the terms and phrases you hear getting tossed around in the channel such as rolling, boosting, hucking, and chicanes specific to MTBin

  • DominicBrooks  222
    DominicBrooks 222

    Build a drama drop

  • NightShade

    "clickbait" lol

  • William Marshall
    William Marshall

    don’t mean to be pushy, but, where has thumbucket gone?

  • Oded Nizan
    Oded Nizan

    pls upload more often I love your vids and dont have a lot to watch

    • Oded Nizan
      Oded Nizan

      @macjack401 i know not complaining he is a legend

    • macjack401

      You can’t upload a good mountain biking video in less then a week it’s impressive that he can even make a video a week

  • PlayfulPanda240

    It’s sad bc I live in Australia not Canada or America

  • ELI cruz
    ELI cruz

    I wanna see Seth do his taxes. That would be interesting

  • Dez nuts
    Dez nuts

    Hi is it possible if u can make me or possible give me one of your mtbs please as my first every mtb bike and I love you videos

    • Dez nuts
      Dez nuts

      @Christian Yousef I have school everyday so I can’t help them i would if I could

    • Christian Yousef
      Christian Yousef

      @Dez nuts help your parents then

    • Dez nuts
      Dez nuts

      @Christian Yousef chill bro my family is going through a hard time

    • Christian Yousef
      Christian Yousef

      work and buy your own

  • Robin Forsblom
    Robin Forsblom

    03:30 he isnt even subbed D:

  • Brady Roy
    Brady Roy

    Good vid!

  • Anton Warmuth
    Anton Warmuth

    why don't you react to Fabio wibmer

  • EmoneyExpirementsWithLife


  • 49/short

    There’s also something just way too gnarly about watching these construction workers absolutely sending it.

  • 49/short

    This looks incredible! As stoked as I am for any Berm Park content, I’m still way too invested in the status of the trails at Berm Peak. Prior to this I watched a video from a little while ago (it was the build up to the airbag video). The end of that video included a first person run through the current trails on Berm Peak at the time. Of course at that point it was 3 short and unfinished trails, the maim frame, and the little hip built in that video. It would be really awesome to get another first person run down the current trails on Berm Peak. It would be incredible to see how much they’ve changed over a relatively short period of time.

  • D W
    D W

    amazing work!

  • Brian H
    Brian H

    Seth, Can you do a video on some of the terms and phrases you hear getting tossed around in the channel such as rolling, boosting, hucking, and chicanes specific to MTBing? Another video request would be if you could explain some of the in-air maneuvers that are performed to change the direction or position of the bike, such as braking, turning the front wheel, or turning down.

  • Janek Sztacheta
    Janek Sztacheta

    Dear Santa... I wish I can meet Seth and see that trails... incredible work. Cheers from Poland.

  • Jacob C. Dando
    Jacob C. Dando

    please call the unbox uprdoot!

  • Ivana Milovanovic
    Ivana Milovanovic

    Hey Seth is there any chance i could give you my bike so you put some good parts on it?😅

  • Quintin Ross
    Quintin Ross

    Where is the location of the park?!! I would love to go there!

  • bananna warfare
    bananna warfare

    Seth what do I do I have a crappy toy shop mtb that's way to small and I can't afford a new bike

  • TheCartPop

    Seth what’s up with the posting schedule?

  • Elijah Rebel
    Elijah Rebel

    hey Seth I was wondering if you could clean your rotor with a baby wipe or will it contaminate the brake pads?

    • Elijah Rebel
      Elijah Rebel

      @TheCartPop thanks lucky I didn't clean them with baby wipes

    • TheCartPop

      It will most definitely contaminate your pads. Use isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner and spray into a towel not directly on the brake 👍

  • Trystan A Childress
    Trystan A Childress

    I thought it was click bait

  • wujekr

    Hi! What is a predicted cost +/- of this line?

  • Joshua Huang
    Joshua Huang

    what's upbox?

  • Heath viljoen
    Heath viljoen

    Hi Seth I got a question what ever happened the the down hill bike that u and Kevin named the galager 🍉

    • Dan P
      Dan P

      @TheCartPop I think kevin sold it to buy a different bike

    • TheCartPop

      I wanna know too!

  • Evytin

    ive seen mountain bikers wear a lot of things but never have i seen them wearing construction worker vests. It looks so odd

  • Tofu Fingers
    Tofu Fingers

    I want to ride that so much

  • Justin Watts
    Justin Watts

    all im thinkin is whale tail

  • Hank Foltz
    Hank Foltz

    were the builders riding the bike trails.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Those montages make it look so easy! Tons of respect for everyone building and maintaining trails!

  • b9aeo

    I would really like to see Seth try whitewater kayaking

  • Lance Lowery
    Lance Lowery

    in motocross terms we would call the "up box" a "table" or like a "step on, step off" (idk if yall would call it a table but also I would like to get into mountain biking)

  • Khen Vincent Avila
    Khen Vincent Avila

    Can i have same your used parts or a bike i really want one cuz its my big dream iwant to join my friends 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Tony Rodriguez
    Tony Rodriguez

    Have you made an videos on how to buy a mountain bike? My 13 yr is getting getting big into mountain biking and I would love to do that with him. - thanks

  • Teddy Parker
    Teddy Parker

    Clickbait trail with no wavy wooden S berms? The defining feature that gave bcpov and loam ranger their most viewed videos? lol

  • Sunny FPS
    Sunny FPS

    The title is not wrong, it is literal

  • Joseph Laidler
    Joseph Laidler

    i wish i could go there, too bad im in the uk

  • Rix_56

    Seth can u please please please tell me when your selling your next flip bike. I want to buy it so bad I recently snaped my bike straight in half and my fam can not a afford a new one rn and I can’t either so please I would like to buy the next flip bike if u sell it for under 300

  • Dan

    Can you stred the track

  • JoniFied

    I still remember day one when it was just a single trail in his backyard

  • Kristian Holm
    Kristian Holm

    Are you ready for 2 mil people looking by :D

  • Inf4nite

    Yeah I’ll take the b-line

  • David Landrigan
    David Landrigan

    You named the primo drop on the marquee trail the (wait for it) the ‘Rick Roll’? Isn’t that the real click bait? So where are you building ‘The DRAMA DROP?? 😂

  • Guardian Games
    Guardian Games

    Hey Seth, can you do a conversion video from skewers to thru axle?

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    “They had us in the first half not gonna lie”

  • EJB

    it wholed be awsome if u made a shark fin near the rick roll

  • squidfpv

    where is this located? def wanna take a trip up there next summer

  • Aiden Asby
    Aiden Asby

    Your channel got me into biking. My very first time I went on the trails I did a black diamond and did drops already! Thanks for inspiring me.

  • Brady Roy
    Brady Roy

    I want to be a good Mountain biker, but my mom does not care she does not understand it I’m trying to get parts for my bike and she’s like you don’t need that, and she like you have a Mountain bike but it’s from Walmart.

  • Ethan Cargill
    Ethan Cargill

    Who else here thinks In years to come that berm park will rival Whistler in terms of popularity?

  • Hightower E
    Hightower E

    Respect for Workers nice Job !

  • Amits

    אחלה דרוד שבעולם

  • Joshua Borgoños
    Joshua Borgoños

    This is my dream trail park, but i can't go there because im here in the Philippines so far right there.

  • UsussyBaka69

    Do you ride left or right foot first

  • Dylman

    A flight deck would be cool aswell

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    Can’t wait!!! Hope there is some van, camper, RV areas to camp at this park. That would put it over the TOP!!!

  • thugrepo

    BABY OIL!!! We want to know what happened to the brakes you showed us at the end of the video of baby oil vs shimano mineral oil. Great things are coming to Berm Park, just jealous.

  • John Patrick Villamin
    John Patrick Villamin

    Hi plss give me same bike my bike

  • ReBootTwo

    man i love it, but it is a bit far away for me. Me Feet will get wet xD

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      Whats upbox?

  • street misfits
    street misfits

    What happen to the gravel bike

  • Pinstripe Jim
    Pinstripe Jim

    Hey Seth, got an idea if it's not already thought about. Live webcam(s). With so many people teleworking and those of us on the other side of the country, it would be neat to see live action there at the park. It would allow those going to ride to check it out in advance or see weather/conditions/people. For those of us just wanting to see, it's something we could see just hanging at the house. I put on live webcams on my personal computer of the Santa Monica Pier, Catalina Island, Lake Tahoe, outdoor cams, even Antarctica, when I'm in virtual meetings to have a view like a window in the house. You're welcome. :)