Building Berm Park Ep 1 (Breaking Ground & Making History)
Finally after two years of dreaming, fundraising, and waiting, Berm Park is officially under construction! To build a public mountain bike park has been the subject of our Patreon page since 2019. We didn't know how we would do it or where it would be built, but piece by piece it came together. Now, with a combination of funding from Patrons and outside sponsors, we're building Berm Park in Canton, NC, USA within a larger park to be called "Chestnut Mountain Park".

The first trail completed was "On the Fly", by Diamondback Bicycles. Check out the line of hard tail mountain bikes the trail is named after here

Featured in this video @LIVE. RIDE. NOW and @Steady Spin

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Advertising disclosure: Diamondback Bicycles paid for the trail in this video, and is the bike sponsor for Berm Peak.

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  • Patrick

    8:38 what??

  • Wickenhagen Family
    Wickenhagen Family

    Those kubotas look great.

  • Adam Plays Hockey
    Adam Plays Hockey

    This is sick! Can you make one of these in bc canada Just kidding but still sick

  • Nacho Aguado
    Nacho Aguado

    Basically, they work theis asses off to build amazingly well designed parks and runs, then run them as many times as they want with the excuse of "testing" and then getting paid for it. To be honest, one great way to enjoy and live doing what you love. Awesome crew. Seth is just inspirational.

  • Lol No
    Lol No

    Control the flow of warder

  • Galen Gris
    Galen Gris

    You should create a track called Sterlings Face with the Berm names The man, the myth THE LEGEND!

  • KingKracker

    ive been building stuff at home outa black locus, oh man is that shit heavy!

  • Meat Man J
    Meat Man J

    I get the sense you don’t like nascar😂

  • GpzJeffrey

    As a former Resident Engineer on very large scale environmental remediation projects, I have a professional suggestion: On your finished trails with all of their final adjustments made, you should add a spray on fixative to lock the soil in place and provide much better resistance to trail wear and erosion. There are several commercially available products, each water based and approved by the EPA for use (but check with your state's ecology department). Here's a list of fixatives I've used in the past, in order of preference: Midwest Soil Sement, AgriGator Terra-Bond, Polo Dust Con, Duru Soil, and D&D Emulsions Dust Bond.

  • Jack Delaney
    Jack Delaney

    you should make a food shack at the top

  • thereturnof goldberg
    thereturnof goldberg

    There better be plenty of parking.. lol

  • Por Qué?
    Por Qué?

    Now to build a diy ski lift

  • The1khronohs

    Freaking awesome!

  • Aarav Ram
    Aarav Ram

    This is like a mini whistler in the U.S. I would drive from Indiana to come here simply because Seth is building it and I know it’s going to be wild.

    • MrSnoopiYT

      I would definetly drive that far too just to ride there but there's one problem I live in Europe😂

  • getsaucedon

    this is going to epic!

  • axel alonso valdivia arenas
    axel alonso valdivia arenas

    i hope i will trie it im from peru nice video come here we have a loot of down hill trails

  • Jefferson vloges you spoon licker
    Jefferson vloges you spoon licker

    We have bodak which is better than black locus it’s just not straight at all

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    lil slayer 424

    Your content is amazing

  • Tambo Snipes
    Tambo Snipes

    Other guys buy Van's to get to the mountains, this guy buys the mountain to build trails

  • Secret Spot
    Secret Spot

    AWESOME!!!! Definitely going to visit this when it's open!

  • Travel Food Technology
    Travel Food Technology

    damn man, i hope in my country have such trail like that thats beautiful of work

  • jacquie212

    Check this awesome park we are building that you can't use... ahole 😉 Man I want to be out there.

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  • Fin McCaa
    Fin McCaa

    @bermpeak is this in canton Georgia

  • Kieran jones
    Kieran jones

    The high vis bike crew

  • Michael Magee
    Michael Magee

    Hey Seth, we need something like this north of Pittsburgh in western PA. How do we do it? Need your help. I'm in Slippery Rock, PA and the nearest trail is only 6 miles long and in the State Park. Western PA is dying for a HUGE set of mtb trails of all sorts. Wanna lend your expertise?

  • 8-bit Storm
    8-bit Storm

    I love the fact that Seth is building something like this for people. Especially those living in North Carolina which I do! So I'll be excited to give this place a try when it opens. Good luck seth.

  • Matt Lowne
    Matt Lowne

    Is this a Kerbal Space Program reference? 👀 👀

    • Jimbobp

      .. possibly 👀

  • Jared Bowles
    Jared Bowles

    Where is the bike lift 😤😤

  • sandas turner
    sandas turner

    Looks like a good time 😊😁👍

  • plazma guy • 13 years ago
    plazma guy • 13 years ago

    A gravity assist off the ramp some prograde pedaling and anti normal wheel movment and you are in equatorial berm orbit

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  • Asher Mernagh
    Asher Mernagh

    Laughing and riding and dying is about the same thing right

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    allah son

    I love your vids Dogg🤩🐦💰💵🤾

  • ChinchillaInTheHeat

    it would be cool if there was a hiking trail that snaked around the track so people could spectate.

  • monster-guy2004

    will you be able to ride it on a bmx?

  • Lenny Proctor
    Lenny Proctor

    3:02 wow construction workers on bikes

  • James Marquess
    James Marquess

    "testing purposes" I see your game Jokes aside making a trail/jump solid and feeling good before its released to the public is major.

  • I’m bad At games
    I’m bad At games

    Wow must be lucky to have trails on Appalachian mountains where I live we are part of of the Appalachians but only have one trail on them

  • Maxophone 52
    Maxophone 52

    Could I ride my dirt jumper there or do I need a down hill bike

  • DMV Benz
    DMV Benz

    Damn I stopped watching for a few months I come back and you’re building a park, you’re doing so many big things this is awesome

  • hon solo
    hon solo

    their cassettes sound so good

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  • Ricky DH - RDH
    Ricky DH - RDH

    Those boys can build and ride!! Well done.

  • Miles Price
    Miles Price

    I have lived in Waynesville almost all 24 years I've spent on this Earth, and have just over the past 2-3 months picked up mountain biking. This could not have been better timing, better believe I'mma be hitting this park every other day. If only I can gather the amount of balls it takes to make my first jump soon tho lmaoooo

  • Savge Water
    Savge Water

    What Canton is it? Cause there is 28 Cantons in America

  • Kiki Gooch
    Kiki Gooch

    Will it be free to ride?

  • Isaac Tindall
    Isaac Tindall

    Seth : we started building the next best thing My head : but not quite me Reply if you get the joke

  • Paul Herrmann
    Paul Herrmann

    Hi my name is Paul i'm from germany and i like your viedeos and projects ,you bikes are verry nice and Looks good ,i like you 👍👍

  • Leveyz

    I am a new mountain biker with a gt palomar and it’s not too good and I am saving up my money for a trek roscoe 6 and im wondering if it’s good

  • E.A

    Are you going to have a beginner portion

  • Matthew Sainz
    Matthew Sainz

    Was going to say why didn’t anyone nollie the bridge then I saw the real time

  • Savorish

    I’d drop everything I have right now to work on a park like this. DREAM JOB 😍

  • Eldred

    Damn, wish I had a greencard

  • Jack Patton
    Jack Patton

    I can’t believe that Seth started with a small trail in his back hard and ended up with a mountain bike park,dude congrats.I am a huge follower of the Chanel and would love to go to berm park one day

  • Björn Einarsson
    Björn Einarsson

    You need to try dirt bike

  • TumorWarrior67

    next on berm park, Seth builds a chairlift

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    That stoppie tho-mind blown,bro he's got skills for dayyyzzz

  • Kiersten Dave M Denorte
    Kiersten Dave M Denorte

    You should parts bin kevins bike

  • Caleb Gerrard
    Caleb Gerrard

    This helps cheer up my week after my bike been stolen

  • Ride Bikes Be Happy
    Ride Bikes Be Happy

    Love it dude. Looks amazing.

  •  cameronchatfield

    man loves his manuals

  • vijaya ramani
    vijaya ramani

    Seth can u do a part spin abgrade

  • MEOW

    Plsss can you give a customized bike plssss

  • Needsomecoffee?

    Ive never seen Seth in a Street Trials Bike before

  • Padyak Nation
    Padyak Nation

    Wow Seth, you really are doing some big things about biking. I am really impressed and amazed on how you change a abandoned area to a Biking area. If I was near Berm Park I would probably be there everyday, But I am not Because I am from Philippines. Proud Biker here from Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤

  • Ethan Tolliver
    Ethan Tolliver

    could you please make a video recommending the best bikes for beginners, and build off of that with saying your favorite brands and cheaper brands to start off with. I'm researching quite a bit and I'm still not sure what to get, it would mean the world to me if I could get your word on it seth.

  • Ugljesa Bilic
    Ugljesa Bilic

    Can I get your mision pro bike since you haven't been using it? Please¿

  • Raúl De La Rosa
    Raúl De La Rosa

    Thank you @Seth'sBikeHacks

  • N3rftimebaby

    What’s a good gear for trying to do a wheelie

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    bocoy noiu

    Who else gets chills when he posts

  • a(MTB)ateur

    I think it's funny to see people in construction uniforms sending it

  • lmao lmfao
    lmao lmfao

    Does this park allow BMX's on it?

    • lmao lmfao
      lmao lmfao

      oh and if not can you rent a bike?

  • AwsomeMan Thing
    AwsomeMan Thing

    But it’s really funny to see construction workers ride their bikes tho

  • alex_2jz

    i wish there would be stuff like this in germany where i live, here its super boring except some parks that are like 100km away lol

    • bocoy noiu
      bocoy noiu

      I want to move near this place forreal.

  • Joe Maloney
    Joe Maloney

    I have got a question for someone can I put a rockshox tk silver forks for 26 wheels fit on my 27.5 wheel bike

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    Real ones only Remember berm creek 😭

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Coming from a NASCAR fan, I would much rather have Berm Park

  • Jay Bonner
    Jay Bonner

    Seeing how excited people get over a few short little runs makes me feel so spoiled rotten in my city having about 10 different MTB locations to choose from with hundreds and hundreds of km of trails . Then we have heaps more locations within 1-2 hour drive . F ck we are spoiled in some places here in Sraya.....

  • Ethan Black
    Ethan Black

    I comment to help statistics

  • Clayton Barber
    Clayton Barber

    When I'm older I know where I'm going. No doubt I would go it would be do cool

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      You guys are the best and thank you for making access to it FREE for everyone!

  • Money mountain
    Money mountain

    When is the next video

  • Grayson Savri
    Grayson Savri

    dude i cant do a fuc!#$g bunny hop i cant get it to my waist and i sure as hell cant lift back part of my bike to the that has the chain sides on it with only the front handles

  • Stermine

    You are soon rich

  • Dean Hodges
    Dean Hodges

    Seth, can we get a bike check? Like, what bottle cage have you settled on? Bottle? Still running the oneup edc? Tire preference? Just wondering.

  • Isaac Muller
    Isaac Muller

    Hey Seth, I'm only 13, and I know that you are very busy. I am looking for a nice bike hopefully with full suspension. I cant afford to get a really expensive one because I don't get very much money from my paper route. My price range is from around $200-$500. I was wondering if you had any suggestions. I am completely happy with buying a used bike.

    • Isaac Muller
      Isaac Muller

      sorry, My dad just said that we cant afford one right now. sorry for the inconvenience

  • basicaccountant

    And plastic particles from the bikes wheels get into the groundwater. I get your idea, but you have to look into that too!

  • Vance Edward
    Vance Edward

    He kinda looks like Beneil Dariush doesn’t he? Tell me what y’all think?

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    Mike Kraemer

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  • Mike O'.
    Mike O'.

    I wasn't planning on visiting North Carolina again, but now I'm thinking about planning a visit to North Carolina...

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    John Asple

    Can't beat the kubota and sthil

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    I come back after 2 years and he’s changed everything

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    You guys are the best and thank you for making access to it FREE for everyone!

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    S7 productions

    so your telling me in the uk or at least scotland generally gets thin paths constantly going down a wet or super dry hill but you get this flip sake man lol

  • NerdLama

    hey seth are you ever gonna rebuild that creepy wall ride from berm creek?

  • dgriffinm

    How long are the trails ( miles )

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer

    I’m buying my first mountain bike in well over a decade. I don’t need much so I was thinking of the Diamond Back Atroz 2 or 3. does anyone have experience with this bike? I don’t have a great deal of money, but the Atroz 2 or 3 is only $1,200 to 1,700 for a full suspension bike. I would really appreciate some feedback if anyone has used these bikes.