First ride since my injury on new bike day!
I'm not quite ready to ride a mountain bike yet, but this gravel bike is a perfect in between. This is my first "road bike" in a long time, and I forgot how far one pedal stroke can take you!

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  • Tardis House Mafia
    Tardis House Mafia

    All the roadies watching cringing when he calls it a road bike 😬

  • Phlegethon

    I can’t believe you’re only 36 man….I thought you were 46

  • Jack Keating
    Jack Keating

    Where did he go

  • for the Love of Cycling and more
    for the Love of Cycling and more

    Cool vid.

  • Matt

    What's he done to his foot? I've recently partially ruptured my Achilles tendon and I've found this channel with my time off recuperating. Wonder if I should buy a new mountain bike?

  • StiksGoBrrt

    Revisiting seth's older vids really makes me appreciate that he's all healed up now and enjoying riding again.

  • Jupiter

    What are these roost comments, I'm going crazy after reading this comments section. :DDD

  • Will J
    Will J

    That roost cannon was epic

  • superviral

    3 grand bike.. Wow..

  • Mark Barkhouse
    Mark Barkhouse

    An autoimmune condition has taken a bit of my leg muscle and to regain the strength I lost, I have found myself back on 2 wheels after many years of being off of them. Although My body can’t do a single track any more, I too think that gravel roads are going to be part of my recovery. Thanks for sharing. Best wishes on your recovery.

  • darkskull


  • E. Fuse
    E. Fuse

    When you’re in your 70s, injured, commuting ,versatility, etc., gravel bikes make sense.

  • esa rahim
    esa rahim

    Beautiful place

  • Logan Gilbert
    Logan Gilbert

    I need to get 4 surgeries to remove my large intestine

  • Mitchell Davies-Barnes
    Mitchell Davies-Barnes


  • The big Miniminter
    The big Miniminter

    I have an broken arm but it has healed after over 7-8 weeks I am start to go on my old gravel bike

  • jerome miguel
    jerome miguel

    Wish i had the money to buy such a beautiful bike. Hope your doing ok now sir.

  • Cristi

    what is the name of those pedals ?

  • Reilly jarvis
    Reilly jarvis


  • Army & outdoors
    Army & outdoors

    Can’t believe this was in January !!! So glad your better now !

  • Riders Blitz
    Riders Blitz

    You mean with all that hunky bulky suspension and parts, road bikes are heavier then mtb? isn't it the opposite?

  • You like ketchup?
    You like ketchup?

    Looks like a mountain bike with drop bars....

  • SimpleGlitch

    Dude hope you feel better. I saw you kinda limping in the waterfall scene. I don’t know if this comment will make you feel better but I can’t wait for you to heal!!

  • Brøttem Boys
    Brøttem Boys

    Yeah not like a full suspension would be better from the injury because it would definitly nit afford any shock when u go on rocka and stuff

  • Brøttem Boys
    Brøttem Boys

    Mans forgetting xc bikes

  • No Name
    No Name

    “That element of necessity that makes you do more.” -Seth-

  • jose rizal
    jose rizal

    Hi boss can you make a review about mtb shoes, thanks!

  • Brian Truck ✌️
    Brian Truck ✌️

    Gravel is King 🚲🤟

  • Mad GAV
    Mad GAV


  • Jerker Ruthström
    Jerker Ruthström

    i personaly love gravel bikes

  • I just wanna ride my bike
    I just wanna ride my bike

    Why the hell is the derp disc still on

  • spddrcr

    Today I learned: Gravel bikes are great for mountain bikers with no self control:)

  • Dayman88


  • Mr. Wake boarder dude
    Mr. Wake boarder dude

    Where I live there’s just paths for a bike and not like what you ride and that’s very annoying

  • FireintheE

    How are you feeling now? I know you are in PT... hope you are doing better!

  • Primus P
    Primus P

    Dang man im sorry this happened to you. I really hope you get better soon.

  • mike brown
    mike brown

    looks like old diamondback outlook upgrade

  • luke murphy
    luke murphy

    So what’s the difference between a gravel bike and a touring bike is it even more between a road bike and a gravel bike?

  • Dedthread

    hope all goes well i just broke my femur and will get rods taken out in 6 months

  • Aaron K Uchida
    Aaron K Uchida


  • Owen MacDonald
    Owen MacDonald

    That really sucks

  • vrisgoo

    God bless you. Hugs from Brazil

  • Ziwuri13

    It's always rough to see someone not get to do what they love. And such an annoying way to twist an ankle, too!

  • ShadyShrimp



    Him saying I sure riding a gravel bike is safer THEN PROCEEDS TO GO ON THE WOOD FEATURE WHICH CAN STILL GET YOU HURT [no hate btw thought it was funny]

  • Scania HD
    Scania HD

    I love it how hes ripping of the reflector from the wheel with out any reaction on his face

  • slick Z
    slick Z

    I have a broken arm in a hard cast It really sucks man hope you get better soon I am really injured right now and I’m in bed watching this video

  • Stefan Brust
    Stefan Brust

    Wildly I have the same break right now, happened early February, Thought that was my xray for a second 😆

  • Eddie :D
    Eddie :D

    Dope waterfall. Would be a nice smokingspot ;) ;)

  • Maxwell Coates
    Maxwell Coates

    I built and finally rode my new commuter after 8 or 9 months and two knee surgery. It takes a while but there’s no shortcuts for physical therapy. Hope all is well and hope you’re back on your bike before you know it!

  • Aiden Robertson
    Aiden Robertson

    I know Seth is sponsored by diamond back but does he get their bikes for free?

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B

    Was just at high falls yesterday and the climb up on a cheap old mountain bike was not ideal lol

  • latitude

    Get better...we need you out on the gravel

  • REBELsst

    so... gravel bike = 90's mountain bike. got it.

  • peoplestealallmynames

    Seth rockin the Merrells for some extra support 👌

  • 10 Top Videos Presents
    10 Top Videos Presents

    I got mountain bike and cyclocross bike it’s like a gravel bike but better in the woods

  • Danny Thorne
    Danny Thorne

    Get well soon

  • TheMNBlackBear

    Get an electric bike, pedal assist. Go easy, Seth, until you're at least 75%.

  • Frank Stella
    Frank Stella


  • Kikords

    Never give up man ✌ you can do it

  • Nicholas Hamil
    Nicholas Hamil

    You are a trooper get better buddy sucks you have to go under the knife again..... hope it is a faster healing process. You check this Surgeon out right... jk jk jk I’m sure there great

  • Hearing Visions
    Hearing Visions

    that bike looks like it destroys ass. 🤣

  • Justin Hume
    Justin Hume

    So, who else couldn't miss that dork disk at 3:35?

  • Spliff Crabby
    Spliff Crabby

    There was a baby hint at the start

  • Blackballs23


  • Blackballs23

    Jehemdgdkshensjsmsismsjsmskosspp lo s bn eh seleccioné lsidieidieoew wpara wowowowque wife de esta vez el juego es muy bueno y el juego es muy

  • ThexImperfectionist

    Help me, bike people. How is a gravel bike like this different than a hybrid (aside from the handle bars)?

    • Loc

      It’s not really. A mountain bike/road bike hybrid that has thinner tyres basically

  • Mark Wiffen
    Mark Wiffen

    Limping, then gets into a bike and ride hard up hill.??


    Hey can you review turanza 2706 Because i had that and i need new bike😂

  • Kevin yep Kevin
    Kevin yep Kevin

    I'm out here on a sub swap mission, don't leave me hanging bro 🤘😎🤘

  • TheRealMorganFreeman

    What is the best all around bike? I am from Los Angeles and want a bike that I can ride in the streets but can also take on gravel, dirt roads and to hit some medium good trails in the hills/mountains nothing to crazy though. I have a budget of 1500$ and trying to get the best bang for buck.

    • Loc


  • Ghost_Control

    seth, whats it like being rich?

  • JC Shook
    JC Shook

    hope your foot gets better!

  • Marc Nicolae
    Marc Nicolae

    omfg, those mbikes...i cant afford one... so i m watching you...

  • Orson Broadbent
    Orson Broadbent

    Don't give up thanks for all your advice and content I enjoy riding my gravel bike

  • Josh Dennis Jarin
    Josh Dennis Jarin

    idk why but, it feels weird seeing you ride a roadbike 😂😂

  • Jonas Heath
    Jonas Heath

    You go to rays indoor mtb park. Don’t have access to it so seeing though the eyes of my favorite FIbill would be cool.😎

  • pbanthonyv

    Now that you have a baby you better get used to the gravel bike bud. :P UGH, just watched till the end that sucks. Just look at it as serving concurrent sentences.

  • Minty Hippo
    Minty Hippo

    Hey man I haven't checked out the channel in about a year but I'm sorry to hear about your injury hope your healing well over there

  • Greg Piotrowski
    Greg Piotrowski

    oh poor Seth

  • Epic Mountain Bike Clips
    Epic Mountain Bike Clips

    Will you race the gravel bike

  • Epic Mountain Bike Clips
    Epic Mountain Bike Clips

    There great

  • angelsordevils

    We need more videos so hurry up and recover chief.

  • Jordan

    Cool idea but the roosts weren’t that realistic

  • Ali Kanat
    Ali Kanat

    Sa serait bien si il y avait des sous titre en français

  • Elham Malaj
    Elham Malaj

    The first seconds of the intro showed a toy which served as an Easter egg for Seth's baby.Congrats Seth.

  • jerx daniel Alonsagay
    jerx daniel Alonsagay

    Its not for trail its for road

  • Louis Adventures
    Louis Adventures

    I have a question I want to know what is a good beginners bike for my brother

  • Luis Gallardo
    Luis Gallardo

    The roost was bad but a lot better than I thought it’d be

  • faze walter
    faze walter

    Seth how come you don’t ride specialized

    • faze walter
      faze walter

      Oh makes sense

    • nathan loftus
      nathan loftus

      Because he's sponsored by diamondback

  • 2aesthetic4me

    Now the first scene makes more sense :D

  • Torpey

    ah i see... thats where the baby toy came from.

  • tom drenthen
    tom drenthen

    My bike got stolen today. Got any tips on how to get it back? I have the man on camera who took it. But Dutch law prevents me from posting the video online. Only thing I can do right now is look a the FB marketplace and Dutch second hand websites Police are calling me back Monday or Tuesday

  • Toby Singh
    Toby Singh

    The long distance aspect is what makes me love gravel riding, you can go places you can't on a road bike, but would be too far on a mountain bike. The biggest difference is the gearing, a compact 50/34 chainset makes it so fun on flats and descents. If the trails are super steep you have to walk though

  • Zerebie Carencia
    Zerebie Carencia

    I need bike sir i am from philippines

  • Sp3EdStR

    Sorry to hear that you have to go through yet another surgery. I wish you the best and a super speedy recovery. And the new DB grave bike looks pretty sweet, growing up all I had was a rigid road bike and it kept me sane most of my adolescent years.

  • TheIbis

    Your literally the reason why I'm mountain biking! And that Gravel bike is lit.

  • New Earth Guardian
    New Earth Guardian

    Where is Berm Peak??? :-

  • Christian Jay Tejamo
    Christian Jay Tejamo

    4 years ago I remember you giving away some bike I wonder when will be the next give away

  • The Berminator
    The Berminator

    Seth you have become a meme format! Congrats