Flipping a $300 Facebook Hardtail (Flip Bike EP2)
In this episode of Flip Bike, we answer an ad on Facebook Marketplace from a dad looking for a mountain bike for his daughter. With a few days to build her a bike, we find a GT hardtail and improve it as much as possible, trying to stay within budget. Can we sell it?

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  • diansteezy

    *this is my 14 times watching this*

  • Zubayr Bhyat
    Zubayr Bhyat

    What an awesome bike, Seth!

  • RasenganFlyer4248

    What a nice thing do for a stranger

  • Matheus Sisto Mendonca
    Matheus Sisto Mendonca

    Dude, you're awesome

  • Zoe meow
    Zoe meow

    How would like if put pink on your bike 😑 dough

  • Zoe meow
    Zoe meow

    If see real life is going in the fire pit because witch dough 🙄

  • osu?

    you should build one of your subscribers a bike

  • J Rambo
    J Rambo

    The seat is NOT OKAY for a female!!

  • Johnny K
    Johnny K

    I have watched and learned so much from Berm's clips, I can legit-ly say I can fix pretty much anything and pickup an inexpensive hobby [minus the tools] of fixing my and friends bike. for weekend entertainment, I have sold few bikes I had purchased for my use for little to no profit after all the parts were replaced/enhanced. I got the joy out of fixing and riding all kinds of bike since March of 2020. I now have three nice new Quick 5, Tarmac Sport, and Marlin 6 and love them all and plan to keep them even after WFH ends in few months.

  • Yetus Deletus
    Yetus Deletus

    This is so wholesome.

  • Jakeyboy123

    I’m looking for a good mountain bike hard tail I’m a beginner and looking to get loads better with a good bike if anyone have any suggestions for me please say

    • Jakeyboy123

      @Krzysztof Gardowody like 300 to 500

    • Krzysztof Gardowody
      Krzysztof Gardowody

      What budget do you have?

  • Boispeedy35

    The scream the girl did tho


    Hey Seth I just remind u that don't leave your bottle around I saw it in your truck bed

  • All Around
    All Around

    Do it for the burg

  • Godly Light
    Godly Light

    I wish I could be like u I don't have a bike only a broken one so I just watch the vid I love u vid ur the best

  • Sharpwolf56

    Are you able to make me a bike for trails, and racing? I would like to start riding trails, prob need good suspension for drop offs and stuff also. Just whatever you think would be good for a trail bike.

  • RideBike

    hi people! if somebody could help me, im willing to sell a 2015 trek remedy 9 in good shape, it has a lot of extras. does somebody know how much can i ask for it??

  • Whidbey Hiker
    Whidbey Hiker

    Any time you put a kid on a bike and they appreciate it it's worth it.

  • Cat McDonald
    Cat McDonald

    can you use the middle chainring from a 3 by and throw the other ones, converting to a 1 by?

  • Hussein Hassan
    Hussein Hassan

    I wish I was your Neighbor so I can learn Mountainbike

  • Hussein Hassan
    Hussein Hassan

    Please can you make a video of frame oil every time I wash my bike it Rusting so show us something that I can protect the frame and the suspension by making video not the chain or gears but the bike itself only frame and suspension thanks

  • Hussein Hassan
    Hussein Hassan

    So nice of you

  • Matthew

    i would but it

  • banana boy1809
    banana boy1809

    Use wd40 to get the stickers off it works really well

  • Sassan Karai
    Sassan Karai

    Love the sarcasm :) negative profit and indeed a nice around-town bike now.

  • Jonathan White
    Jonathan White

    I have this exact bike

  • Denys 277
    Denys 277

    I ride fixed gear but I love mountain bikes, hopefully soon will own a mountain bike too

  • hghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbr
    hghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbr

    mechanical brakes😐😐😐😐

  • Joe Van Hart
    Joe Van Hart

    Didn’t put into consideration your labor, time for picking up bike, going to sell bike, etc. $98 hardly seems worth it. Definitely be more shrewd going forward!

  • Fred P
    Fred P

    So I've only watched a handful of these and I'm starting to sense that you never really intend on flipping these bikes for a "profit." That said, I do love seeing what's possible with a little (well, a lot) of know how and a goal in mind.

  • shwndh

    Is that one of those Bolany or Bucklos forks with no rebound adjustment? The authentic sticker sticker is hilarious! I would have just left it stealth.

  • D Lee
    D Lee

    Love what you did but no way your ever selling those old parts

  • Jorge Garcia
    Jorge Garcia

    Love the content and that's every riders dream to have trails on their backyard.

  • simon miller
    simon miller

    Seth, can I get a link or name for the forks? I’d like to get a set!

  • Dragons are cool 15
    Dragons are cool 15

    Me watching these cos my bike is old and bad and need a new one

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      Nah your bike is fine, just maintain it

  • Hugo Taggert
    Hugo Taggert

    just for flip bike, you should make a sticker that says "Berm-Peak Tested", it would be suck

  • LeginNoslen

    Would of been better if you sold it for like $200 instead of ripping people off. Like if you did a good thing for someone else instead of making yourself a quick buck.

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      So he should just do charity work 🤔

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez

    Can you do me a bike

  • Roman Moreno-Hines
    Roman Moreno-Hines

    This is helpful because I have this bike and now I know what upgrades I can do to it

  • xCloudy

    That "FOX" Fork is INSANE! Dude...

  • Reminders

    How can I get one

    • Reminders

      @Noli Emig How much

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      You can buy bikes online

  • Fan_XxxTentation Crisapulli
    Fan_XxxTentation Crisapulli

    Can u build me a bikw

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      I'll build you one if you pay

  • BioPower

    I fought the start of the video was a ad for a New company called flip bikes😂

  • Tiago

    Better than any stock aggressor.

  • owen france
    owen france

    She shredds , sits down on anjump

  • Apostol Alexandru
    Apostol Alexandru

    Real fun to watch, great ideea for a show. Love the old tech!

  • Chris Bonsall
    Chris Bonsall

    Been a long time since I've watched Seth. Still at it I see....good for him. GT was my very first MTB (Backwoods). This Brand and their MTBikes are sorely overlooks...IMHO. I haven't own one since 1998, but see the quality and aesthetics still haven't changed. To back they aren't looked upon as a quality bike as Trek, Specialized just to name a few. Either way I hope/know she will enjoy the Bike.

  • devilish_dwarf

    I would find something to learn in video like this maybe 15 years ago.. but.. no matter how much I know about bikes or how bikes makes huge part of my life, I love these videos. I really do. Seth is making a great job! He knows his stuff, he knows how to make a nice videos, he knows how to choose relevant topics and he's just good in front of the camera. Thumbs up! For someone who is new to the sport, Seth's channel should be a hompage

  • Ahmad Alloush
    Ahmad Alloush

    So stupid, with the amount of money the upgraded parts are worth you could've bought such a better used bike instead

  • Elias Politis
    Elias Politis

    you had to start from changing the brakes

  • Oeizar The Ranga
    Oeizar The Ranga

    I just can’t stop watching this video! Good Job Seth!👍

  • Jango Fett
    Jango Fett

    2:16 me on my drveway

  • Shazario Seifert
    Shazario Seifert

    I really like bicycle I really wish I could have one

  • Sarah Dell
    Sarah Dell

    Such a great idea for a series, and gives kids motivation for some projects to earn a few bucks. Love to see all the success this channel has had over the years.


    so thats how they make rip off suspension no hate bro i love ur vids its cause of ur tips my bike is rolling.

  • Jerry P
    Jerry P

    This edit seemed different like seths bike hacks. Great video.

  • Chirstian Navales
    Chirstian Navales

    Love this series!

  • Greg Matthiesen
    Greg Matthiesen

    What forks are those, the wife needs some air forks to replace the cheap srpingers that came on her DB 29er?

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      I would definitely not recommend those forks, try looking for a used fork.

  • Braxton galles
    Braxton galles

    Bro I wish you could do my buke

    • Braxton galles
      Braxton galles

      Actually never mind I just bought a full suspension sorry

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      @Braxton galles all of that you'd be looking at about 1070 (210 for drivetrain 220 for dropper+lever 30 for grips 15 for tubeless tape/valves/hardware and prolly around 200 for brakes if you get nice ones oh and a new fork would be like 400 if you want a good one

    • Braxton galles
      Braxton galles

      And put a 1-9 or 1-11 on it

    • Braxton galles
      Braxton galles

      How much would it cost you to put a dropper, new suspension, grips, make it tubeless, and better brakes

    • Braxton galles
      Braxton galles

      I don’t care what ever

  • Eric Hamm
    Eric Hamm

    GT with discs for 300$ that is a stupid good deal. One thing I don't like about these vids without disclaimers is that this deal is super rare. You don't see anything like this in Houston markets for that price, only road bikes and 500+ mountain bikes. It took me 2 months to find a Specialized hardroc (no db). New aluminum pedal, new tires, new seat, new grips is at least a 130$. At that point how do you even flip a bike for profit if you don't already have a parts bin?

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      Most riders who do their own maintenance and have been riding for longer then a year have a spare parts bin with more then enough parts

  • xKwale Kawaii?!
    xKwale Kawaii?!

    eu queria uma dessa vei pqp e la e mo barato...

  • hamyboy13

    i feel like the last riding part is what he wants to do with his daughter seeing her have fun doing something he loves


    Are norco storms good


    That expensive here in the Philippines if you convert it into Philippines pesos its ₱32k

  • PaBlOk

    keep it up with the series! Flip bike the best on YT!

  • Master Shadow
    Master Shadow

    Change em brakesss

  • Blue

    Man she is lucky to get what of a kind of bike she has .I have is a Extreme 18speed outdoor mountain .it's kinda old but it's custom metallic black with yellow stripe .atleast I got sometips from from this video thank you

  • Ryhan Akthar Khan
    Ryhan Akthar Khan

    I use my mountain bike more like a racing bike I don’t know how to shred

  • Kaytlan Coates
    Kaytlan Coates

    You should try the old bowl of vinegar chain clean

  • Gel Mendoza
    Gel Mendoza

    I like Box Three. Unfortunately here in the philippines its expensive. Haha

  • Viorel Matei
    Viorel Matei

    Is delhaize called the food lion in the us?

  • AdamOsso77

    Where the link to the forks?

  • Michael Hunter
    Michael Hunter

    I thought the bike was a panthera because it's cool to see a bike that I have.

  • Harrison Hoffman
    Harrison Hoffman

    Hey Seth, instead of those buklos forks, rockshox makes a steel station 30 mm station air fork called the Judy silver, I've been riding one for a few months and it's held up great even through tech and 25 foot gap jumps.

  • Slick Rick
    Slick Rick

    😂😂 “girls bike”

  • srikar warrior
    srikar warrior

    how much are those forks

  • eemia26

    When I heard it was going to be for a young girl, I was SO worried his flip would include painting the frame pink or something without asking her. I'm so relieved he didn't! Amazing work. She looks so happy!

  • Tom King
    Tom King

    You had me hooked at borderline unethical

  • Chris Teschke
    Chris Teschke

    Should have Sent you the kona i picked up with a fox 36 and full xtr for $350Cad :)

  • Yuri York
    Yuri York

    Can you please make more videos like this. It was amazing and I watched it as if it was an HGTV show. But so much better and so much more real.

  • Antonio Tiangco
    Antonio Tiangco

    Awesome job. Thanks

  • gaetan Kelabra
    gaetan Kelabra

    When is the next flip bike? I recently bought a peugeot vintage road bike for 30€ sold with a big lock and the bike is fine, just needed to change the cables, get a new air chamber and clean it good. I think you could buy cheaper bikes and make more profit!

  • Flufzzs VR
    Flufzzs VR

    Not the wake stem

  • Cooper Gardner
    Cooper Gardner

    That is the same bike I have

  • roro

    what bike is that ?

  • Vaclav Carnogursky Work
    Vaclav Carnogursky Work

    I happy to see a mechanic working for free ;-) Not only your work but time also spending finding the right parts and testing the bike is not included. I believe you are in red numbers ;-)


    digga sie hatt das nicht verdient

  • MTBAiden

    day 1 of saying do flip bike

  • Build Ride Shred
    Build Ride Shred

    14.6 kgs? Dang, that’s heavier than my enduro/ trail bike

  • FlowZ MIXXA YT
    FlowZ MIXXA YT

    Hey what where the forks called

  • Gabriel Luz
    Gabriel Luz

    "Yeah it got authentic Fox labels" killed me 😭😭🤣🤣

  • Hey I'm a Maker
    Hey I'm a Maker

    Flipping for a hobby vs flipping for money. If you enjoy it and want to help others then breaking even or a little over is awesome.


    😍😍😍😍 someday i can buy even a cheap bike

  • Lucky Hearts
    Lucky Hearts

    The enormous pig excitingly squeak because stock geometrically beam on a soggy record. elfin, observant bit

  • Jim Thompson
    Jim Thompson

    Ive got 3 daughters, 1 son. This was very special.

  • Alexander Asner
    Alexander Asner

    Those "credits" would be actually parts rotting in my garage for the next decade until my wife finally will disposes of them. :-)

  • Bryan Carbellido
    Bryan Carbellido

    Can i got 1🥺

    • Noli Emig
      Noli Emig

      Yeah I gotchu what's your budget

  • Alex O_O
    Alex O_O

    How I get the fork?

  • sajitha harsha
    sajitha harsha

    8:44 this is not legal mate

  • it's vedansh #stunt
    it's vedansh #stunt

    Are those wake stems good any ?

65 t.