Hidden Problems in this $200 XC Mountain Bike!
Today, we flip our first full suspension mountain bike. At first this looked like a really good deal, but we found quite a few correctable problems with the bike. Join us for some repairs we have certainly not done yet, on this episode of Flip Bike!

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  • Berm Peak
    Berm Peak

    Berm Peak builds coming soon!

    • dgornowicz

      Over 3 months since a build video. You’re stretched way too thin, man. Make the content that got you here

    • getsaucedon

      Been watching you on and off since I was a kid, and I want you to know that your content brings me and a lot of people joy so pls don’t ever stop, but also don’t burn yourself out.

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    • Ender Liam1233
      Ender Liam1233

      yesssss seth we miss those build vids!

    • Ramil L. Puaso
      Ramil L. Puaso

      seth the gripters was called originaly called DUAL CONTROL LEVER or DCL..

  • Mark Ifi
    Mark Ifi

    i had levers like that, it's not bad

  • Notant

    U should be working on suspension dude

  • Hayden Faust
    Hayden Faust

    Seth should build a treehouse drop-in into one of your trails (Preferably thumb bucket).

  • Rich Cael
    Rich Cael

    he seth do you use cleat pedals

  • Hky Simp
    Hky Simp

    I have been waiting to convince my parents to get a account and now I have a account to subscribe

  • Tau tology
    Tau tology

    Hey hello! Are you familiar with COLE bicycle? If you are what can you say about it?

  • Last777

    hi I am from Uk and i am doing exactly the same is good side hassle and money is good but you need be perfect to fixing them as well not just flipping well done pal

  • Marco Brunelle
    Marco Brunelle

    Eggbeater? It’s Candy crank Brothers pedals

  • kinematic

    Ranger Station here we come! Seth my boys would luv to meet u. we arrive this sunday!

  • Ron Anderson
    Ron Anderson

    What brand or type of grease do you use ??? i just use red and tacky , is that ok???

  • frank milkovics
    frank milkovics

    Hey Seth, I have a question, this doesn't have anything to do with this video but i figured you may know the answer, I just watched a video stating that you can save weight by removing the centrifugal clutch weights from behind the Cassette, is this true? it came from a channel that in my opinion is pretty knowledgeable. Would their be any repercussions from doing this? Thanks

  • Rodney Trotter
    Rodney Trotter

    More bike flip videos please

  • Just_outdoors

    How about a video of how to land with confidence

  • silvan staub
    silvan staub

    Could you do a video were you just ride you mtb trails.

  • Tyler Cichelli
    Tyler Cichelli

    Get a super73 model R, sickest bikes ever!!!

  • Jonah Carter
    Jonah Carter

    I got a trek marlin 7 and I rode it 8.5 miles on the first day. Some on road some in dirt but basically if of it was on road. I see some small scratches on the front fork is that normal? They are not chips just small scratches

  • IceBrew

    hey just got a ozone sandstorm bike and i was wondering how good it is ( i don't have anything to compare it to) it was around 230 has hydraulic disc brakes and full suspension and is an 8 speed worth it or not?

  • FaTe_ Zah
    FaTe_ Zah

    do more flip builds

  • Max Pierson
    Max Pierson

    What’s a good beginner full suspension bike

  • Ajvlogs

    Hi seth, what is the purpose of tapered fork and why is it tapered or straight

  • Ethan Swingley
    Ethan Swingley

    What are your thoughts on the brand Giant

  • Jack Christie
    Jack Christie

    on your rc chanle get a tamiya mini 4wd

  • Dylan Calderone
    Dylan Calderone

    Hi I’ve been a huge fan for about over 1 year now and I love your videos biking and rc cars but I’ll be honest o feel like you want to spend time with your family you have gotten lost with this yourtubw world and I think you should post weekly on your main and every other or maybe weekly on the second channel keep up the great vids though 😁

  • Rafael Marques
    Rafael Marques


  • Barry Davis
    Barry Davis

    How was this the first time you've seen Shimano dual control levers? They did these for 2 generations. I actually thought they were spectacular and I used both generations, but many folks hated them.

  • Ethan Lawrence gaming
    Ethan Lawrence gaming

    how meany bikes do you have?

  • Obrador, Nathaniel D.
    Obrador, Nathaniel D.

    can you make my bike nice sir?

  • Charles-étienne Gaudreault
    Charles-étienne Gaudreault

    Can i use a floor pump to pump my air fork?


    Seth I've got an idea what if you let your subscribers show of they're bike because there are alot of bike brand in different country and some off them has unique designs or from an unknown bike brand.

  • erwin manuel
    erwin manuel

    Old bikes bring to life on this videos who cant afford to buy a new one im exited watching this videos 😉

  • Dumple King
    Dumple King

    Awesome video

  • ZEPLO2


  • Nikolas Wiech
    Nikolas Wiech

    My bike has the same shift leavers and I rly like it

  • Wyatt Allyn
    Wyatt Allyn

    these videos never get old love them

  • R3ctz

    What happened to seth's bike hacks

    • R3ctz


  • Justin Boyle
    Justin Boyle

    Build as bmx oriented of a mtb as you can, pegs and all. Let’s see it!

  • Omicron123

    Seth I think a lot of us miss the old seths bike hacks. I get that you stopped doing 10 bike hacks series but this channel isn’t as much about berm peak anymore. This is just a general biking channel, which is great but I feel like you’re doing different types of content every 6 months. I miss seths bike hacks.

  • scooter mud bog
    scooter mud bog

    Hey what's a good first mountain bike

  • Alone_Hyper

    @Berm Peak I found a giant atx 1100 that needs to be fixed. The person is willing to sell it to me for 450. I was just wondering if it's a good bike thats worth my time because I can't find that much about it online.


    As long as you don't count the $300 worth of labor you put into rebuilding the bike, it's totally worth it!

  • tony cologne
    tony cologne

    hey buddy great vid like always... curious were u at mountain creek in NJ like month or so ago???

  • Bohvey

    Seth, I was curious what width you run your bars at? I'm the same height as you and got a new MTB this season. Immediately the 800mm wide bars were very uncomfortable compared to my old 2009 Norco. Thanks for the great content as always.

  • Iskoy’s Motovlog
    Iskoy’s Motovlog

    Waiting for the next flip bike video

  • Malachi Tolliver
    Malachi Tolliver

    Thanks for cutting out the Alexa. I was sitting right next to mine.

  • arbuzu

    What about damper service?

  • Uwwwrayyyt

    I have been looking for those shifters for a long time

  • Fantom Army
    Fantom Army

    Can you wheelie the swing bike? Try doing stunts sand stuff with it like parallel skinnies and jumps

  • Isaac Chacon
    Isaac Chacon

    Videos are always great seth next time your down in Missouri you should check out two rivers mountain bike park in highland ville would like to see your thoughts on the park I've been learning on thanks

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle Iroh

    Hey Seth could you review and test the cool change saddle bag, it has a interesting way of attaching to your saddle.

  • George Lopez
    George Lopez

    Hey Steph can you write a BMX biker all the burn pink

  • Bor

    that was true offer ( :

  • LeOnline

    This is great content, i enjoyed every minute of it

  • avalanchas

    Where I live this would've sold for 800 or even more

  • The Lippy Bros
    The Lippy Bros

    Make a shark fin

  • Groaznic

    Congrats on the little baby!

  • DAZ projects
    DAZ projects

    Have you ever heard about rockrider bikes made by decathlon (a European sports brand), i think they are some of the best bikes in terms of value

  • Oliver the sunflower
    Oliver the sunflower

    Hello, just looking for some advice here, I can't find a good mountain bike, so I have two options. A proper downhill bike, or a regular rigid bike. Which should I get. Because I want to ride to school but also go on some trails and regular riding. Thanks

    • Oliver the sunflower
      Oliver the sunflower

      Trip to school is basically a straight constantly uphill road and the trails aren't rocky or anything, they're a bit like single-track.

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      What kind of trails? And does your trip to school have hills?

  • Max Brandenburg
    Max Brandenburg

    Hey, I'm from Germany, and in both of the clips where you bought or sold the bike you met up at a parking lot, so is this a thing in America or is it just you doing this ?? Because we in Germany never did this, is it to prevent kidnapping or getting robbed or why. I just asked because i couldn't image why you did this...

  • p3kwode

    this is awesome!

  • Lochlan Dillon
    Lochlan Dillon

    HI I just got a new mountan bike and i was looking for some trick tips love your channel

  • Aarren Vincent
    Aarren Vincent

    can we use vaseline for cycle greasing

  • Mohd Nor Mohd Aminnullah
    Mohd Nor Mohd Aminnullah

    A full sus is a full sus, tuned and restore... 500 is good...

  • Raising 3 Boys
    Raising 3 Boys

    ha! YUP. My 10 year olds name is Colt but my 2 year old calls him CoComelon!

  • karL ish
    karL ish

    Never seen that brake + gear lever setup before. They look really cool, bet they're a bit crap though 😂.

  • FradeFox

    I got the perfect bike for this, it’s a mongoose stand-off full squish and it can really use a good home

  • Parekh Gauri
    Parekh Gauri

    I love your canal

  • pEW pEW
    pEW pEW

    Easier to turn a profit when you include the earnings from a 1/2Mil YT vid from it lol

  • Haste Gedacht
    Haste Gedacht

    you forgot the pedals in the price

  • Haste Gedacht
    Haste Gedacht

    85 Spokenippels replaced... of course , that could have happend. Maybe because Seth destroyed some of the new ones he put on just to replace them a second time :-))

  • faitedshackboy

    Are you gonna buy a downhill bike ?

  • SoulGuard03

    Ah... the saturday baby doodie. I miss it, and I am so glad it's over.

  • Ferenc Günter
    Ferenc Günter

    I have an cannondale killer v 800 for only 50euros from eBay

  • camaro

    I'm addicted to mountain biking and don't even own one the Seth

  • J0L MR
    J0L MR

    Daddy duty while grinding. Salute you sir ❤️

  • bbahr3

    I picked up a used 2006 Scott Scale 50 for my son that came with the same “brifters”…it’s actually not as terrible as it seems

  • روائع الفكر
    روائع الفكر

    Please show a good $200 mountain bike i’ve been watching your videos and i decided to buy a mountain bike

  • Noam Dahary
    Noam Dahary

    Hi seth, one of your long time subscribers here. I have a random question. I've heard you identify as Jewish once or twice on your videos. I was wondering what is your Jewish story? Did you grow up Jewish? What about now? Just curious.

  • steven cole
    steven cole

    Probably more like $800 when you include your labor and time invested in repairs and aquiring the bike .

  • Rednotblue

    Seth: plays cocomelon Also Seth: is fixing a bike

  • Jason Whitler
    Jason Whitler

    Whelp. You still set my echo off play music. Oh well😂

  • Francis Angel
    Francis Angel

    Hi! It’s nice to see how much knowledge you have and how you do what many “ experts” say: “ oh that’s impossible” . How can I buy that bike? Where ? Directly to you ? I am in Florida

  • Mister B
    Mister B

    "RAH"-"LEIGH"? In my country its always been Raleigh as in "Rally".

  • Y H
    Y H

    7:15 My mom comes in and hear this. She thought I'm watching porn than leave.

  • Simone Claire
    Simone Claire

    I need your help on what a good full suspension bike for less than $1600

  • Ryan Dale
    Ryan Dale

    Day 1 of asking Seth a bike

  • Josue M
    Josue M

    Ahhhh ok…

  • armando cardenas
    armando cardenas

    I love your channel but this is my favorite part of your channel , the upgrades and builds . BTW , you didn't touch the suspension .

  • cooper

    you should open up a bike shop and sell all the bikes you do up for cheap, that way the people that cant afford duel suspensions can buy one off you

  • Jeremy V
    Jeremy V

    I love watching you take a beat up bike and turn it around. I can't stop watching

  • rafaelkestafa

    I like this series

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    release. Some of them really confuse me.

  • guzziben

    Brifters! I built a ‘98 Haro MX3 with Saint brifters. It’s bizarre how quickly I get used to them.

  • Trevor jacobs
    Trevor jacobs

    "my friends told me to get a full sus" bros getting flamed rn

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      I'm not sure but I think the plastic clamps are used to cut the cable perfectly (90°) so there isn't fluid leaking out or air going in the cable.

  • ealiev60

    I have specialized roll sport bike, nothing special, but I love it, it was a gift so want to keep it, I also want to upgrade it as much as possible, what will you recommend? I do want to get 1 speed up front instead of 3 and maybe new fork? please advice

  • Lloyd Saunders
    Lloyd Saunders

    You know when you see older bikes then your own and they look so much better than yours. Me to. 🥲

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    Jayden Young

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    Evan Wasiuk

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  • Guoenyi

    How many hours did you spend on refreshing the bike? Minus the video production time of course. Does that meet minimum wage?