House Tour! The Berm Peak Ranger Station is Done, and you can rent it
9 Months in the making, and the Berm Peak Ranger Station is finished! This is the ultimate vacation rental for mountain bikers. Check it out here on AirBNB

Shout out to Miller's Wholesale Flooring!
They don't do residential, but if you have a business in Eastern Tennessee check them out

Ranger Station Booked? Check out the Brevard Bike House

Check out @Porter MTB to see their trip to the Ranger Station

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  • melonbreaker72

    "the house just needs some minor fixes" *rebuilds house entirely*

  • Caleb Maittlen
    Caleb Maittlen

    Why do u bleep out the Alexa I don’t get it

  • Hanitcal69

    This place is like 3 miles from my childhood home

  • Equinox stuff
    Equinox stuff

    Look so good

  • Daniel Garrido
    Daniel Garrido

    It still amazes me how American houses are built with walls with the strength of cardboard.

  • tigerbalm

    I would use 12mm waterproof vinyl flooring everywhere! i'm architekt and I HATE white walls!

  • cpear760

    Nice, kinda wish I had one as my own.

  • Michael Husada
    Michael Husada

    What an awesome house, set up specifically for MTB!! Cosy and purpose built. I only wish it’s here in Victoria, Australia.

  • ChocoJame

    Why is it so expensive

  • xTheNameisEthan

    I’ll book a vacation here if I can get atleast one day to hang out with Seth

  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering

    In my head I imagined the BPRS was adjoining Berm Peak, but now that I've watched the purchase and finish videos, I realize that isn't the case.

  • Jake Speakman
    Jake Speakman

    Damn, this place would be awesome to stay at! Looks great 👍

  • Patrick Cronin
    Patrick Cronin

    "300 mbit internet which is pretty good for around here" *cries in 25 mbit*

  • Mtb with chazza
    Mtb with chazza

    Seth should make a little bike track or pump track for kids

    • Mtb with chazza
      Mtb with chazza

      At the ranger station

  • genderbender

    am i just poor

  • Jacob Wolf
    Jacob Wolf

    good for you Seth :)

  • Samuel Quindoy
    Samuel Quindoy

    Wow! Great renovation.

  • FNx_ca M
    FNx_ca M

    Ia there trails nearby?

  • [KPG]

    Idea: have this be called “Ranger Station East”, while building/remodeling one in Colorado (please) or Utah called “Ranger Station West” I’m sure it’d be a logistical nightmare in these times but still…🤯

  • Miriana Matei
    Miriana Matei

    Put some cameras outside the house to be safe

  • TitusTheBeagle

    Imagine no one rents it

  • Keezy

    Great idea but why did you make it so bland? There's zero personality or even brand identity in the whole place.

  • GRK Silversky103
    GRK Silversky103

    What is the name of the bed side desk

  • Gavrilo Nikolic
    Gavrilo Nikolic

    Proper !

  • Blake Merryman
    Blake Merryman

    $259 a night is steep for us budget travelers looking for a good time, but considering the location, renovations and amenities this place is awesome.

  • Brian Brewster
    Brian Brewster

    Ranger station you say. My ass. Looks more like an Air BnB. That's way too comfortable accommodations for mountain bikers. But I must admit, you guys did a stunning job of renovation.

  • Darq Grace
    Darq Grace

    o czym ty pierdolisz kto ci pozwolil wyprawiac takie cyrygiele

  • McKay Love
    McKay Love

    great idea! It would be a dream to stay there someday

  • Thomas Kositzki
    Thomas Kositzki

    Wow, looks so nice! I hope the Rnager Station will get traction after this Covid-desaster! BTW Is Kevin your House Elf now? BBTW Porter-Kid sees bunk bed: "What a nice launch!". Supermans off it... XD

  • Drogos79


  • chupacabra jr
    chupacabra jr

    super neat

  • Brad Hotra
    Brad Hotra

    Anybody got a saddle ID at 3:32? Purple rails!!!

  • Matthew Wasinger
    Matthew Wasinger

    5 stars - "Would poop here again"

  • stormgames

    True bruh

  • Lem

    This is nice!! Well thought out!

  • Trae McCombs
    Trae McCombs

    Can't wait to take the wife and stay there! Love it.

  • AlphaleinLee

    This looks so good!

  • Sargent Singletrack
    Sargent Singletrack

    Can’t wait to stay there

  • Dylan Stephens
    Dylan Stephens

    That's super awesome, but seeing as it's up north and $313 a night, I'm pretty sure I just got priced out of ever being able to experience this. Which really sucks

  • RB Gaming
    RB Gaming

    After the renovation, it looks different, but kinda the same

  • Robert Galvin
    Robert Galvin

    Minor upgrades for Seth is adding another story

  • Martins kleine Outdoorecke
    Martins kleine Outdoorecke

    I want to live there, FOREVER! 😅👍🤙

  • CK

    Tiny hammer for a tiny man... That framing hammer looked like a sledgehammer in Seth's hands 😂

  • Ashton PP
    Ashton PP

    as he said miner upgrades ???

  • The Hairy Bikepackers
    The Hairy Bikepackers

    Looks great. Have you considered getting some rental bikes in? International tourists don't often take bikes with them. You could even do guided rides for guests

  • RyanD MTB
    RyanD MTB

    Fully book on oct already 😂

  • Luka luka
    Luka luka

    Wow I really want to go there in the fall, seems really cozy

  • heiselblock

    DUDE rc crawling is fun

  • Shane Oakley
    Shane Oakley

    Wow this turned out amazing!! My family and I are definitely putting this on the list for NC Mountain Adventures!

  • Mark J
    Mark J

    awesome looking place!

  • Dallas Dan Digital Productions
    Dallas Dan Digital Productions

    Congrats on the Ranger Station Seth! This place is incredibly impressive. Wow👍👍👍


    Nah bruh I still cook in my kitchen daily, what world do Americans live in lol Jokes aside, good video Seth

  • Dee Plato
    Dee Plato

    Wow... You have amazing energy!! Impressive

  • Console Rust
    Console Rust


  • Kevin Streets
    Kevin Streets

    That would be awesome

  • Connor Michalec
    Connor Michalec

    2:02 Actually really cool of u to do that

  • Riley Peters
    Riley Peters

    So do you live there or is it just air B and B

  • Night Mare
    Night Mare

    If I was to air bnb can i can I use the berm peace bike park?

  • After Image
    After Image

    Seth: *makes a house for MTB* Also Seth: "everyone wants to be in the kitchen"

  • Mehmet Bulut
    Mehmet Bulut

    Piss the forest

  • Jrod FPV
    Jrod FPV

    Looks epic! Great work!

  • Julian

    With artwork try looking for local artist to see about putting up their artwork and people could get the choice of buying the artwork too, just a thought as you could have some random artwork you've bought and some that people could buy

  • Edits by Levi
    Edits by Levi

    I would run compressed air to the bike wash station!!!

  • Edits by Levi
    Edits by Levi

    1:41 😂 nice Seth!

  • Edgar Alonso
    Edgar Alonso

    Damn, thats awesome. Hope to be able to visit soon!

  • Porter Carpenter
    Porter Carpenter

    Congratulations on the new home and I would stay in there for a month strait and not be annoyed, great Jodi and love the channel

  • Simon

    Tempted to book a trip to the US, just because of this house :D

  • Dan R. Hansen
    Dan R. Hansen

    This looks very nice.

  • Princess_ Aurora
    Princess_ Aurora

    Better watch out for the Money scamers that want to stay their and take their money and leave.

  • ARC-77

    I don't mean to be wierd or anything. Rn I'm high on ecstacy and I love watching theres videos while I'm like that because it calms me Down so much and your voice is so soothing

  • DeViNoDe

    That is impressive

  • Arik Peterson
    Arik Peterson

    Well thought out. Nice job!

  • Walter's Heart
    Walter's Heart

    looks great nice job

  • Incredible_Pete

    Great job! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼Greetings from Switzerland 🇨🇭

  • frannelk

    This is fantastic, to build stuff, meaning beautiful and useful stuff that is turning into am incoming and learning and having lot of fun while doing it 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻

  • Lennart

    Am I the only one who thinks this is soo similar to fixer upper😂😂

  • kwidgy

    i thought you where joking when you said 300 mbps internet. ive got 100 mbps internet and for Australian wifi thats pretty damn good

  • Delta

    Amazing video! Where did u get the amazing wood computer desk? The one you used at the Couch 🛋.

  • 14sgdp g
    14sgdp g

    be carful with the smartlock if someone can find the ip address you can let urself in id get a key and barrel

  • Algerian in Ireland
    Algerian in Ireland

    A dream holidays house 🏠

  • Danyal

    Wait list for this must be crazy long

  • Luke Slater
    Luke Slater

    Good thing Seth bought all of the materials before the economy inflation

  • Alien Encore
    Alien Encore

    Dude is taking money from fans to build shit that he can make money on, lol. Yall are dumb if you're donating.

  • SoloRevolutionist

    It would be the coolest if there was like a small green trial next to for kids to have fun with our to warm up your legs, Just personal preference

  • Jason Fenech
    Jason Fenech

    I never seen such comfy and dedicated bike base camp. Well done for your creativity and entrepreneurship

  • Finn

    Nestled in PissAss

  • Brice Tilton
    Brice Tilton

    Please put the nice park hex and torx in the holders properly

  • Mariusz Klimach
    Mariusz Klimach

    What a great idea and work of course. Thumbs up Seth.

  • Eth3487

    I'd love to be one of the first German customers. The place looks sweeeet

  • Carter Burns
    Carter Burns

    Very unfourtunate that normal people cant afford to go here for a weekend considering its around 2000 dollars just for 3 days

  • A B Cars N’ Guitars
    A B Cars N’ Guitars

    Wow, it’s so affordable too! I’m definitely booking a 4 day trip for next year!! Well done Seth.

  • Joe Mccann
    Joe Mccann

    The distance Seth has come on FIbill and how he manages to make so much happen even with all his injuries he’s had is crazy huge respect and that looks like an Awsome olace

  • James C
    James C

    Some pipe insulation and cloth wrap on the steel pipe rack will stop wear and tear on the saddle

  • Urban Elo
    Urban Elo

    Congratulations and good bless my brother. But im unsubscribing to your channel it is no longer entertaining to me. Everything you do inaccessible unless you are extremely rich and it’s hard to relate to that.

  • maxime ferland
    maxime ferland

    Sick place!!

  • Zach Underdown
    Zach Underdown

    £275 a night 😳 plus cleaning, service charge and taxes Is a minimum of 1200 for 3 nights 😂

  • Wes Miller
    Wes Miller

    Looks really nice I would stay there.

  • Lucas deABREU
    Lucas deABREU

    Man, they way American houses are built is just baffling. It's all cardboard, aluminium profiles and plaster. Crazy.

  • Yuki Sawamoto Kurogani
    Yuki Sawamoto Kurogani

    Is this a hotel?

  • Yuki Sawamoto Kurogani
    Yuki Sawamoto Kurogani

    Imagine someone do honey moon in here.