Mountain bike products you won't find in bike shops!
We get sent a lot of stuff these days, but it's the weirdest stuff that usually makes it to these videos. Pat tested clear a few days earlier, so we jumped on the opportunity for him to come help with this video. We're glad he did! If you're interested in any of these items, mountain bike related or not, I've included the links below.

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We've got Winter Berm Peak gear!

Geo Hand Guards
Stainless Bleed Cup - Available soon!
Boondoo Mount
The Sound Helm

Bomber Strap
I realized those magnetic straps are add-ons, and at $78 + a $130 single-bike tailgate pad, you have to be a really particular person to want this.

Simple Shower
Shower Toga

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  • Berm Peak
    Berm Peak

    Enjoy the time with your families! Even as a Jewish kid, Christmas was a surreal day. Everything is closed, and all your friends get cool stuff! This year has been pretty surreal in the first place, so this should be interesting.

    • Treasure Thanks
      Treasure Thanks


    • Treasure Thanks
      Treasure Thanks


    • Tomasz Dziwis
      Tomasz Dziwis

      What is the name the kit for handlebar!?

    • Cre8or8

      Happy Hanukkah man

    • Ron

      I think you totally missed the purpose of the hand guards. I really could have used them on my bike two years ago when I lost control of my bike and my left hand hit a tree while I was still holding the handle bars. I broke two of my knuckles. The doctor told me it was a "boxers fracture". Hand guards would have been really nice that day!

  • Parekh Gauri
    Parekh Gauri

    I love your canal

  • Crimson

    in stead of hand guards, you could just wear hard-shell gloves.

  • Zac Design
    Zac Design

    Only protects his hands Other body parts: am i a joke to you 😒

  • Cristian Camilo García
    Cristian Camilo García

    You mispronounced 'Shimano'.

  • DEDSEC17

    thumbnail = most commonly found item in bike shops lmfao, it's called a mudguard. title = "Mountain bike products you won't find in bike shops!"

  • Nick Finds Gold
    Nick Finds Gold

    Lose the hand guards fellas. Best way to break both your wrists at once. I am an adventure motorcycle rider and mine went in the bin after a bad crash. I can ride with a broken finger, not a wrist

  • OOTurok

    I just strapped a riot shield on the front of my MTB.

  • Schoey008

    Where do I buy the brake bleaders from

  • ShadowKnight

    Could you build me a mountain bike, my budget is 150to170

  • Fehrsoldier16

    I want to do mtb-ing but the only trails or parks in my country are 5 hours away or more 😕 andtb isnt the best anyway

    • The real Dream
      The real Dream

      @Fehrsoldier16 yeh trails are really fun its a bit unlucky for where you live but hopefully you could go there time to time

    • Fehrsoldier16

      @The real Dream yeah i do wood jumps in my backyard but i like trails and stuff from Canada because i went to Assiniboine park there and it was a lot of fun

    • The real Dream
      The real Dream

      Hi you dont neccesarily need to work on trails at the beginning you can build some jumps in the bush or some free place and create a line or you can start on wood to get you to progress

  • Koessanjaya

    Nice info dude 👍

  • Lean Mean
    Lean Mean

    The Bluetooth product review reminded me of the Paul Simon and Chevy Chase video for You Can Call Me Al.

  • Gay Preator
    Gay Preator

    At the very least entertainment. 🚴

  • dead brain
    dead brain

    a friend of mine broke a pinkie finger on a branch, ima send him the hand guards link lol

  • Mitch D
    Mitch D

    Yo, I am a beginner Mountain Biker and am wondering if I should get a bike under 300 with a little suspension. My dad has 1.2 acres of woods and I know that even a basic street bike would be great for that, so I'm not too worried about the suspension. I just want to know what's good for tricks under 300, and for getting air/etc Thanks!! Me gonna make some trails this weekend!! :D Also I'm 25 years old, so I'm going to start you tubing as well!! XD

  • dr5mn

    Any update on a link for that bleeding cup?

  • Luminous Fractal
    Luminous Fractal

    lol handguard clamps straight outa the moto stock. was it only on one side? (moto bikes have a 1mm difference)

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez

    everything you showed is garbage

  • Vicki Mark
    Vicki Mark

    When smashing one's hands into car mirrors, handguards are welcome additions on bicycles and motorcycles.

  • Gary Brown
    Gary Brown

    Those hand guards could be deadly when a branch in branch gets stuck in there and throws you off your bike

  • Hard Tail Shredder
    Hard Tail Shredder

    5:00 If wheels have Truing stands Handlebars should indeed have alignment Tools

  • Lorenz Jy g. waykorat casas
    Lorenz Jy g. waykorat casas

    Hi aim gana going to borrow your bmx bike or xc bike

  • dmackow

    That brake funnel system is a car tool, kudos to whoever miniaturized it for bikes.

  • Princess Dantes
    Princess Dantes

    I want a bike because my mom I can buy a bike I want full suspension ang drifting

  • M S
    M S

    @bermpeak My 2 Cents - I have an older Marin Alpine Trail (2001) that came with these "hand protectors" right off the local shop floor. Those things may LOOK cool, but I almost snapped my wrist in half once due to them. I went over the handlebars in a VERY speedy manner one afternoon (landed in poison ivy no less), and had not fully let go of the handlebar grips during the fall. I was just fighting to try to maintain control until the inevitable happened. This left me with a very sore, bruised wrist as my arm was out-stretched and bent bent back over my head. While my wrist was bent un-naturally back over this "cool looking hand-protector contraption, with my fingers still semi-curled loosely around the handle-grip. Took them off the next day. Some folks may claim that I should have let go of my handle bars sooner and that wouldn't have happened. But, if you ride, you almost always are trying to control the bike right up until the point that you no longer have ANY control. Let's be honest; you rarely crash so badly that you intentionally bail mid-flight...

  • Casting Cornbread
    Casting Cornbread

    The hand guards are very popular in the off-road motorcycle world, they are generally called “bark busters”. As an enduro rider personally they are essential and I could never live without them.

  • Jason C.
    Jason C.

    That handle bar alignment tool is a great idea. I might have to get one.

  • kenjiteoteo

    I live in Singapore

  • kenjiteoteo

    Can you help me fix my bike the fork doesn't work

  • Jona SJ
    Jona SJ

    Where are you? You haven’t posted in 7 months😕

    • Jona SJ
      Jona SJ

      @Jewel Pastöral Yea i know now i was stupid

    • Jewel Pastöral
      Jewel Pastöral

      U fake fan

    • Jewel Pastöral
      Jewel Pastöral

      Lol, he posted like 2 weeks ago

  • Alf Gundersen
    Alf Gundersen


  • Hocke

    Hand armour can be useful but beware! If you get your hand down in them failing a jump, you might break your hand. Perhaps not so likely on a MTB, more common on a MX bike.

  • Ben Hockey
    Ben Hockey

    If you like that bleed cup you should try the hope one, it’s stainless steel, has a stainless plug and works with shimano brake levers

  • Classic Dannyboy
    Classic Dannyboy

    0:16 just wear better/stronger gloves lol

  • Ampersand Tilde
    Ampersand Tilde

    Hey Seth! Found your channel the other day. I've been trying to get back into riding after my BeOne Woodbumble Plus died bad 10 years ago, I found a Giant Talon 2 from 2017 in the trash and laid claim to it. Turned out the brake caliper on the front was completely hosed so I'm not going to be riding it this year since the earliest I could get another set of brakes is august 30th for a shimano M6100 set for front and rear to replace the slightly limp Avid Elixer 1's. That being said I was also considering switching out to a single front and a box 3 11-50 x-wide gear setup with some new grips and a couple other goodies. So far all I've been finding is "Out of stock" and "We don't ship to your province" everywhere though so the brakes are all I've been able to aquire. Any suggestions on places to look for some basic upgrades online since my local shops have no bike related gear at the moment? I live in Nova Scotia for context.

  • I_THE_ME

    Hand guards are nice until your hand slips through them and your you get a broken arm.

  • Wickenhagen Family
    Wickenhagen Family

    With the first things drift bikes have a similar thing to cover you hand almost all dirt bikes have them, well call them bark busters. Work really good. I did not have them once in a bike and do wiped out and snapped my clutch off, that is what convinced me to buy bark busters.

  • AT WD
    AT WD

    Ahahah 160 bucks for a 3 buck BT 3.5 jack receiver with some speakers. Ahahahah

  • Kent Joseph Dagalangit
    Kent Joseph Dagalangit

    I learn a lot from your video.even my bike is cheap and not branded 💪🏼😃👌

  • Jon Schroeder
    Jon Schroeder

    What would you recommend for as a cheap 26" mountain bike wheel and tire replacement

  • ethan walters
    ethan walters

    hey in your videos you use a strap that holds your inner tube to your frame could you try and use a dog collor and see how well that works

  • Kingston Montgomery
    Kingston Montgomery

    Habd armors are normally used for dirt bikes but still cool

  • Macbrebonicks

    Can you do a video on the best ways to secure an E-bike on the bed of a truck?

  • Kas Voeten
    Kas Voeten

    I don't even mountainbike and I still enjoy these videos

  • Max Smallbone 3
    Max Smallbone 3

    I have hand guards but for my dirt bike

  • Unkown

    Seth what happened to the wheelbarrow that you custom made with a old ebike?

  • Daniel Cruz
    Daniel Cruz

    What are some cheap Mountain bikes that you can do Willies on

  • MC-Cockpot

    “and a link to something called a shark tank” 😂

  • No name No body
    No name No body

    I done the hand guards it literally help so much you could fly through the trees without worrying about your fingers getting crushed or your brakes getting snapped

  • Blake Ohlson
    Blake Ohlson

    9:30 now we’re all waiting for 2022 to end

  • Timothy

    so are we ever getting vids

  • Beerenmüsli

    Awesome Video!!!!

  • Ryder Cory
    Ryder Cory

    You should build a BMX bike into a mountain bike

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God...

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity...

  • fatCHUNK3R

    See that RÜT went right through that RÜT

  • lol Klevi
    lol Klevi

    That music thing Deos it work in full face helmet? And with the helmet u used just use airpods or something like that

  • Max TV
    Max TV

    4:17 100SekundenPhysik

  • Mike Jones
    Mike Jones

    Oh, hand guards! My brother had a BMX back in the day with some hand guards and awful teardrop shaped grips.

  • Diarmuid Mcgoey
    Diarmuid Mcgoey

    seth buy a springdex for your coil shock

  • Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan

    Of you need hand guards to ride your mountain bike then you're not doing it right.

  • To the send
    To the send

    I will never subscribe

  • To the send
    To the send

    Your jumps are as big as mine and I am a child

  • John Dee
    John Dee

    Any updates on the "Stainless Bleed Cup - Available soon!"

  • Ryder Simmons
    Ryder Simmons

    Why a Honda ridgline

  • Petrina Tolhurst
    Petrina Tolhurst


  • Bryan Ordoñez
    Bryan Ordoñez

    Yo me acuerdo cuando era niño tenia 8 años de edad mi primo mayor cuando el tenia 20 años de edad el tenia una hermosa bicicleta de montaña de colores diseñada arreglada y como nueva, a veces me llevo a pasear en la bicicleta, a veces subia a mi casa, de ese recuerdo me llama la atension.😉😁😬🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️

  • Jim

    Hey Seth, great videos. What seat dropper post do you recommend?

  • Lankey Bastard
    Lankey Bastard

    Any video with the word genitals gets a like from me.

  • Matt The best
    Matt The best

    Can you make a new video pls not that I want to be rude

  • Bobcat

    Still waiting on the Plandemic to be exposed world wide in the mainstream news !! Lawsuits are ongoing , against governments , business and hospitals & doctors . Hope non the viewers here are on the wrong side when this news has gone viral

    • Chase Flanagan
      Chase Flanagan

      This is mental illness

  • PinchPeak5203

    Ahh yes, I'll just stick this cheap, sharp piece of bulky metal, right next to my extremely expensive, easy to scratch stanchions...

  • Dario Mangoni
    Dario Mangoni

    The bleeding cup is usually in plastic so to be sure that the thread that is going to be weared out is going to be the one of the cup and not the one of the brake lever.

    • PinchPeak5203

      that's what I was thinking.. but if you're going through the trouble to get one of those, you are probably competent enough not to do that

  • keth lagrama
    keth lagrama

    Seth when putting braake lever grips get boiled water so softeen the grips and easy to install

  • Sam P.
    Sam P.

    Web blazer? Holy shit, there are webs and spiders in the woods? Ok I'm out!

  • Ziwuri13

    I don't bike. I watch every single one of these videos.

  • trianglegold

    Any idea where I can get a diamondback in Canada, NB? I see no dealers in canada at all on their website. I'm looking to start Mountain biking again after 10years off. Please help Seth!

  • driver g29
    driver g29

    what do you say about kona process 134

    • Chase Flanagan
      Chase Flanagan

      It is bike

  • ShadyShrimp


  • Edson Herald
    Edson Herald

    Yes, Entertaining !

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell

    The Sena bike helmet is way better for sound and group riding.

  • Alix Pepler
    Alix Pepler

    Don’t even think about getting those hand Guards, on a motor bike my mate hit a tree and went over the bars his hands when through the holes and he snapped both forearms those things are shit

  • Callum Mcnulty
    Callum Mcnulty

    What bike is pat riding??

    • Chase Flanagan
      Chase Flanagan

      Not too sure about the model but i know you get order it on howdy

  • I EAT MEET 🐓
    I EAT MEET 🐓

    When are u going give away bike? Cause i just got a 250 dollars bike

  • Connor Bradley
    Connor Bradley

    I need those hand guards the amount of times I’ve not taken a corner sharp enough and hit a tree is uncountable

  • Emmily Waerea
    Emmily Waerea

    Hello Seth I have a question about a bike I'm going harder on my hard tail do you have any good ideas for a bike under $2000

  • PETI T.
    PETI T.

    buy a hope bleed cup, it fits shimano as well

  • Spiro

    I honestly think the bluetooth speaker is one of my few pet peeves, idk why.

  • Xtian VA
    Xtian VA

    Here to ask what brand is that purple stem and top cap?

  • Cole Jones
    Cole Jones

    best mountain biking youtuber ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • felix duprey
    felix duprey

    Is the stainless steel cup available yet?

  • Caeden

    You could get that helmet audio setup for 160, or bose audio sunglasses for 40 bucks more. I choose sunglasses.

  • Frank Schoenfelder
    Frank Schoenfelder

    I’ve had baby oil in my brakes for two years and they work great

  • Jover Camading
    Jover Camading

    Hi Berm Perk

  • Jasdeep Singh
    Jasdeep Singh

    What if he made a tree house. it could be a ride through tree house, perhaps a new addition to the berm peak express? a ramp up, ramp down, and a area in the treehouse with a table for a rest stop. keep some water or snacks in there, if a rider is tired or they need more water they can stop in there, kinda like a drive thru lol. Please do this.

  • Lloyd Saunders
    Lloyd Saunders

    Omg I need to get some hand shields! I cut all my hands yesterday 🥲

  • Post-Master Sodium
    Post-Master Sodium

    My biggest concern with a metal bleed cup is cross threading. If you're careful, no big deal, but if you screw it up, I'd rather trash a bleed cup than my lever. Looks super fancy though

  • Larry Nichols III
    Larry Nichols III

    We use handgaurds like that on dirt bikes alot

  • Bigbo 1
    Bigbo 1

    The handlebar alignment tool is something I need to use, I always feel uneasy when aligning my handlebars.