Old Budget Hardtail Gets Fixed Up and Sent Hard!
Budget Mountain Bike Gets Upgraded and Sent Hard!

In a previous video, we started fixing up an old entry level hardtail mountain bike, only to get stuck due to poor planning. We were going to give the bike to a lucky kid, but to meet the deadline we actually gave him a totally different bike. That video is here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=prH87...

This week, we’re finishing what we started! With a bin full of the proper parts that actually fit the bike, we’re going to build it up and get it working. Then, we’ll hold on to it for a little bit and test it out on our backyard mountain bike trails! Enjoy.

Bolt on Skewers amzn.to/3j57Ghc
Sticky Fingers amzn.to/2YhzfMz
PNW Dropper Post bit.ly/3hcAa8m
$99 Fork amzn.to/32in838
Fidlock Water Bottle amzn.to/3ggFtT3
Ergon Grips amzn.to/2FKxu43
Single speed chainring amzn.to/31dydmD
Box 3 Drivetrain bit.ly/2YCoDYX

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  • kevin mason
    kevin mason

    I'll buy the bike if you wanna sell it

  • Graham Chan
    Graham Chan

    Hey dude. Love the video! Random question. Im on a medium 2012 Norco Truax at 5 ft 5"... The bike feels large even with the post down. But coming from BMX, everything feels big. Any thoughts? Wondering if I should look for a small sized enduro.

  • Cadyn Hassan
    Cadyn Hassan

    Can I use Vaseline as grease

  • quaarko

    using hairspray for those brake grips are really good haha

  • R Noany G
    R Noany G

    This bike would be perfect for me but it is too much hassle for u to shop to England 🥴

  • Luis Pires
    Luis Pires

    It looks awesome!

  • ALEX

    I got scammed with a 500$ bike and it was from eBay and the company was from china

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      Damn that sucks, should of checked pink bike or Facebook marketplace

  • ALEX

    Omg I wish I had that bike

  • shiloh page
    shiloh page

    And ride it into the sunset *bang bang* idk why it got me dead😂💀

  • Juliana Inting
    Juliana Inting

    My bike is so broken supention broken brakes broken crank

  • Flori Rexhepi
    Flori Rexhepi

    Can i bay that bike

  • Khairul Anuar Zack
    Khairul Anuar Zack

    or a human that short like me.. i don’t know why but i laughed so hard 😂🤣

  • Tk Lee
    Tk Lee


  • Freddy Carter
    Freddy Carter

    with the "sticky fingers" you have to put water or oil in them and they just slide on like nothing i learnt the hard way then i realised i was like wtf was i doing


    cool. very maximum results

  • Derek Lucero
    Derek Lucero

    For gods sake man…..you could’ve gotten blue hand grips😜👍

  • Mtb with chazza
    Mtb with chazza

    That sticky finger installation could be a Asmr video

  • Villiage_idiot

    8:44 Soapy water bro.

  • eric rush
    eric rush

    “It wasn’t cool” 😂 yea nice build


    If Seth were to try to fix my bike, this video would be about an hour and a half long

  • Robert Calipay
    Robert Calipay

    Keep Safe idOl..from philipines

  • mike forrest
    mike forrest

    I know a lot but learned a lot. thanks! BTW: you like doing the rebuilds more than a new bike due to the extra love it evokes. You know that.

  • Μιχαλης Καναριος
    Μιχαλης Καναριος

    9:10 oil can help you

  • Bailey Neal
    Bailey Neal

    What bike is that

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      It’s a giant ATX

  • Jess Bonde
    Jess Bonde

    I use isopropyl alcohol or hair spray when putting on grips or sticky fingers. Hair spray works kind of like a glue, but the alcohol just supplies enough lubricant to get the job done and the vaporises

  • Eric Nichols
    Eric Nichols

    I need help with my 29" Schwinn Ascension. I like the bike but it needs some better wheels that actually roll better without so much resistance and I also have loose bearing in the rear. The freewheel slips sometimes which is scary. The brakes suck. I need new pedals and maybe a better fork, neck, and bars. If I sent pics to you could you recommend some parts for me? I would like to do the work myself but I'm afraid of getting parts that are not compatible.

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      @Eric Nichols could get a new freewheel as well

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      @Eric Nichols I know! Probably picking it up Saturday, I got it for 1.8 grand AUD

    • Eric Nichols
      Eric Nichols

      @Holdens are beasts Wow, thats a nice bike. I'm sure you'll be just fine with that for a while.

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      @Eric Nichols it’s better that you didn’t get a new bike because it’s better for the environment! That’s why I’m getting a 2012 Devinci Wilson

    • Eric Nichols
      Eric Nichols

      @Holdens are beasts yeah a lot of the parts are crap. Seems like Schwinn gave me a decent aluminum frame and Sr Suntour fork but gave me all other garbage parts attached to it. The mechanical disc brakes weren't even good. I bought a new wheel set, hydraulic brakes, new pedals, neck, bars, and seat. I should be a lot happier with it now and I didn't have to buy a new bike.

  • Rich M
    Rich M

    Lever condoms (Sticky fingers). Hilarious. Leave it to the bike industry to come up with the weirdest stuff. Do they make them for my bar ends?

  • BOKNOYpalaboytv

    great sharing master verry imformative content keep safe ride safe i enjoy watching lisining master wonderful content

  • Anonymous Phucker
    Anonymous Phucker

    why dont you just use hairspray to get grips and sticky fingers on

  • snapdaddy5150

    I enjoy your videos! Do you test the bikes in your back yard track? Looks so awesome!

  • Kaufeetimevideo

    Try rubbing alcohol to slide on the grips.


    Be careful always Sir

  • Franco Ramillano
    Franco Ramillano

    Soap and water for those sticky fingers to easily slide

  • All thing’s Deegan
    All thing’s Deegan

    Same bike as my mates

  • Deepak Yadav
    Deepak Yadav

    My like for the no Drama drop sticker 😂😂

  • Grodey -_-
    Grodey -_-

    Legit thought this was a fortnite vid from the thumbnail 😂

  • David Ward
    David Ward

    you need to use orange oil on your sticker residue. it dissolves it almost immediately, no plastic scraping required. so much easier and quicker

  • Predator MTB
    Predator MTB

    I built my mtb out of a frame from a 1997 Jamis Bike so I wouldn't quite call that one "Old"

  • Predator MTB
    Predator MTB

    Can I have it?

  • Mike Smedley
    Mike Smedley

    I know he originally bought a tapered fork that he said wouldn’t fit. This bike appears to have a tapered head tube so what am I missing?

  • diansteezy

    *i will never ever get tired of that diy trail jeeeeez!* 🤍

  • Justin Gobrial
    Justin Gobrial

    Is it bad that I'm 15 and I ride a stack version of that bike with an XS frame?

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      Does it work for you?

  • Derek Kennedy
    Derek Kennedy

    From now on use rubbing alcohol to get grips onto the handlebar or onto the brakes little bit of rubbing alcohol will make that slide on like butter

  • Margaret Dejee
    Margaret Dejee

    In Botswana I want mountain bike pliz😇😇😇😇😇

  • Searching Shropshire
    Searching Shropshire

    Hi buddy. The fork in the vid isn’t the fork in the description. You posted a link to the Air fork.

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      Don’t get the fork they are very dangerous

  • TheLucky1967

    New subscriber just put new tires on a 20 year old specialized globe that I’d purchased for my Dad. Really enjoying riding it and definitely enjoying Binge watching Berm Peak.

  • Sámson Mihály
    Sámson Mihály

    3:56 except a fiat multipla

  • Marco B
    Marco B

    This bike is gonna be for a kid or... a human :))) like me

  • Mark Speight
    Mark Speight

    14:08 "this bike is either gonna be for a little kid or a human that's short" - little kids are basically humans too in many cases

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      True, little kids can be more mature than adults sometimes

  • Killjoy

    Seth's bike hacks

  • Carl Angelo Pidenes Bungag
    Carl Angelo Pidenes Bungag

    Nice bike 🥺

  • ꧁MKO꧂

    Make a video just about your dog

  • vlad alexa
    vlad alexa

    5:49 what is that?😑

  • Tyson Oyler
    Tyson Oyler

    Bruh I wish.

  • Tnerb Sg
    Tnerb Sg

    Spit lube those sticky fingers and they slide right on

  • Racso_gamez

    7:08 is satisfying

  • Just Send It, But Land Properly 🤟
    Just Send It, But Land Properly 🤟

    That’s not the OG drama drop

  • Shawn Allen
    Shawn Allen

    So I'm building a bike that isn't disc compatible and I'm looking for a v-brake compatible fork. Any recommendations? Was about to pick up the one used here until I realized it didn't have any studs.

  • Ben Hockey
    Ben Hockey

    Are we going to get a follow up video on this steed

  • Yassin J.
    Yassin J.

    I want to show you my bike to see how much it is worth :c

  • Jonas Léchot
    Jonas Léchot

    I had a cheap air fork from china for a while. what a piece of garbage... way better to find an old high end fork for cheap and give it a complete service

  • Jonas Léchot
    Jonas Léchot

    that headtube looks like it can accept a headset for tapered steerer tubes... which are the norm on good, even "medium" new forks. Older frames can never accept tapered steerer tubes because they are made for EC34 headsets

  • Reuben Howland
    Reuben Howland

    I’ve watch this video so many time I could probably write a script of the whole video!

  • RicoTrayaOfficial

    Can i have this bike? 😔😊❤️

  • Khairul Hazwan Othman
    Khairul Hazwan Othman

    I used some soap water for the "sticky fingers" installation..

  • michael sarris
    michael sarris

    what dose the star nut do ?

  • Kaine Carr
    Kaine Carr

    Dose any one know ware to find a good cheap hard tail for starting

  • puugee

    7:11 thats what she said

  • Anthony

    "wooo, that's super long". "That's what she said"

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      Literally the opposite of every comment I’ve seen using “that’s what she said”

  • Jack Goodare
    Jack Goodare

    where did you get the fork

  • Rolan Shun
    Rolan Shun

    I got a 29er aluminum frame in the attic. It has been there for 5 New England years (extremely cold winters and ridiculously hot summers). Will the metal degrade or get damaged? Is it still usable?

  • vostock099

    7:09 thats what she said

  • Random Vids
    Random Vids

    Just put some alcohol or hand sanitizer inside the lever proctector/finger grip to make your job easy👌👌👌

  • Patrick

    Never ever have I gotten a star nut in that way, first try... Skills! 😁

  • Zek Joes
    Zek Joes

    how tall are you?

  • ken

    i miss my trek 4300 alpha :(

  • Mitchel Bennett
    Mitchel Bennett

    What fork is it someone please tell me

  • Tomas Angelo Mena
    Tomas Angelo Mena

    Hack: Apply some dishwashing liquid on the brake lever before installing lever boots. It will make your life a lot easier. You can also use this on handlebar when installing silicone grips.

  • pokemonsoulgold

    Idol palimos po ako box components

  • Dan Allured
    Dan Allured

    I feel your pain seth! I'm 5ft 4" tall and struggle to reach the floor! I'm 50 years old too so don't wanna fall from a big height anymore! I just built a bike for my son and REALLY enjoyed it so there may be a few more in my future!

  • Squirly

    How tall are you that bike is so small I’m 12 and ride medium 5,2

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Would you recommend the fork now?

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      @John Doe heaps of reasons also someone on FIbill made a video about taking these forks apart and explaining everything that was wrong with the fork I just can find the video

    • John Doe
      John Doe

      @Holdens are beasts why are they dangerous? What cheap alternative would you recommend? I need an economical fork for my sons bike. I don’t want to put a $350 or more fork on an $800 bike.

    • Holdens are beasts
      Holdens are beasts

      I definitely would not because they are very dangerous

  • Rush BMX
    Rush BMX

    is there any sticker transfer websites that let you make your own design in south africa?

  • Travis Gozley
    Travis Gozley

    “A little kid, or a human” Little kids aren’t humans? I always knew there was something up with those things!

  • tom jens
    tom jens

    would love if you did a cost breakdown (what each added part is priced at)

  • Johnny Kramolis
    Johnny Kramolis

    I've learned cool trick for installing rubber grips and so on. Just use some deodorant and spray it inside, the rubber will become slippery and then when it is on the deodorant will vaporize. It works like a charm. Great video by the way, to give a bike new life.

  • Evolution

    Hey Dude! You can use WD40 to lubricate the brake lever grip...less than 5s, the whole thing will slot in. I'm doubting if you are really a bike mechanic! Looks so dumb of you trying to slot in the thingy using compress air. Hahahaha! Dumb!

  • Francesco Favro
    Francesco Favro

    9:20 try to use some alcohol

  • Jared Rigney
    Jared Rigney

    I love these bike build videos

  • bluntforcetraumaproductions


  • Mustafa Khurram Aziz
    Mustafa Khurram Aziz

    Damn… if only I lived near him, I would be the happiest kid in the world

  • sofia isabella maree quilaton
    sofia isabella maree quilaton

    Sir my brother wants you to be his sponsor for the downhill mtb hardtail hehe

  • Jmx_bikes5860

    New flip bike is awesome I've came to this lol

  • jasonjavelin

    Saw this video ahwile ago and just picked myself up a 2013 Giant Revel 1 for only $50 and felt like it hit gold. Definitely going to be sending it and upgrading along the way

  • Skrong TV / Glenn
    Skrong TV / Glenn

    I have the same frame ATX 27.5 . Old bike from a friend and currently rebuilding it. I made it 1x9 speed. SLX RD and shifter and Alivio cranks. Brakes were Avid Elixir 5 that needs a new pad and bleeding. :D

  • jrbbikerx jrbbikerx
    jrbbikerx jrbbikerx

    I’ve never had a skewer get caught on anything in my life and I rode MTB 1996 - 2010. It simply doesn’t happen.

  • Christopher Tinney
    Christopher Tinney

    Awesome videos, seth. Wish i had a neighbour like you 😉

  • Nikola Koković
    Nikola Koković

    Lol. Your shoes are same as mine.

  • Ryan David
    Ryan David

    use hair spray inside those sticky fingers to slide them on, then the hair spray will dry and they wont move

  • Francis Brooks
    Francis Brooks

    Use hairspray to get those sticky fingers on. while wet its a little slippery but dries into a mild glue.

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