RC Cars vs Berm Peak! Can these cheap RC’s make it to the top?
Today we really are doing something a little different; driving RC cars! By audience request, we’re going to take these RC’s on Berm Peak, see if they can climb to the top, and then attempt some of the jumps-that’s easier said than done. Normally we’re doing mountain bike stuff, but today the mountain bike trails are pretty sloppy.

Berm Peak Comanche amzn.to/2ECUSzT
It turns out that this is a WPL C24, and there are a lot of parts for it around the Internet! You could turn this little thing into a sweet truck, but out of the box it’s super jank and will need some tightening up.

Berm Peak Dune Buggy amzn.to/3gH58nT
This thing is a killing machine right out of the box, but I highly recommend upgrading to this battery for maximum braap! amzn.to/3gApqQ3

Berm Peak Trophy Truck amzn.to/2EIIDC1
Capable as it is, this truck doesn’t seem all that fast, and at $120 you might be better off stepping up to something that’s easier to find parts for.

Berm Peak Merch

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  • Daymeian Richardson
    Daymeian Richardson

    You need to get a Traxxas bandit vxl, it’s really good off-road and it can handle jumps and stuff and it’s really fast

  • Bryce172

    get this man a bang good one there cheap as dirt and u can modulate the throttle and turning so its not full speed or all the way to the left

  • masonsellers723

    I had that red one the wpl one it was a piece of crap it was underpowered and cheap it broke in one night it was charging all day then I come home to play with it and the gearbox was messed up and it could spin the wheels in the air but it couldn’t move on ground no matter wha surface

  • Areld Cookie55
    Areld Cookie55

    Entry hobby grade is good for the money, but a high end or mid range will be better overall

  • Mindless Entertainment
    Mindless Entertainment

    Really liked this I'm glad you did the rc video and I know a lot of people would think I'm crazy but I prefer this cheap crappy rc cars over better hobby grade ones just cause I love to work on rc cars and take something that is really not good and making it extremely good for its size with a lot of mods and sometimes scetchy workmanship😂😂but also Seth I think you should look into the mn90 range it's also as cheap as the wpl but a little bigger so think it would drive better on your track

  • Isaac Liljegren
    Isaac Liljegren

    What's the very first RC dune buggy called?

  • Jose Mar Contreras
    Jose Mar Contreras

    Love decals from Berm Peak. Any chance we can get 'em here in Asia?

  • pillo1000


  • Gentl3man

    Is no one going to tell him about the E-revo?

  • T

    It's a Toyota Hilux

  • Stephan Geronazzo
    Stephan Geronazzo

    That's an old 80s toyota Hilux

  • OnCamTV

    6:17 LOL

  • reuben edwards
    reuben edwards


  • Mikhail Naumenko
    Mikhail Naumenko

    Hey ,Seth, i know you already include a link to the rc dune buggy , but I cant seem to find it in the link at all so if you can actually include it in the link that would be great.

  • Cameron Brown
    Cameron Brown

    He’s just a big kid

  • elvis sierra
    elvis sierra

    a axial yeti score would be awesome to have on here, so crazy capable and articulate, i have a 2 speed on mine and i can crawl and then switch to trophy truck race mode.

  • ImDaFreak

    A traxxis could make any of those

  • Juliano Sumino
    Juliano Sumino

    wow you're making childhood dreams come back!!! this was so much fun, loved it! and big props to the cameraman as well, great angles, awesome quality!

  • EFormance Engineering
    EFormance Engineering

    LOL, that's a Toyota Hilux!

  • James Armstrong-Jones
    James Armstrong-Jones

    toyota pickup

  • Kaeden Jacob
    Kaeden Jacob

    He should git a traxsas stamped

  • Nick Zumbrun
    Nick Zumbrun

    More rc videos!!

  • Miyamoto San
    Miyamoto San

    It's called WPL C14

  • Jacky MTB
    Jacky MTB

    I have I have the tiny car

  • Hunter West
    Hunter West

    Please make more videos like this btw im getting a trx4 bronco so stoked

  • Cade Hart
    Cade Hart

    Bro seth, ur time is coming up too do this again

  • ScottOne

    Going down Elmer Fudd, I really expected to see some kinda explosion effect to the video lol - fun video though!

  • sellman6278

    That Traxxas Maxx you got would definitely make those jumps. And like you said breaking them and then fixing them is half the fun.

  • Chey Clawson
    Chey Clawson

    pick up a traxxas slash 4x4 and youll be amazed at speed and abilities to jump loads of cheap replacement parts and endless fun

  • Bass Car Music
    Bass Car Music

    You should look at traxxas rc cars

  • Bike master🚵‍♂️
    Bike master🚵‍♂️

    Those cars are garbage to compared what I have

  • da good
    da good

    If you going to get a hobby grade rc car get a traxxas rustler 4x4 vxl and you need a 3s lipo

  • cn11v

    Due this made me buy a crawler of Amazon for like 70 bucks and i done like no mods and it was surprisingly not garbage

  • Charlie Nermal
    Charlie Nermal

    Can't believe the first one is awd! That's awesome!

  • FMS Wrestling
    FMS Wrestling

    The car he showed at the start reminds me of a ECX Roost

  • drake peters
    drake peters

    can someone tell me where i can find the rc car seth uses in this video please.

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D

    What ad did y’all get?

  • Lukas Pettersen
    Lukas Pettersen

    you need a rc8e

  • Horvath Productions
    Horvath Productions

    What is the small RC "Dune Buggy" that Oscar chases?

  • Riders Blitz
    Riders Blitz

    Thats cheap? that's the least expensive rc car, I don't why people say things like that its cheap, when it has nice functionality, suspension,wheels, engine etc

  • M W
    M W

    Sethś unwavering pursuit of creative fun is fantastic.

  • Patrick Hilhorst
    Patrick Hilhorst

    This would've been amazing with a tilt shift lens

    • Edmond Niederman
      Edmond Niederman

      OMG Yes

  • Victor Mercier
    Victor Mercier

    I weighted the front bumper , this dude is crazy 😂

  • Sam Ciapponi
    Sam Ciapponi

    Those little cars are awesome and they are really cool but that get stuck alot and my grandpa has a Traxxas Max but it is also 700 dollars but it is stupid fast and on a little track we have it is almost impossible to flip and like I said it wouldn't get stuck as much but also it can't rock climb

  • Pura Pura man
    Pura Pura man

    bro instead of the c 14 u should of got the c24 the little red one

  • Brian Truck ✌️
    Brian Truck ✌️

    Great video Brings back memories 🙂

  • Ivan Simovic
    Ivan Simovic

    pause the video and bring the red dot all the way to 0 seconds and keep it paused to see a big seth wanting to kiss you

  • Jason Edens
    Jason Edens

    MN99S for the win!

  • Chad Oleszczuk
    Chad Oleszczuk

    i love your channel and content. but i am disappointed. all that land, all those features, and not 1 real RC car to be seen. cmon man

  • Rayzan

    Seeing a grown man playing with toy cars is the best

  • RobloxJimmy

    1980s: This new rc car is top of the line with a battery pack that lasts 1 minute and cant go anywhere but a smooth surface 2021: This rc car goes mach 50 and can go anywhere even to berm peak it comes with a three set buy it at berm peak and its amazing woohoo Me: "witch one should i get?" Random persong"you should get the new one" Me: "yeah thats smart" *sees price* "oh jees its 200k but ok its worth it wait it says i have to build it but okay"

  • Clodbusting1987

    The first one is an Axial Exo Terra knockoff.

  • Lkdjejbd Jxjdb
    Lkdjejbd Jxjdb

    Get a Traxxas xMaxx 8s

  • Ced Burner
    Ced Burner

    The scared factory qualitatively intend because mountain dentsply paste mid a watery melody. longing, quickest stage

  • Jackson McGregor-Reid
    Jackson McGregor-Reid

    hii hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

  • Vincent 123
    Vincent 123

    Oscar was the best part of this video.

  • PaperShred Films-MCN
    PaperShred Films-MCN

    Who else got mega snowrunner vibes when the commanche came out?

  • Willie Rule
    Willie Rule

    A little red ones are Toyota flatbed and it's like early eighties like 81 or 80 or 82 or somewhere right around there and yes I've got one and it's kind of crappy but I put a speed control in it and I up the power to us and I am in the middle of putting a new steering servo and upgrading the four link suspension and making a good for my kid

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Please more rc stuff I love this hobby and always thought you would

  • Just stuff
    Just stuff

    my friend has a wpl c14 just like this one but he wanted me to make a custom cantilever suspension in the back and it was quite easy to do that

  • razor RC
    razor RC

    You are like me love bikes and dogs and rc cars

  • Andrew Viel
    Andrew Viel

    That made me laugh so hard you get finished saying I don't want to break an RC car for no reason and then you shove it by hand up the ramp it was great I love the comedy in these videos

  • Andrew Viel
    Andrew Viel

    I have one of those wpl trucks they're pretty cool I burnt the original motor out in two days put a second one in that I had to junk drawer and then ordered over $100 worth of drivetrain parts getting titanium axles for it

  • demofilmpuntnl

    Yes thats what you get for using a dune buggy in the woods :)

  • Aussie Gordon
    Aussie Gordon

    I’ve personally always been more into drones than RC cars as a side hobby but this vid made me wanna try em a little 😂

  • Nate Sihota
    Nate Sihota

    I miss drama 😢

  • Martin Puth
    Martin Puth

    the berm peak camance is not a camance it is a toyota hilux

  • aideenk4

    There are lego rc cars crawlers bulldozers diggers you name it they have

  • Rachel Stratton
    Rachel Stratton

    This is so unnecessary and dramatic, I love it

  • darkshow_ Yt
    darkshow_ Yt

    We need more videosof rc cars.

  • Rolly

    If you want you can try and buy the Xinelong 1/10 sprint electric 4wd off road rc monster truck

  • GHR 77
    GHR 77

    I Love the Music 👌

  • Wyatt Munch
    Wyatt Munch

    Its a toyota

  • Ciaran's Cars & Bikes
    Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

    That red truck had a nice ziptoe

  • Ciaran's Cars & Bikes
    Ciaran's Cars & Bikes

    Seth to therapist: it was here on this day, where it all started. I tried it once and once more and once more until it was too much. I'd become hooked, addicted and I'd also become the RC nerd of berm peak.

  • Viki Castillo
    Viki Castillo

    Yeah they are so cheap lol

  • BrianLTU

    I got that wpl. I need better batteries. Ot cuts out after trying to climb .

  • Yacca Boy
    Yacca Boy

    Bit late but that red crawler looks like a Nissan patrol single cab Ute

  • Derek B
    Derek B

    It's obviously a Toyota truck body style

  • RngFinger

    I just got my first mountain bike and now Seth made me want to get an RC car

  • Alex Bliggenstorfer
    Alex Bliggenstorfer

    How big is burm peak how many acers

  • David Murray Holland
    David Murray Holland

    It's an 80's Toyota. I see this and I'm buying one. FML. Which if the group would you call the best value?

  • Ricardo Garcia
    Ricardo Garcia

    Who else thinks the camera man should have gotten more of the action at 6:23. 😂😂

  • Jayden Santos
    Jayden Santos


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    Brooke Hargy

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  • Vít Repa
    Vít Repa

    i know this guy, he is riding a bikes :D i would not expect to find him again

  • Lloyd si Cornite
    Lloyd si Cornite

    You can find all of the parts on Amazon and Banggod for cheap They have even oil dampened shocks

  • Pennsylvania Enduro
    Pennsylvania Enduro

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  • L H
    L H

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  • Nick Shades
    Nick Shades

    I believe it is meant to be a Toyota pickup and not a Comanche.

  • varsha suryawanshi
    varsha suryawanshi

    I wanted to buy this kinda cars but I live in India and this things are expensive

  • Spencer.H

    get a cheap 1/10 scale car off banggood they would be awesome on berm peak

  • Jason Games
    Jason Games

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    Mr Hunter

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    Dylan Slater

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    Pro Trick Shots

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    Worst of The Worms

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    rc boy 💨

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