Restoring a Crusty $200 Hardtail for Cash (Flip Bike EP3)
This Kona hardtail mountain bike came with a few serious issues, but we bought it for a steal. If we can fix the brakes and the paint issues it has tons of potential. Can we sell it? Can we make a profit? Find out today on Flip Bike.

Bolt on Skewers
Single speed chainring
Colored Valve Caps
Stamp 7 Pedals

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  • Kim R Martins
    Kim R Martins

    Mate you should just clean that tar with kerosene.

  • GingerDaemon

    Seth I didn't know how I could contact you, as I wanted to see if you take bikes being shipped to you. I have a gravity full suspension bike from 2014 that mainly needs a replacement drive train. The bike has quite a lot of history and I was thinking of converting it to an e bike, and doing some upgrades however one issue with the bike was that I was too short for it at 5'2" so I'm purchasing a different hard tail instead. I would love to sell it for cheap and have it find a new home.

  • Marvin Gulanes
    Marvin Gulanes

    Hey i would not haggle because the bike was serviced by you

  • Leonardo Špiranec
    Leonardo Špiranec

    Make an ebike ⚡

  • Armando Mendoza
    Armando Mendoza

    Looks awesome after the makeover!!

  • Zubayr Bhyat
    Zubayr Bhyat

    Those pedals are awesome!!

  • Ty Tofflemoyer
    Ty Tofflemoyer

    can you guys please test the kent kz2600??😀😀😀

  • Father n Sons
    Father n Sons

    You make me want to unassembled my bike. I might not be able to return it.

  • MIRAAK apocrypha
    MIRAAK apocrypha

    Why do you always look disgusted by everything?

  • dollfacejones

    Tea-tree or eucalyptus oil will remove tar.

  • Savage Moto
    Savage Moto

    Goo gone and rubbing alcohol removes tar

  • BigFatBattery

    Is Oscar the Berm Peak bike building apprentice?

  • nathan was hacked
    nathan was hacked

    Brahhh whos the 300 people who dislike wow

  • Arek Bike
    Arek Bike

    Thanks for entertaining us with yourself. We love your films :)

  • Two Bit Tow
    Two Bit Tow

    I was wondering. Where do you get parts from the parts bin?

  • Sound Effects Authies
    Sound Effects Authies

    Hey Seth! Why don't you start an online shop? You tune up the bikes, and sell them for like 50-100 usd more than you think, but then you can also garuantee people it works! We get bikes that works, and you get money + videoes! Win Win am i right?

  • Hemisuper Zee
    Hemisuper Zee

    Ive flipped about 500 bikes in my life. Rule #1, time is money. You can do it fast and still do a good, accurate job if your a well seasoned bike tech vs some hack. Learn how to clean bikes without disassembling them so far. Learn different cleaning chemicals for different areas (they are not sold at the bike store). This can be done with a garden hose in your driveway. There is also certain price level where the # of hits on your add just disappear. I still find reselling on CL better than market place, but you need to recognize a potential buyer vs time waster. Do I stereo type them? For sure, every time, and Im 90% correct.

  • Phlegethon

    Did we make any money on it? Well the video has close to a million views so I think yes

  • Morasarvinen

    I just bought 2013 kona kahuna for 110€ only thing is that the front brake is missing. Im going to make this an great mtb for daily use!

  • Paul Gray
    Paul Gray

    Did you try tar remover?

  • Miguel Calaca
    Miguel Calaca

    Nice content Steve Carell

  • Alec YouTube
    Alec YouTube

    My dad found one of those bikes in a yard sale for 20$ and it has rock shock's

  • Absolut Mango
    Absolut Mango


  • Padraig O'Carroll
    Padraig O'Carroll

    Definitely thought this was mighty car mods intro 🤔

  • Ven Šimac
    Ven Šimac

    Probably the best series you have ever created good job very entertaining :)

  • Robert Tracey
    Robert Tracey

    be intersting if you can make an old bike feel fun to ride by updating parts on it

  • 91inno

    To get the tar removed without repainting the entire bike.. Try a tar remover. it is often sold as a cardetailing product and will save you a lot of elbow grease ;)

  • Eustace T
    Eustace T

    From the calculation I can see that your time is worth nothing?

  • Mat2 Ca
    Mat2 Ca

    How do you get the outer ring to align as a single chain ring for a 1 x ? without changing the BB?

  • foxdmulder

    Use petrol to remove tar with no damage to clearcoat.

  • HankBizzle MTB
    HankBizzle MTB

    I rebuilt a 2k5 Kona Hoss Dee-Lux a few years ago. My brother moved into a new house and it was at the back of the garage all busted components and unloved looking. I stripped it down to a bare frame, resprayed in bright green and rebuilt with all new components. It is still my most ridden bike.

  • Daneseid

    I didn't like the frame. Did anyone like it?

  • Troy Allen
    Troy Allen

    Pretty sure he made more money off this video than the bike flip, but still good content for potential bike flippers...

  • Andrew Ince
    Andrew Ince

    I use the Halo version of those skewers. They are brilliant, lost a wheel to some little turds who tjpugh it'd be funny to steal a wheel. Hex head skewers solve that while still being multi-tool compatible (because who wants nutted axles?)

  • DjErrWerr

    Next time try melamine foam!! Great abrasive

  • SirSaha

    These are great


    Awesome. A tip for tar removal is a good automotive degreaser. I really like Formula 88 (usually anything purple-ish is safe for paint)

  • hansel gretel
    hansel gretel

    wd-40 can soften road tar

  • Joseph C
    Joseph C

    I really appreciate these types of videos. I used to mountain bike when I was a kid. But I got out of it. I still own my 06/07 Trek Fuel 70. Its a medium frame. I'm guessing we bought it while I was still expected to grow... turns out, my body decided 5'4 was the best height and I should be on a small frame. I'm slowly getting back into the game. Seeing 1. the prices of these new bikes, and 2. not knowing if I'm really going to go hardcore into this sport again, I appreciate the fact that you are showing the audience that you don't have to have the top of the line equipment to get rolling. Eventually, I'd like to get a bike that fits me better. But I'll ride this until I decide if upgrading is worth it. Thanks for sharing some inspiration!

  • JamiePlays 101
    JamiePlays 101

    I just checked out this channel, now I'm gonna watch a few more videos and maybe consider subscribing.

  • ProbablyLucky

    Yeah $450 was pretty low, if I didn't already have a similar bike I would have bought that for like $700

  • billy bob
    billy bob

    Love this content keep it up

  • ASTRONAUTICO - comision de coheteria C3
    ASTRONAUTICO - comision de coheteria C3

    Let me tell you something guys...PROUDLY I'M NEW OWNER OF THIS BIKE!! 🤩🤩🤩


    I seem to have subscribed to this channel totally by accident, didn't even know I'd done it until I started to get notifications about new videos 😳 Glad I did. Seems like such a genuine guy with a passion for what he's doing. It's always great to find these types of channels, they're much better than the more "official" types that take themselves too seriously. Such a good sense of humour too 👏 👌

  • Nick Tube
    Nick Tube

    If you tell me that is a brand new bike I would honestly believe u lol

  • jOnes t-e
    jOnes t-e

    wow amazing!

  • Pedals 2 Pistons
    Pedals 2 Pistons

    Another great video but I thing the amount of work, parts and time spent selling it makes the profit seem not worth it.

  • John Schumacher Dojillo
    John Schumacher Dojillo

    I hope my bike can have a dropper post

  • Covie Burling
    Covie Burling

    Seth, you should try to find a cheap messed up dual suspension and do a flip bike episode on it. It would be a great watch.

  • Wilman

    When is the next flip bike

  • MrBakamoron

    I wish I can buy from you lol

  • Mikey F
    Mikey F

    thats not a protective film thats the outer layer of the sticker

  • Danny Timms
    Danny Timms

    91 percent alcohol would've took the tar off

  • Adam Wild
    Adam Wild

    Damn, that's a good looking bike. Now you deserve tacos.

  • Marc Nicolae
    Marc Nicolae

    can i have this bike ! xD

  • RASCAL 728
    RASCAL 728

    Dont get greedy brother $450 was a good price.

  • Felix Muniz
    Felix Muniz

    Hi Seth, little gasoline takes road tar off right away,

  • Sean Fitzgerald
    Sean Fitzgerald

    these videos are so much fun to watch

  • AriesXPisces

    Please do a giveaway😍 I would be so stoked to receive one from you!😭🙏

  • NZuncovered

    Sick bike! Reminds me of my gold n black Trek 4400 hardtail I had years ago. Had the maxxis yellow writing tyres with disks and hydraulics. Was an awesome bike

  • Mcadee Mcnasty
    Mcadee Mcnasty

    WD40 will remove the tar with a soft cloth.

  • {Wolf | warrior}
    {Wolf | warrior}

    I learn a lot thank you so much 😸❤️

  • FullsendTV

    Hey Seth Please do more bikeflip videos as they are so fun to watch. I took this as an inspiration and made a flipbike myself. This is seriously one of the best video series I've seen on FIbill so far.

  • bmnwrnm drwtrsm
    bmnwrnm drwtrsm

    you need to charge for your labor.

  • Akshar Patel
    Akshar Patel

    Hey Seth! I live in Australia I love your videos and I would love for you to keep doing these videos

  • Mohamad shahrul Mohd sableh
    Mohamad shahrul Mohd sableh

    Where you get a bolt on quick realise🤔🤔🤔

  • canuckdefender

    I've been binge watching Phil's and your videos for the last couple of weeks after a hospital stay! I have to get back into shape and am taking my old but mint 2009 Trek 3900 disc out of moth balls. So I have a question for you, would you upgrade the Trek or buy new? WWSD? Thanks for the great videos!

  • mike forrest
    mike forrest

    I like this series, a lot. How much time did you spend on the bike?

  • EndKing1234

    when the new episode coming out???

  • Huttone

    You didn't add your labor that's got to be worth $70.00plus

  • Jeff Macatangay
    Jeff Macatangay

    Love this episodes. more flips please!

  • Crispy

    easily could have asked for 550-600

  • Rafael Co
    Rafael Co

    One trick we do here in the Philippines to get rid of those road grimes under the downtube is to spray some Kerosene on it. It’s a great degreaser for asphalt.

  • Brian Festa
    Brian Festa

    Are these training tutorials, cause there's no way its worth all this labor

  • Norton


  • Antonio Tiangco
    Antonio Tiangco

    Thanks for sharing and being fair . Love it.

  • Guillermo Flores
    Guillermo Flores

    If you set up an online store, I would get my bike from you.

  • 6MM Drip
    6MM Drip

    More flip bike when?! 😊

  • Дмитрий Усов
    Дмитрий Усов

    Cool. Good job 👍👌

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe

    Need to add in the most valuable commodity to the cost calculation: Time.

    • rafa marafa
      rafa marafa

      a pluber unclokgs someone toilet takes 1 hour of his life allmost no tools or equipment and will allways charge you more than 250 dollars if its wasnt for the youtube money this guy would pretty much make no money

    • Ben Loudermilk
      Ben Loudermilk

      If you enjoy the process he went through its practically another hobby

  • Sion Hannuna
    Sion Hannuna

    $300 pedals new!

  • Juugo

    I use diesel fuel to remove tar I let it soak for a while and just wipe them off.

  • lil_rik

    I want it!

  • paulk7446

    How much to ship a refurbished bike to hire land araggg

  • Matthew Livingston
    Matthew Livingston

    Seth makes more money from his mansion. Sick.

  • Kaufeetimevideo

    scrub the tires

  • granddolph

    Hi Seth - can I have details of Oscar's harness please?


    Someday I can buy my own bike😍😍😍

  • Jared Duhaime
    Jared Duhaime

    These videos are awesome, please keep them coming!

  • Zion Lopez
    Zion Lopez

    I really love what your doing on the bike to make it a lot better. .💕 I dreamed having a bike someday but need to prioritize our needs. .by the way im from Philippines sir Seth. .I really love your channel. .hope you'll notice this comment💕

  • J K 97338
    J K 97338

    Any plans on a project where you use all purchased parts? As an example for those who are starting without a parts bin.

  • Hafiz Rahim
    Hafiz Rahim

    i like restoration, from malaysia

  • Hari Subramanian
    Hari Subramanian

    Oscar is love :D

  • Reggie

    Seth how did the x7 rd work with the 40T cogs from what i remember the max tooth of the x7 is 36t

  • Alex Mackenzie
    Alex Mackenzie

    Lol, no clutch on a 1x, best of luck.

  • Chris Edie
    Chris Edie

    To remove tar, use petrol on a rag!

  • Lleandle De Robles
    Lleandle De Robles

    Can't wait for Oscar's feature just like Drama. Really miss that legend. Great vids bro. Keep up the work.

  • diansteezy

    What a masterpiece

  • diansteezy

    *im addicted to you're videos sir haha!*

  • Declan

    Anyone who’s ever worked on them brakes know there a pain

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