Reviewing a Fresh Batch of Weird MTB Products
Today, we dig into the mountain bike products bin. This time, we were sent some pretty weird stuff! Enjoy

I think this would be better for a road bike with two bottle holders. You really could put a CO2, an inflator, and a tool in here and on a road bike it wouldn't rattle around much. I'll use a gear strap.

Ram Mount We edited so much out of this review, but there was a lot of adjusting and fussing around to get it to stay. We followed the directions, and even tried using that foam pad. It's just not good for trails, but the mount does stay attached to the phone.

Go Magnets Mag Pad

The idea seems to be that it keeps the wall from getting scratched, which it does successfully. I suppose if you're in an Airbnb or something and wanted to be careful this could be useful.

Imprint Grips
Squatch Screen

Berm Peak Merch

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  • Berm Peak
    Berm Peak

    Thanks for watching! Things will start getting back to normal the second week of October. I know there have been fewer, less elaborate videos, and that's because we have three really big things going on in the background. I can't wait to show you!

    • Carl C Hedemalm
      Carl C Hedemalm

      the rubber mastic tape with the ram mounts are supposed to be put on the bars so the fail wont happen, i want you to review with it again and use the mastic tape lol

    • LeOnline

      @ Berm Peak Please also refer to grams and kilograms, over the pond most of us use that for measuring :)

    • MALUM

      Only if you had the rig wallet

    • Blackbugatti 101
      Blackbugatti 101

      Haha back to normal. Yep, buying a new house is normal

    • The Canadian Mtb Channel
      The Canadian Mtb Channel

      @Andrew Bakr here's good one.. Did you know that you can soften tires with it aswell?? Work's like a dream.. I dont usually give my secret's away. But its a free bee haha

  • Jerome Roseberry
    Jerome Roseberry

    Thanks for the shout out!

  • Joachim Singh
    Joachim Singh

    In their defense, you didnt use the adhesive but only the zipties.

  • JouktheJouk

    We have one of those branding irons for our shop and I think it was about 300 bucks to get it custom made so you got very lucky

  • Cindy Porter
    Cindy Porter

    Do you prefer hard tail bikes or duel suspension bikes?

  • haring potpot
    haring potpot

    Hey bro try it be different Handel bars for my MTB and thanks you

  • Kerian Halcon
    Kerian Halcon

    I have a proper Ram ball mount for the X grabber and it mostly works fine for me, a few times when I get stopped with a jerk than it can slide forward, but if I still had the rubber band for keeping it time I think it would stay. not sure about that chincy mount they sent.

  • Jack Langman
    Jack Langman

    with the molding grips your supposed to grab it whilst its still hot/warm

  • bored                                         bruh
    bored bruh

    You pronounce water like woorer

  • tigerbalm

    There's a golf grip cleaner that makes old dirty grips new again...

  • Katie Reinhardt
    Katie Reinhardt

    you shuld get a one wheel XR or Pint!!!

  • Fox Squad
    Fox Squad

    I think the gripster Is supposed to be for if you leave your bike against the car it will stop it from scratching the paint

  • Frontier Designs
    Frontier Designs

    Use the yellow propane tank for that, it will heat it up fast and hot each time with clear marks

  • Allen Dawkins
    Allen Dawkins

    Shout out to the Snap-On pick!

  • dsp4

    RAM mounts are such garbage. Everyone swears by them in the motorcycling world, so I got one. First disappointment was how they highly recommend that you use the rubber thingy to hold your phone, which completely defeats the purpose of a quick-release mount. I've seen many videos where people who didn't use it lost their phone on the highway. As Seth was taking all those jumps I was clenching my teeth, hoping the mount holds up, but it failed catastrophically. On top of that, the round, hard plastic part that sits against the phone actually ate into my case after only a few kilometers of use. And these things are stupidly expensive. Truly one of the most overrated product in existence.

  • Rory McClellan
    Rory McClellan

    Thats pretty lame about the ram mount. Iv always kind of winced at the idea that everything seems to be secured to a bicycle with zip ties. The ram mounts are waaaay more secure on street variety motorcycles. I think theyre gonna be hard pressed to get your phone on the handle bar of anything offroad for a while.

  • Owen Pease
    Owen Pease

    I love on every video he says “we’re doing something different, but kind of the same”.

  • JustAnotherHo

    That pant magnet was the funniest and one of the most amazing things I've seen in a while.

  • Cooper

    Lost my shit at 3:30 lmao just the music😂😂😂

  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson

    if you didnt ziptie the phone mount on the tapered part of the bars... it probably would have been fine.

  • harry c
    harry c

    try quadlock

  • Jett Hamilton
    Jett Hamilton

    Notice that he calls it the bin and %90 of the things what are in there are trash?

  • Michael & Kelita Hennes
    Michael & Kelita Hennes

    I think if his bar did not have rise it would have worked a bit better

  • Adkins Rob
    Adkins Rob

    rockform is the king of phone mounts.

  • Steph Jacobson
    Steph Jacobson

    The bottle half electrolytes half water

  • UR DAD
    UR DAD

    It feels like something youd make a plunger out of (rubber)

  • Trae McCombs
    Trae McCombs

    I wonder how much it would cost to have Seth brand us with his BP branding iron? LOL.

  • balisong trainer
    balisong trainer

    How about you stick the car to your pants

  • Nick Craig
    Nick Craig

    The nomal ram works mint have itbon my dual sportb

  • Levi Gonzalez
    Levi Gonzalez

    Nice bike seth

  • Kognizan

    6:20 realy think this could be usefull on a big chambe mountain railroad as we do have in Switzerland so you lock the first bike and secure all others :)

  • Keith Corey
    Keith Corey

    It's crazy how much heat those branding irons take

  • En Go
    En Go

    The Magpad is really weird, but seems to be really useful for the shop like a third hand. I'd buy it.

  • Clint Rapisora
    Clint Rapisora

    Yeah... Running with a hot iron stamp is less dangerous than doing it with scissors

  • HiltownJoe

    In StarTrek the uniforms never had pockets, because future. So when actors needed to carry props they used velcro to fix it to the uniform. This was at times difficult to film, because the velcro often did not hold right. They should have used these magpads.

  • Marvin Westmaas
    Marvin Westmaas

    I know this is an old video, but I was watching this and then thought about the hallway I put my bikes in... the wall is smeared with rubber / w/e a grip can be made off. This would have saved me some paint ( if I would have painted it already... ). Don't have space to put the bikes vertical so I just put them in my halway leaning on the wall and I guess I'm to lazy to just put a clean rag over my handlebar to prevent smearing my wall but hey now I can be to lazy to put those things on and have spent money not actually benefiting me.

  • Keegan Sousa
    Keegan Sousa

    I think the gripster is to protect your grips when leaning on a wall

  • All in One
    All in One

    7:01 only one emoj 😈

  • gatordontplay417

    Quad-lock is the way to go with any mount and you can get a popsocket that goes in the quad-lock

  • Critalysm

    Shows piece of rubber but doenst use it, if he used it, the zipties would not have moved. ofcourse plastic gonna move on carbon/alu...

  • Nick Kane
    Nick Kane

    Ngl this kinda sounds like shark tank

  • Heather Pierson
    Heather Pierson

    Do you like Trek bikes

  • Sauce

    Wow, that's the worst way to use that ram mount I've ever seen. The one on my dirt bike has a rubber net that pulls in the corners of the phone and connects with balls and not zip ties. I've crashed at speed (40+ mph) and the phone stayed put. Sucks they sell a shit version for bikes :(

  • mero g
    mero g

    If you are looking for a good phone mount get Quadlock. Best product I have ever bought. Worth the money and awesome customer support.

  • Dave Mcmanus
    Dave Mcmanus


  • Marco Leone Girotto
    Marco Leone Girotto

    7:05 i think you are supposed to heat it, squish it, and then dip it in cold water. What you did doesn't really make sense

  • BFB-DanceySteve

    This guy is serious about water 💦

  • liam gill
    liam gill

    Been running the imprint grips on my xc bike since this video came out and absolutely love them

  • brqndcn


  • Nicolas M. Cecotto
    Nicolas M. Cecotto

    Could you check out/review the granite designs stash multitool. Maybe compare to the 1up counterpart? Thanks

  • tony2000and10

    Seth looks like a discount Mark Ruffalo. lol

  • Magic puffer
    Magic puffer

    I’ve watched this video like 10 times it never gets old you can just keep watching it

  • BoVice

    brand your ass

  • Miles Finch
    Miles Finch

    You should have used the rubber pad you mentioned in the video for the RAM Mount device!!

  • MC-Cockpot

    next episode we brand seth

  • nm63

    This video feels scripted by someone else

  • Sam Guy
    Sam Guy

    Dude, that mag pad is soooo cool.

  • Daniel Namishia
    Daniel Namishia

    Put the gripper on metal

  • Ashley Broome
    Ashley Broome

    Nice undies man😄

  • Canadahasfallen

    Why the hell does park tool make a gram/ounce scale 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ryan Alexander
    Ryan Alexander

    I was going to say the same thing about the ram mounts. That’s all we use in the police cars I service. They are usually great.

  • Mark Boothroyd
    Mark Boothroyd

    I'm not a mountain biker but I really enjoy your videos

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity...

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God...

  • Robin S
    Robin S

    I think I know what the Gripster is for: I used to have those slide on grips and after a few weeks they started wearing down at the ends from where I was leaning my bike against the wall on my way out. I don't have that problem anymore since I got myself a nice set of ODI lock-ons.

  • Carl Schwarte
    Carl Schwarte

    Bro i lokey need that gripster

  • James Ramirez
    James Ramirez

    Oh my god was that a fucking spider web!?

  • Polo E
    Polo E


  • Tozo

    I have broken knuckle, and it isnt straight now, my grip on handlebar is bad on right hand becouse of that, so that moldable grips could prove useful for me, I should try them out.

  • Mini Uzi
    Mini Uzi

    5:20 Seth spends a full day just putting tools on the magnet 🧲

  • acronin999

    7:01 condoms be like

  • Shaun John
    Shaun John

    Found it entertaining

  • Nvm Boi
    Nvm Boi

    8:47 Seth sus

  • Repent or Perish
    Repent or Perish

    Dude ram mounta have survived motorcycle accidents thata crazy it sucked

  • radfordjenn

    Seth: goes to restaurant. server:what would you like to eat? Seth:i would like something different but kind of the same

  • Rayquan Charles
    Rayquan Charles

    Can you pls send me some gripes please I need som

  • Mário muacho
    Mário muacho

    If you fill both side of the bottle with water you will get 2x the water you had

  • Kate Manning
    Kate Manning

    recommend the quad lock phone mounts

  • Robken Duns
    Robken Duns

    The grip thing is kinda like a moth guard


    8:46 *gasp*

  • Blake Ohlson
    Blake Ohlson

    If the dib bottle had a configuration with a small part on the bottom to store you’re keys/multi tool/snack bar

  • UserNotFound

    You should transform a Carrera vengeance in to the ultimate mtb bike



  • Lucas 007
    Lucas 007

    Yo i have grips because its better

  • maggsy

    I believe rubber adhesive pad was to go around the handlebar before the zip ties

  • CuCuKong

    You should try a quad lock for your phone it’s the best

  • Ugandan Knuckles
    Ugandan Knuckles

    I drink more than 27 ounces i have hyperhydrosis

  • Sineth Dassanayaka
    Sineth Dassanayaka

    Sorry for saying this but you r very hard to satisfy

  • Hayden sluss
    Hayden sluss

    3:25 I was just thinking about buying there product but then.. that happened.

  • you got it gaming
    you got it gaming

    4:15 is soo true

  • Eddie Freemantle
    Eddie Freemantle

    you should try the quad lock mountain bike mountbike mount

  • Sean OutofStock
    Sean OutofStock

    And today we are going to be doing something different... but kinda the same

  • Pixel_Man

    I thought the thumbnail was clickbait at first LOL

  • Stollsy Moto
    Stollsy Moto

    Should get the quadlock phone mount. Mine makes it through all my rides rough or not!

  • Nathaniel Gmitter
    Nathaniel Gmitter

    why did you leave the kali knee pads

  • mjfeder

    Recently found your channel it’s really informative and fun. I’m in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  • Mike James
    Mike James

    Love it... No bs. Honest reviews

  • Jojo

    5:16 sam pilgrim be like: tHaTs CrAzY mAn (in his american character)

  • Mike B Vlogs
    Mike B Vlogs

    Ur suppose to put the rubber stuff on first before the zip ties

  • coco boy
    coco boy

    sir, what mountain bike shorts brand are you wearing? thank you.