Thumb Bucket Ep 3 (The Chefs Ride their Food)
Thumb Bucket is a mountain bike trail we're building by machine in my backyard. In this episode, I begin cutting and grading the actual singletrack. Kevin is now with Berm Peak full time. It's a new era! In this video he builds a rock chipper, and tweaks the trail in realtime for maximum ride-ability. Joe builds and rides with us, as well as Brian! (BKXC)

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  • Ian Mercer
    Ian Mercer

    "It needs more pepper!"

  • Jupiter

    I love this channel and these videos. So good!

  • Ronny Phi
    Ronny Phi

    is he actually calling an excavator a dump truck? haha

  • Archie Hinchcliffe
    Archie Hinchcliffe

    Why does he blow leaves onto the trail and blow them off?

  • Capybara Gaming
    Capybara Gaming

    Seth you forgot to include this episode in the Berm Peak playlist

  • Warcity

    You should plant some more black locust trees for years down the road since they grow their naturally.

  • Hanmieson

    Collab with Sampilgrim?

    • Hanmieson

      @marscreeping I think you are wrong

    • marscreeping

      they very diffrent types of riders so it would be awkward

  • b h
    b h

    as a new operator myself, i am reassured by the numbers of scars on your trees, keep up the good work

  • Syver Lunde
    Syver Lunde

    The sheer quality in video and trails are amazing!

  • Pao de Pota
    Pao de Pota

    We're replanting it for earth day! *well that was a friggin lie*

  • daniel brown
    daniel brown

    I'd love to be able to get over there with my dh rig and help with the labor side and your style of riding too

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    So nice not watching for a year and coming back to binge-watch everything lol

  • Moocat

    pog dis cool

  • Its Acey
    Its Acey

    whats the song at 0:12

  • Dylan Calderone
    Dylan Calderone

    Can you make a new review video with the fid lock phone mount

  • J Rettii
    J Rettii

    Dude FIbill hasn't been showing me your videos I just got reminded of you and now I see about 6 months of videos that I haven't watched smfh

  • Steven Nicholas
    Steven Nicholas

    "Hiring friends fulltime."

  • Mattdoesphotography

    I just bought the same dimondback as seth

  • Leveyz

    I am a new mountain biker with a gt palomar and it’s not too good and I am saving up my money for a trek roscoe 6 and im wondering if it’s good

  • KaplaWorld

    Another rock garden

  • Beardwhip

    Reach out to let'sdig18!

  • Classy Days
    Classy Days

    😘👌 → 🖐️

  • DuduM Dk
    DuduM Dk

    Wow i been away from this channel too long now i see

  • main lined
    main lined

    me wating so exitedly for episode 4

  • glenn mulholland
    glenn mulholland

    Cortez Florida

  • # MEV
    # MEV

    Don't destroy trees as much as possible

  • Zacharias Starlid
    Zacharias Starlid

    Amazing Content.

  • Specterx0

    just a note from a forester. dont ever use limb sealer. it does more harm than good

  • Ali Reza
    Ali Reza

    Hey dude you knos you can sell some of your proberty for money to buy some good dirt to make higher better curves?

  • Dirt Worx Photography
    Dirt Worx Photography

    4:48 sick view

  • Dan C
    Dan C

    0:16 Seth used to avoid cutting yannys down.

  • Seth Scheller
    Seth Scheller

    Let's see it after your first good gully washer

  • BK MTB
    BK MTB

    don't check out my latest spill at skypark in socal!!

  • Anthony Schad
    Anthony Schad

    Love your videos so much and I wanted to ask a question. I have a dirt jumper and I was wondering what the best multi tool I can have is. Money is not the issue but I'm not sure exactly what to look for in a multi tool, Thanks.

    • bananas stuff
      bananas stuff

      Love my crankbrother f15. Almost any crankbrothers is great, but try to go for the most expensive in the range because they have the most tools.

    • Anthony Schad
      Anthony Schad

      @yasio bolo I have a commercial absolut and if you want to get a dirt jumper I recommend getting a nicer bike because with cheap bikes you will have to upgrade them just to make them comfortable to ride

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      what do you think about trek bikes. i am a beginner and jsut bought a hardtail

  • bruteheavyweight

    Man, Seth! I run heavy equipment for a living. If you are able have a welder put a butter bar on that mini bucket. From the looks of the ground conditions you don’t need the teeth to dig that ground. Weld a piece of 1/2” x3 or 4” steel flat bar across the teeth of that bucket and it’ll make for much less shovel work my guy!

  • sean rodda
    sean rodda

    what mountain bike would you recommend for a beginner

  • Ken Cleopas
    Ken Cleopas

    There's something in your narration that people like me wants to not miss every episode.

  • Adam Svensson
    Adam Svensson

    It is incredible how high the video production are on these videos!

  • CFB Jared
    CFB Jared

    It ain't a Berm Peak video if it doesn't rain

  • Rain Timothy Logarta
    Rain Timothy Logarta

    Ken you help me fix my rer shok

  • Lovro Goltnik
    Lovro Goltnik

    Seth look all your videos even on bearm peak expres

  • Bryan Seare
    Bryan Seare

    You should test out cycling glasses, even if you dont use them/

  • Connor Love
    Connor Love

    put lights on the trails and ride in the night itd be sick

    • yasio bolo
      yasio bolo

      does cognative mtb deliver to UK?

  • Rachael Steele
    Rachael Steele

    Seth what do you think of a 1x8 or 1x9 setup instead 2x9 or 3x8?

  • mrGoosey McGoose
    mrGoosey McGoose

    when will we get another BMX video?

  • Elijah Ernst
    Elijah Ernst

    I would love to get scammed into coming over and doing manual labor if it meant getting to see Berm Peak irl

  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue

    it's funny using the excavator is kinda like hitting a new mtb feature you start kinda nervous but once you get the hang of it you can shred the heck out of it.🤙

  • goldenturd2004

    Whats a good beginner gopro

  • Jesse Torres
    Jesse Torres

    is it possible to soiltac a trail like this?

  • Jack Green
    Jack Green

    What are the best but affordable front suspension for a hardtail?

  • xilo 75
    xilo 75

    Oneeeehan pull up nigga

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      You live in NC now Seth you need a chainsaw, I recommend the Echo CS-370. Watching you guys assault that tree was good though!

  • Hayden Faust
    Hayden Faust

    Build a wall ride

  • Rylee Connon
    Rylee Connon

    Loving the vids have been for a while and I can’t believe it’s already been 10 months since we lost drama he will never be forgotten

  • Wayde c
    Wayde c

    Should install some rain tanks since its always raining. And create a feature around it

  • Ingo Wilcox
    Ingo Wilcox

    does cognative mtb deliver to UK?

  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Me having a crap day Seth uploads: Its automatically better now. Thanks Seth

  • Larry Manns
    Larry Manns

    I haven't ridden a bike in years but I am an avid hiker and love watching these videos and seeing how you guys enjoy the outdoors. I may have to pick up a bike for myself by the time you guys finish this.

  • Roe Katz
    Roe Katz

    the people wants more fat bike contents

  • Arild Wennström
    Arild Wennström

    imagen having to hire friends

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Make a mtb stroller for Rebacca!

  • 7AMA


  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    Me having a crap day Seth uploads: Its automatically better now. Thanks Seth

  • Jamison Waters
    Jamison Waters

    Seth, I love your videos man, very educational and inspiring. I hear you talk about how you cant squeeze certian things into a video because of time, however I know alot of other youtubers have multiple videos going on at some time and sometimes they arent done for months, I'd love to see you release smaller videos while working on a bigger one at the same time, I know you're a busy guy but man it hurts wating to see these videos

  • Jhgamer3300

    Wat gopro do u use for pov cos i want to start a yt chanel like u

  • cyclist

    You live in NC now Seth you need a chainsaw, I recommend the Echo CS-370. Watching you guys assault that tree was good though!

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Comment, if you AGREE

  • OTIS

    How is dirt so satisfying

  • Ted Maddocks
    Ted Maddocks

    Do you have a TikTok because

    • Ted Maddocks
      Ted Maddocks

      I say some one claiming to you sorry I posted the comment to early 👌

  • cat


  • randomboy

    Do you have a tiktok

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    I can't wait for the cicadas to swarm out on the East Coast. That would make for some interesting content for us.


    My dad used to work at a shop that made zipp hubs

  • Yeet En Gaffel
    Yeet En Gaffel

    Your property is bigger than my neighborhood😂

  • Jake Syme
    Jake Syme

    Make a mtb stroller for Rebacca!

  • frost bite
    frost bite

    I wish i had a place like this like damn this is awsome

  • Senha Lp
    Senha Lp

    i have an important question. can i use a 29" fork with 100mm of travel with a 28" wheel?

  • Seths Bike Hacks
    Seths Bike Hacks

    Fing stupid videos

  • Marilu zamora
    Marilu zamora

    Can u make a video about if you need suspensions on a mtb because I don’t have any

  • Viggo Swanson
    Viggo Swanson

    Make a new video on good beginner bikes or the best cheap full suspension.. As summer is coming up people will be wanting to travel their bike will need an upgrade. Like My Comment, if you AGREE

  • Wizard onthetrail
    Wizard onthetrail

    How close are you to the Appalachian Trail? Im thru hiking and just finished the Shenandoah’s!

    • Wizard onthetrail
      Wizard onthetrail

      ALSO, that transition at 8:20 was absolutely sick!!! I had to do a double take on that and it made me so happy!🔥

  • AusTrailAlan MTB
    AusTrailAlan MTB

    Just wonderful sauce! Love to see you build a natural trail running thru there. I hope you keep the dirt ratio high mate. 😉👍🦘

  • Janette Haw
    Janette Haw

    8:48 ngl that girl made me laugh

  • Wyatt Fix
    Wyatt Fix

    Anybody know a good 26 I’m 12 and need one

  • Jeff allen
    Jeff allen

    BKXC to the rescue

  • Michel Weißenborn
    Michel Weißenborn

    I feel like seth is going to build a second whistlerpark in the following 10 years.

  • Outlaw Gamer
    Outlaw Gamer

    Hi Seth

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    When it’s on your recommended before you get the notification

  • Rhino1128

    8:48 Kid: "why are you taking that poor tree down"

  • prod. RT beats
    prod. RT beats

    is there happen to be a vid Seth dealing with 26ers?

  • Jpcbike vlog
    Jpcbike vlog

    Pretty beautiful trail..yeah boi...awsome and thnks for sharing kid.

  • gaurav khadka
    gaurav khadka

    big fan sir from nepal

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      ok when berm peak is closer to done, even though it will never be done you should have a couple people come out to ride, bc i would pay to ride berm peak. just a thought

  • FALpwn

    Fill your bike with the biggest tires with helium.

  • Bence Dávid
    Bence Dávid

    Seth! is the Cube Aim race a good starter bike?

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    Is it just me or is Seth living the life all of us can only dream of having one day?

  • Jonathan Wheedleton
    Jonathan Wheedleton

    We all miss drama I will) never forget that legend RIP DRAMA the kinf

  • Lukie boi Trevizo
    Lukie boi Trevizo

    Hey I’m a new mountain biker and I was wonder if your ever gonna do a give away

  • Tim Howrigan
    Tim Howrigan

    Why do you use the leaf blower above the trail, cover the trail then clear the trail?

    • vbddfy euuyt
      vbddfy euuyt

      What is the tool that you use for cutting the trail (the hand one)

  • Variousgamerz

    Did he replant the tree?

  • avatar2350

    New party game! Every time Seth is pressed for time because of the rain, we drink

  • Larissa Kinas
    Larissa Kinas

    Am I the only one thinking that some rocket ships from below look like the Parktool rt-1?

  • vliduu zeeb
    vliduu zeeb

    When it’s on your recommended before you get the notification

  • Becker

    I love the quality of these videos

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