Thumb Bucket EP5 (Building a Huge Berm and Hip Jump!)
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  • Tryingtoget1milwithnovideos

    Seth:your in the hot seat. Me:ow ow ow.

  • Bro bawden
    Bro bawden

    I want to know how to build those features! Can't wait for the How To!!!

  • Hayden Zablotny
    Hayden Zablotny

    You should build some proper sized features/jumps on the upper part of the trail as well as add other jibs on the side, for example carve a lip into the bench cut on the side of the trail

  • Marcos Robaina
    Marcos Robaina

    wow!!! you now have a full trail in your backyard, i would love to hit it.

  • Miami Rize ²
    Miami Rize ²

    So cool

  • Huddo Towns
    Huddo Towns

    I had a break lever shoved into my leg

  • Haydanator

    Bro I just got a Giant Trance X 2021 model

  • Zarrx

    that run is sick, added a lot.

  • Teddy Mcfartson
    Teddy Mcfartson

    I haven’t watched ur videos in a year! You’ve done so much!

  • addison.2535

    bro u fucken insane

  • Lloyd Williams
    Lloyd Williams

    Little trick for filling in holes. You can only compact a foot to 18 inches of soil. Pack it in layers so it doesn’t dip over time

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz

    2:55 whats' that little tool called for flattening the dirt? looks almost like a floor polisher, except it's a dirt polisher. doubt i'll ever use one, i'm more just curious

  • Noah Ressel
    Noah Ressel

    please build a downhill track

  • gxorge.

    mans really got a full minute of descending 10 steps from his front door.

  • main lined
    main lined

    the wait for the next trail video is killing me

  • Sauucey

    What’s the best gear ⚙️

  • Dani Torres
    Dani Torres

    7:24 God, I love that t-shirt

  • zachchchchch

    You have such a cool job.

  • Chokyo

    Holy moly a lot has happened on this channel since I last watched

  • Noellyne Fernandez
    Noellyne Fernandez

    Can you do a whip left and roght in the same time abd your videos are amazing

  • ChrisinOSMS 2002
    ChrisinOSMS 2002

    I like how you included the bar oil in the chainsaw montage.

  • Trae McCombs
    Trae McCombs

    Found you... somehow... YT suggested you since I watched some other vid. Watched a few other vids and was like... ok this dudes cool. Subbed. Down in Macon, GA so maybe one day I'll have to swing by up there when I'm in the area. ;) I go Aid Climbing @ North Face of Looking Glass a few times a year. :) (The Glass Menagerie) Keep up the great work man!

  • thereturnof goldberg
    thereturnof goldberg

    Lovin the hard work 👊😎 dude, I install hardwood floors and hardwood flooring business's (where contractors go) that sell flooring usually have LARGE OAK pallets for free. Save money

  • Colorado Boy101
    Colorado Boy101

    8:39 trying to imitate a shotgun with a bike.

  • Nick Booton
    Nick Booton

    You should make a jump over a small creek and another way through the creek

  • Robin 16th
    Robin 16th

    What pedals do you have

  • Sam Ciapponi
    Sam Ciapponi

    “Will just have to start building more out of rock or platinum” 😂

  • PoppySky

    Commenting so when someone likes in a year I will remember this video

  • PoppySky

    Gimme likes

  • Deerslyr81

    4:23 slope mix equals lime?

  • Tugz

    the dream backyard

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler

    Seth now all you need is a bike lift


    i hope i’m not the only one that thought when kevin cased the dirt explosion was real lol

  • Lewis Wilton
    Lewis Wilton

    Can't wait until berm peak is all done it will be amazing

  • Gr1zz0

    When is episode 6 coming?

  • Hierper

    can you just do a video where you ride all of the trails, or at least do that as part of a video? I am not really familiar with all of the trails, and I just really want to see them.

  • James Cody
    James Cody

    *well……besides the skinny thing with the vertical drop*. OMG LOL

  • william loubser
    william loubser

    Thumb bucket part6?😥

  • HOCKEY #8
    HOCKEY #8

    U super cool

  • Ben

    When Kevin cased the jump and Seth put in that explosion I thought that was real dirt for a second

  • Aopet7

    Is there a speed limit for riding bikes

  • Chunky The Monkey Banna
    Chunky The Monkey Banna

    It would be impossible to build a house today with wood without it being over 10,000 dollars.

  • Charles Tolley
    Charles Tolley

    I'm really glad to see that you are recovering so well from the injury

  • gokaine 64th
    gokaine 64th

    missed out on the oppuriniy to call it the berm bank

  • Ira Colopy
    Ira Colopy

    That jump looks similar to a Kevin jump.

  • L. Cuttz x
    L. Cuttz x

    Hello. Could I ask anyone here in the comments for some help on what bike I should buy? What i mean by that is : Hard tail or fully susp? 27,5" or 29"? (26"??) I am 26yrs, 72 kg, 175 cm Where I live, they have been building some trails and stuff, and we have a Mountain. I think they are trying to make this medium sized ski resort a bike resort in the short summer we have out here. Im fairly new to this stuff, but I really want to have an outlet and try to change my life style. I dont want to go completly over budget but I kinda need a good bike to get around in this small town too.

  • oxhor

    You should build a fun box somewhere

  • Brakeless Kyle
    Brakeless Kyle


  • Owen Alberter
    Owen Alberter

    Who remembers berm creek. Know look at the trails!

  • TONY. M
    TONY. M

    I would also like a downhill bicycle , but I do not have the financial means

  • Clover Lynn
    Clover Lynn

    i remeber when he was in his small house

  • J Rettii
    J Rettii

    I remember when Seth started all this he was so blissful with his all electric lmfao a year later he has a damn cat on the field ahahah good shit

  • SneezyDwarf Gaming
    SneezyDwarf Gaming

    “I got it under control “ Famous last words

  • Danyal

    New trail feature looks solid! Keep it up

  • Nicholas Palmer
    Nicholas Palmer

    Not gonna lie I probably would have ridden the lip at 6:06

  • subnorm

    The dirt explosion on Kevin's case actually had me believing it for a moment

  • Steaming Burrito Productions
    Steaming Burrito Productions

    That white oak was actually a sassafras

  • Ricky DH - RDH
    Ricky DH - RDH

    So sick!!

  • Icehso140

    11:18...I swear your white oak greatly resembles the Sassafras trees from my neighborhood. A mitten with a thumb...a mitten with 2 thumbs...and a mitten with no thumb...the leaf shapes on a Sassafra tree.

  • C C
    C C

    This channel wasn’t always called berm peek was it??

  • aviation 001
    aviation 001

    can you get me a treak merlin 5 22

  • Adrian D
    Adrian D

    Hey Seth! You should try out a linkage fork!

  • Noah Stephens
    Noah Stephens

    Hey seth, I need a bike travel bag to take my bike on flights. which do you recommend.

  • ibby81ae

    Hi Seth, do you prefer hardtail over full suspension ?

  • Galaxy mtb&gaming
    Galaxy mtb&gaming

    hey Seth can you please test out the diamondback line i wanted to see you test out a budget hardtail under $1000 in 2021 so if you see this comment please consider it.

  • Alex Raccuia
    Alex Raccuia

    You should use “billy walker funny how time slips away remix” in one one of your videos. I heard it for the first time and all I could think of was your channel!!

  • suicideinggamers

    I'd love to see Pete Nelson build a treehouse in Seth's backyard and then Seth building some insane drop out of the treehouse

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      Seth changed sooo much and i missed him he was my infulence but after some time i stopped riding now i'm going to pick those bars up and ride my downhill

  • OnlyThe Hutch
    OnlyThe Hutch

    When Seth builds a by-pass to the teater toppler he should add to berms on the switch back after the berm at the bottom Rock garden (not the one made out of rocks) and before the teater toppler to make it smoother and to maintain speed

  • Brenden Goodwin
    Brenden Goodwin

    Why won't you get a downhill bike? It for sure fits your style so well and I'm sure since you have connections with diamondback you can get in touch with haibike like you did with the e bikes.

  • Grant Haralson
    Grant Haralson

    looking good Seth! man you guys just flow!

  • John wesly Mercurio
    John wesly Mercurio

    May have your one bike I watching all your video plssss I don't have a bike I'm from Philippines

  • Andrew Scott
    Andrew Scott

    Can you upgrade my bike

  • viiont eooiy
    viiont eooiy

    Can you go to a local mill and see what their prices are? I heard it's just the big box stores that are super overpriced

  • daniel holbrow
    daniel holbrow

    Hey seth with so many action cams on the market nowdays would you still recommend a gopro hero 4 black to start out with? Love the channel and the content just send it

  • Lemon

    Seths Bike Hacks

  • Josh Holt
    Josh Holt

    Please make a river gap jump on berm peak I beg they’re so fun

    • viiont eooiy
      viiont eooiy

      Can you do a review on GPS Tracker for stolen bikes?

  • Wayne Healy
    Wayne Healy

    U should to a retro mtb build

  • Shred Life
    Shred Life

    Your trails just keep getting better and better, GREAT WORK!!!

  • Luke Joseph Rheintgen
    Luke Joseph Rheintgen

    I think you should Have some videos of you just building trails, no cuts not timelapses, just the sounds of hammers hitting nails, cutting shrubs, kinda like a podcast, you and kevin talking about where jumps should go stuff like that.

  • One way Ticket
    One way Ticket

    You should get a chair lift

  • carter jackson
    carter jackson

    Seth changed sooo much and i missed him he was my infulence but after some time i stopped riding now i'm going to pick those bars up and ride my downhill

  • KiDD ViDD
    KiDD ViDD

    Solar opposites called. They want to sue

  • Music Genius
    Music Genius

    What mtb tiers do you use? Can I use a tire 26 x 2.40” (55-559) on a bike that have a 26 x 2.25” (56-559)?

  • Rainy Darky
    Rainy Darky

    Yo my bike has clicking in the front gear area I don't know what it is

  • Eizan07

    I got some questions I just got my first mountain bike and was wondering what gearing I should do

  • wild_squijjyboo

    Ive recently had a really bad crash on MTB before I even got to the trail, I was going down a road (It was a hill) I lost control and flipped over the handle bar hit a trash can knocking it over then slid and went into a roll down the hill then stopping, I sliced open my leg and arm and severely sprained my wrist, I wasn't even on a trail and now Ive lost all my confidence on a bike, any tips to boost my morale and get me back on a bike for when I heal and get a new one since I need a replacement tire for one and the other one was destroyed in my crash

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    That little peanut is gonna have some fun in the future, that trail is sick!

  • Sari Johansson
    Sari Johansson

    Try to while all your bikes

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown

    Drama deserved it

  • Terry Grenier
    Terry Grenier

    Can you do a review on GPS Tracker for stolen bikes?

  • Bayard Klimasmith
    Bayard Klimasmith

    So we shouldn’t use store bought planks, maybe rocks or I don’t know, pLaTiNuM?

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      7:23 yea it aint thaaat big 😂

  • Google Account
    Google Account

    11:15 Seth's middle name is Wikipedia.

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    8:37 I actually thought the dirt flew up like that and I flinched so hard.

  • Jack Wilcox
    Jack Wilcox

    Day o e of reminding Seth he makes everyone’s day

  • Bike Life with Rob
    Bike Life with Rob

    Can’t skip a Seth video.

  • Aaron Dyer
    Aaron Dyer

    hi seth, i don't know if your going to read this but i was just wondering if you could do a review on my aunts bike bag brand swift industries. i think you would like it and it would be pretty cool. thanks

  • Kipras Juršė
    Kipras Juršė

    I started waching in the florida days and that was like in 2016 or 2017

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      i need video about budget front shock like SR Suntour or or something else under 250$ (best budget fork 26)

  • sehhi vooty
    sehhi vooty

    8:37 I actually thought the dirt flew up like that and I flinched so hard.

  • Snoop_dono

    do you still have the diamond back fat bike? if so itd be awesome to see some content on the thing, its been a while since weve seen it and all the bikes deserve love.

  • Leaping Knight
    Leaping Knight

    I'd ride that!