Thumb Bucket Trail Ep 1 (Construction begins on our baddest trail yet)
We're finally getting back to trail building, after a Winter recovering from injury. This time, we're going big and machine cutting a bike-park style trail. This means I need to learn to run a machine. Also because this project will take so much time, we need to break the process up into multiple episodes.

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  • Pete Dog
    Pete Dog

    Sorry man, this stuff is boring. Want to watch me do some yard work? I miss Seth being on the road. He stopped long before Berm Peak. I guess growing up is boring.

  • Ruach Pretorius
    Ruach Pretorius

    how do you do youre singletrack maping on compouter

  • Jonathan Goodwin
    Jonathan Goodwin

    Seth I am 9 years old and better than you

  • Williams backyard mtb builds
    Williams backyard mtb builds

    Jordan boostmaster needs to try these trails

  • MarshalStrings35

    Cat controls or Deere controls?

  • First_class Gaming
    First_class Gaming

    The trail is called thumb bucket because of the thumb and the bucket on the machine

  • Philip Gordon
    Philip Gordon

    7:05 "Thumb Bucket" I get it.

  • Mitchell Davies-Barnes
    Mitchell Davies-Barnes


  • Rob Meyer
    Rob Meyer

    Found this channel about a year ago and still enjoy watching your videos. Despite the fact I haven't owned a bicycle in probably 15years lol. Love watching your builds & I've actually been inspired to get a bike and start riding myself so thank you for that.

  • Holzwurm _HD
    Holzwurm _HD

    I know the loss of your gopro accessories sucks and no matter how much it costs it still hurts but luckily you're in a position where getting new stuff is relatively easy if you give it a bit of thought.

  • Eldred

    If kevin needs help I work for a greencard

  • Corona time
    Corona time

    the Lorax would not approve of this, but i would 👍

  • cLab2022

    I never saw the videos on a lot of the features when they were first built. I just searched your channel and found nothing.

  • a.

    i love how Seth just casually disses vegans, vegetarians, pescetarians, and nature lovers all at the same time lol

  • Frvst

    I feel evil when I laughed when seth was explaining the bag incident

  • Jackson Girard
    Jackson Girard

    As someone who does extensive soils testing, you should buy some crappy shot rock, its the byproduct of producing riprap and is very cheap. It also compacts very well into clay.

  • 34

    I thought you owned the excavator

  • 3mmzy

    Kevin is a legend!

  • fremmit

    ive been watching this channel since i was 8-9 and im 13 rn :) i love these vids thank you so much!

  • Ben Thompson
    Ben Thompson

    I would’ve opted for a 1.7 or 2 ton

  • Lucifer Undying
    Lucifer Undying

    Seth, you missed an opportunity to name the teeter cannon the "Teeter Yeeter!"

  • Milo Wilson
    Milo Wilson

    Imagine the sticker at the bottom of your fork reading, in small print: "Not For Tutorials" 😎 Like this comment 🤙

  • Philo Beddoe
    Philo Beddoe

    That area of NC seems to get an inordinate amount of rain. Berm-Rainforest.

  • Ricky DH - RDH
    Ricky DH - RDH

    Killer of LOAM!! 🤔 That Kevin is a hard working man, good work!!

  • Yaguar

    This should be on natgeo

  • morgan godfrey
    morgan godfrey

    we all need a kevin in our lives

  • barrie wiliam adgie
    barrie wiliam adgie

    I have been trying to keep up with all your FIbill programs I have been trying to run everything in every day I love this channel it brings me back to my youth I used to build box when I was 7to we used to get old box and build them up they never had any tires we used to ride them along the streets I've never stopped loving building bikes my favorite bike is a diamondback hardtail two topangas midnight blue ladies and gents bike Sorrento. Asent DBR race WCF 6 .0 black I know you are sponsored by Diamondback I wonder if you could do me a big favor my details of warm off I am willing to pay the proper price for them I asked before and no reply I hope you can help me please ride hard and safe

  • Kaedyn Teekell
    Kaedyn Teekell

    Thus is crazy ive been here since before bermpeak and when you were building before you moved and you have built so much since the last time I watched

  • JJ DoubleJ
    JJ DoubleJ

    Somebody meme this: 3:30

  • Liam Agard
    Liam Agard

    Seth has to be top 10 you tubers of all time

  • Cory Pechon
    Cory Pechon

    "Making a chicken sandwich can be pretty gruesome too, depending on how far back in the process you go" 💀

  • Ethan Black
    Ethan Black

    I comment to help statistics

  • Cartman kewl
    Cartman kewl

    Anybody know why Alex ain't been in the videos


    you should mAKE A PUMP TRACK

  • Brandi Bernier
    Brandi Bernier

    Glad you are back on your feet 🦶

  • Hailey Warner
    Hailey Warner

    worst? lol

  • Calin Yak
    Calin Yak

    The snake pit is just built for the pain of the unworthy

  • Caspzz

    Its already been 2 years ?!?

  • Laura Shoemaker
    Laura Shoemaker

    3:48 zooms in on thumb hence the name thumb bucket

  • Sriram Gadiparthi
    Sriram Gadiparthi

    CHEERS AND THANK YOU TO KEVIN for helping out right guys ?!!!

  • Luis Martinez
    Luis Martinez

    It's so nice to see you back on the bike!!!!

  • Zander Tolton
    Zander Tolton

    I’m am cracking up this is funny as hell

  • Amy Albert
    Amy Albert

    Right as pulls out the machine I am like oh ya

  • Alec Cross
    Alec Cross

    These videos make me wanna get off the road bike and shred with my mates

  • Graeme Holland
    Graeme Holland

    "...And he left them out in the open, but what are going to do?" Karen: 'I demand that you fire this incompetent idiot!" Ps, Kevin's amazing!

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

  • Finley Attrill
    Finley Attrill

    Rip gopro

  • Griffin

    1:00 hahhahag

  • Braiden Moss
    Braiden Moss


  • Kevin Burns
    Kevin Burns

    o shit ive been subscribed for a little over 2 years what is this it does not seem that long

  • Will Grimes
    Will Grimes

    Once your done you should make a recap and ride it all in a series

  • YetusThatFetus

    oh wow its been two years already? it feels like not so long ago that i started watching. been here from the beginning seth!

  • Whistlecube

    5:40 intentional music sync?

  • Mário Ferreira
    Mário Ferreira

    Hey gentleman can you pls step away from that rabbit poop and stop eating it?

  • MTB Trail Previews
    MTB Trail Previews

    You should make a dual slalom trail

  • yasio bolo
    yasio bolo

    I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

  • chris trotta
    chris trotta

    hand finishing ;)

  • whosniffedme

    I'm sorry about your gear, I felt that one

  • Fly Fishing Long Island
    Fly Fishing Long Island

    Been waiting for this for 6 months! Awesome!

  • Fun-sized Adventures
    Fun-sized Adventures

    Got that full on sinking feeling in my gut when you ran over the GoPro bag. Pumped your back though! Even if it’s just building for now.

  • KNERO SnapZz
    KNERO SnapZz

    Can you do a new starter hard tail bike for beginners

  • Lindsay Hope
    Lindsay Hope

    How do you know if an old bike is worth fixing up?

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    I gotta say his trail map is starting to make his property look like a full-fledged Bike Park.

    • miata gaming
      miata gaming

      Copied comment

  • Jonathan

    This is the best Video of the world. 👍👍👍👍👌👌

  • Shannon K
    Shannon K

    how u go from an excavator on a trail to making a chicken sandwich

  • Carly Lightstone
    Carly Lightstone

    i sprained my ankle kind of like you broke it

  • Carly Lightstone
    Carly Lightstone

    I really want to go to your trails

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      Do you live in New Hampshire ?

  • Carly Lightstone
    Carly Lightstone

    I don’t really like the teeter cannon

  • Carly Lightstone
    Carly Lightstone

    I don’t know who’s better you or single track sampler

  • Cindy Walters
    Cindy Walters

    You should make an "eating dirt 2020"

  • siddharth Ashok
    siddharth Ashok

    I used to visit this channel 5 years ago when he had around 600k subs named seths bike hacks.great to see your progress😇

  • BC Mountain Biking
    BC Mountain Biking

    You should make a video where you buy a bunch of bike products off amazon and do a bike build and test with cheap sketchy parts.

  • Ralph Anthony Rayela
    Ralph Anthony Rayela

    please ask for an old group set so that I can upgrade the rotten and old stock please notice

  • Rachael Lawley
    Rachael Lawley

    He stop eating rabbit poop

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      Hey Seth, are you going to make a video on the Fooker pedals next month on may?

  • Karri Harjunsalo
    Karri Harjunsalo

    Should you repair some old foot braked bike if you have one that would be very interesting

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      hey seth you should do bike hacks again because i have a good one you use a tennis ball cup (like what they come in) on a water bottle mount for storage.

  • Xavier20h9 on ig
    Xavier20h9 on ig

    Day 1 of asking for your pk ripper

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith

    Its been 2 years, WHAT! 😳 it felt like yesterday i was watching you guys trying to send it over the road gap and jump over the tree on the skinny bridge line? Ahh the memories! Cant wait to see the finished line , cant wait for more in this series! 🤟🏼🔥

  • Stressed_out

    Are you still going to do rc videos?

  • Suhaib

    Ngl it hurt's seeing seth walking like that. I can't imagine the stuff he'll be doing once that ankle fully heals.


    Do you live in New Hampshire ?

  • jack urusky
    jack urusky

    Just saying Welcome to bike hacks today were reviewing the DNM dropper post I remember watching that years ago and I just watched it again so much has changed

  • David Paul
    David Paul

    Seth putting those RC & drone control skills to work on a big machine! :D

  • The_Hawk2018

    Someone needs to make ur yard into a descenders map def

  • mc soda
    mc soda

    seth can you please tell me uour bike size

  • Joshua Aquino
    Joshua Aquino

    I think you need to bike give away and i am the one there

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    Trop bien ta video comme tjrs

  • Dennis Nguyen
    Dennis Nguyen

    I dare u to ride a cheap Walmart mtb bike on ur trail

  • Joel Leeson
    Joel Leeson


  • winston creer
    winston creer

    hey seth you should do bike hacks again because i have a good one you use a tennis ball cup (like what they come in) on a water bottle mount for storage.

  • Mathew Templo
    Mathew Templo

    Hey Seth, are you going to make a video on the Fooker pedals next month on may?

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      Seth is the fastest learner at anything!

  • Nick Ginter
    Nick Ginter

    i think you should look at the loadhandler its a tread meal for a truck bed to un load it

  • Edward Velez
    Edward Velez

    You should do a video of building a bike from scratch. From the frame up with a full list of how to do it yourself and what you'll need. I want to do this and a guide would be useful.

  • chandarpal mourya
    chandarpal mourya


  • The 8-Bit Nerd
    The 8-Bit Nerd

    0:57 Oscar has gotten a lot bigger.

  • moist

    Hey Seth, what charger do you use for your SCX24's? I've heard a lot of people say that the one it comes with is a piece of crap.

  • Derrick Rides
    Derrick Rides

    Dirt work can be amazing therapy. Keep up the amazing work.

  • Chester Vazovzky
    Chester Vazovzky

    Russia translates 😖

  • Colin Goode
    Colin Goode

    The looking down shot at 1:13 was done using a GoPro and his garage door no cap

  • Zayd Ansari
    Zayd Ansari

    New viewers may be surprised to know that Kevin used to be a full blown Lycra-clad roadie...

  • Yokai Oni
    Yokai Oni

    Excavator operator here use your feet to move and turn with the tracks