We painted my dirt jump bike and it looks sick!
This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, except I didn't feel like taking my bike completely apart just to be without it for a few weeks. Finally back in August we started planning this out. Totally worth it!

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  • Rory Marsden
    Rory Marsden

    I swear the riveter is just a country club for mountain bikers

  • Ryzen Saurus
    Ryzen Saurus

    1:11 What is the title of the song?

  • MrGallade475

    Top 10 moments before disaster

  • ver macho
    ver macho

    I dream to have 1 of those frame..I hope Seth..I need help

  • juhun DH
    juhun DH

    6:40 you have one bolt broke in that fork just the same that happened to me few weeks ago :D i dont actually know how they even can break like that

  • hghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbr
    hghhjnheurj bdhxici3bbr

    also half link chains are stronger because they’re thicker

  • Izzy Boyd
    Izzy Boyd

    damn wasn't expecting Seth to ride Food Lion

  • Infinite Adventurers
    Infinite Adventurers

    Whe Seth say “now we stare at it!” The bike be like: I feel a bit violated!

  • D.C. Cole
    D.C. Cole


  • JoseMTB

    Foreshadowing of Flip Bike at the 9:45 mark.

  • Fehrsoldier16

    Its one of a kind and i want it! 😀

  • Fehrsoldier16

    I wish bikes and bike parts werent so exspensive, cause then i could do an absolutely beautiful custom bike like this

  • Haden Welch
    Haden Welch

    What width tire are you running?

  • Gabriel Babbitt
    Gabriel Babbitt

    I like the orange better, maybe a new label but I think old school and stand out is cooler than going with what's popular now. But the new one looks good too, never thought about getting my bike re powder coated

  • Mike Silvia
    Mike Silvia

    That bike looks sick. The Black Momba.

  • NotStockPhoto

    Uggghhh when your friends keep saying they have a custom painted bike………. And it’s powder coated instead haha

  • darkskull


  • Abhinav Patil
    Abhinav Patil

    His bones are made up of Iron, when evere he snaps then he just gets them into the sape wnd he is resad to shred


    I've been keen to paint my bike frame as a DIY project I'm a paint sprayer by trade so this should be an easy task although I won't be powder coating I'll be using waterbase paint

  • Thomas Sheridan
    Thomas Sheridan

    I wish I could make my dirt jumper good

  • Richard Dinning
    Richard Dinning

    I preferred the red paint.

  • Matthew Wasinger
    Matthew Wasinger

    that finish looks SOOOOOO sick!

  • Bell bio Exotics
    Bell bio Exotics

    Where are those tracks? They look sick🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  • _ZedF

    Don't know how I've never seen this video, but while watching I noticed that Seth put the chain on backwards


    Cuz my little brother bike broke so he need a new one but we don't have any money to buy a new bike so can u do a give away bike


    Do u do a give away bike?

  • The1khronohs

    Looks amazing with those bronze stansions!

  • randomboy

    The yellow maxxis logos are annoying me

  • Pencil Glue
    Pencil Glue

    Any videos about MTB Racing Number Plates?

  • Marcin Mysza
    Marcin Mysza

    Your chain is on backwards

  • Flawless Films LLC
    Flawless Films LLC

    I have no intention on dirt jumping but I want that bike!

  • Ron W
    Ron W

    Why not wrap the brake cable to allow barspins?


    i almost want to eat that bike

  • Misty Clan
    Misty Clan

    That bike looks so cool

  • Conrad matrix
    Conrad matrix

    That bike looks fresh as man hell yeah

  • Scooter boyyy
    Scooter boyyy

    What type of bike is it

  • Jared Rigney
    Jared Rigney

    Noooooo! Long live the factory paint!

  • MoL42q

    Man it’s just so crazy to me that I’ve been watching this channel for so long now, and just recently realized that you’re located in the same town as me!

  • Jesus Nieves
    Jesus Nieves

    It looks good but red looked better

  • TT Innovations
    TT Innovations

    lol, I like the old color better, try 2K epoxy spray paint, way more color options and you can do it at home

  • Aiden5610

    I have a 2000 Kona Cindercone and the paint and decals are pretty worn down. I’ve been thinking about getting it repainted but have been hesitant because you can’t get those decals anymore that it has currently

  • Haru-ch3

    Where are your parents in all of you vid

  • Skulla Bikes
    Skulla Bikes

    DO you think DJ bike is good for someone to learn jumps, bunny hops ans such? I ride Ripmo but having hard time learning bunny hops and such.

  • Macchiato


  • jae harryman
    jae harryman

    I shall buy this bike off u for £2

  • Will_mtb

    Those shoes on the line mean s people sell drugs there get out off there

  • CatchingTheShot 133
    CatchingTheShot 133

    The first berm peak i ever watched :) and im here again after watching everything lol

  • alvaro montero
    alvaro montero

    looks nice

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God.

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity.

  • Tim Marshall
    Tim Marshall

    Why is the chain so rusty


    that bike is absolutely gorgeous

  • Andoo pie
    Andoo pie

    "With the bike built and functioning nicely, there's only one thing left to do" Me: Shred it! Seth: Stare at it!

  • Bike club
    Bike club

    I love dirt jumpers an mine has so many paint chips

  • Benjamin Wozniak
    Benjamin Wozniak

    What size bike do you use

  • Big Bo
    Big Bo

    Tip for next time. Go to lowes buy pvc and plug it up and tell em to paint the way it is "don't remove pvc"

  • glennlilman03

    Those wheels are amazing!

  • Izik Malone
    Izik Malone

    0:20 if anyone doesnt know why there's two sprockets on the hub it's actually a smart way to ride cause if your chain comes off it'll fall into that smaller sprocket and you would still be able to ride until you change it back I run that setup also and its saved me from about of OTB and knee smashes on my stem.

  • Darryl Carter
    Darryl Carter

    This is funny BC I'm about to strip and repainty 2005 Norco 250. I'm going way further than you, though. This bike has 135xFOURTEEN mm spacing and I. Have a spare feecoaster so I'm going to custom-build a 24" DJ/street bike that's got a wahser-modded BMX hub on it. Basically a lot of sketchy work to build a big wheel bike that goes backwards. The colour I'm painting it is 'plasti-dip primer'. That way I can paint it whatever I want and strip it in seconds without taking it apart if ibevr want to. That's actually what you should've done. You can test out a few colours a year. (I have three DJ/Street bikes a majesty a ghetto and a Vimana, PLUS three bmxs, all Street bikes, two FC one cassette with brakes) Edit: why I'm even project biking a 16 year old Norco. They were actually legendary frames. I've never seen a norco fail, and there are ten at every DJ spot in Ontario.

  • spuddo

    This is the sickest dirt jump bike I've ever seen.

  • Shameless LEGEND
    Shameless LEGEND

    So... what do u mean stealth, everyone still knows it's a bike

  • Charmaine Vibar
    Charmaine Vibar

    Can i have it pls

  • Jasper Bayless
    Jasper Bayless

    10:08 who else sees the airplane?

  • Eric M
    Eric M

    For a second you can see him use a brass brush to clean the aluminium metal. This is NOT good because it leaves particles of brass inside, which with water will cause corrosion

  • KintamaHD

    You couldve gotten any color you want... And you got black? 😐

  • vipul kapoor
    vipul kapoor

    Hey, i love biking and i do it for a living. I deliver food for a living 5 days a week. When i am not i do bike rides to different trails in tornado. I have a walmart gravel bike which had cheap wheels, tires. Had bar end index shifting and chinese rear derailleur which sucks. It has a 1x9 drivetrain. I really like taking it to the trails so i did a few upgrades. New rear wheel with a cassette instead of a freewhee but only 11t-28t as I couldn’t afford to wait 6-8weeks buying at AliExpress or pay 100-150$ for a 10-46t on Amazon. Then i added sensah brifters and some nice bartapes which work really really nice. And finally added cable actuation type hydraulic brake calipers and finally added compressionless housing all around. Recently the drop handle bars slip on jumps, the bottom bracket is really bad and creaks and doesn’t move freely. The pedals are really really gunky inside so dont move. Wheels and disks are all out of align. Bar tape wasn’t done on point, theres things stuck inside the frame. The rear derailleur doesn’t have a clutch so its really bad. Front crank is bent. Brakes rub. And finally the hub is silent which i hate also it doesn’t move freely. If you wanna try doing a gravel bike for a change and wanna help out a fan then consider this comment. Ps i live in toronto. Anyways, love your content and love seeing you brings bikes back to life.

  • William Sidler
    William Sidler

    I wish Diamondback still sold the Dirt Jumper! I would love to have one to bring my jumping skils to a new level

    • bananas stuff
      bananas stuff

      then why not buy any other dj that _is_ available?

  • Andrea

    u r an holy person cos u save bikes

  • dark303666

    I really like the look of dirt jumpers

  • AC Bikes
    AC Bikes

    You are a good man

  • Tevah Buchanan
    Tevah Buchanan

    9:12 Wow that bowl looks huge that you’re in! What’s it, like 5’ tall?

  • Doug Johnson
    Doug Johnson

    i had my bike powder coated candy apple red. had to do a little dremel work also but, it came out killer \MM/

  • Floppa

    When you put 3 stickers of berm peak on your bike: *Epicness*

  • johny018

    that red bike was beautiful, why is everything black, dark grey today?...

  • cobdog the beast
    cobdog the beast

    And can u put onyx on a mountain bike

  • cobdog the beast
    cobdog the beast

    Onyx has better hubs

  • Sang Pham
    Sang Pham

    The offbeat yew conservatively fit because commission neurophysiologically hope apud a coherent pain. selective, old energy

  • shellfly1

    Wait, the riveter is next to an airport??!!

  • Garrett Suchon
    Garrett Suchon

    What seat post is that?

  • Cody Houston
    Cody Houston

    Bike looks so sick

  • supernintendude64

    yooo i go climbing at the Riviter a lot. I freaking love that place

  • Jayne Pahnke
    Jayne Pahnke

    He said stealthy 3 times

  • Sivakumar Yogarasa
    Sivakumar Yogarasa

    plese give mtb for me

  • BL._JAYY

    Me: “I should repaint my bike theirs a lot of scratches” Ah just put a sticker over it

  • JC Shook
    JC Shook

    Awesome video but I Miss the old paint jobs they’re just so simple and basic and look great I love old bikes

  • xRED Gamingx
    xRED Gamingx

    It is so cool watching other people get new expensive bikes even tho I can’t afford even one

  • The Otter
    The Otter

    I love how all bikers love loud cassettes but BMX racer love silent ones

  • Louie Etzel
    Louie Etzel

    Is it just me, or does the older white and red look looks better.

  • The Ranga Man
    The Ranga Man

    This is entertaining and inspiring!

  • YEET

    Ngl, he looks so uncomfortable in the thumbnail

  • jake Q
    jake Q

    It most be nice

  • Caleb Maittlen
    Caleb Maittlen

    Bro the fork has a snapped bolt stuck in it

  • Danis beyden
    Danis beyden

    The squeamish pressure ultrascructurally lock because calculus coronally delight afore a bored spot. cowardly, furry furtive flare

  • Niko Tatransky
    Niko Tatransky

    Where did you buy this bike please ?

    • justadoggo

      he traded it for his trials bike with eric porter

  • Jero Gonzales Pasaporte III
    Jero Gonzales Pasaporte III

    it's sad to think that I love mountain bikes but can't afford to buy 💔


    Can you build me a bike PLEASE!!!

  • Jeff Daniel Cajegas
    Jeff Daniel Cajegas

    Can I barrow your suspension?

  • kun jyiu
    kun jyiu

    Half links do have benefits they are stronger

  • Moose Tika
    Moose Tika

    It wouldn’t be a berm peak video if it didn’t start with Seth saying “Today were doing something a little different *pause* but kind of the same”

  • JakeBaits

    I work for a powder coating company and that is a terrible job they did that’s a lot of orange peel...