Welcoming Berm Peak's Newest Resident...I'm a dad!
Yes, I pretty much kept this a secret for almost 9 months, but that's because this wasn't the first time we were expecting a child. We're just so happy to finally have a healthy baby girl. Amidst everything that has happened over the last year, this is really a special moment, and hopefully the beginning of a bunch of good things.

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  • Kiran felix
    Kiran felix

    Just think of the moment peanut discovers this video , i can already imagine her cute smile watching this. Yes , Your dad is a great man.

  • Oliver the sunflower
    Oliver the sunflower

    The Rebecca roller - a new addition to berm peak

  • Mike Znel
    Mike Znel

    Now that you have a baby, do you know if baby's have to be oiled or not?

  • Gurinder Ghotra
    Gurinder Ghotra

    Congrats Seth !

  • charlie ash
    charlie ash

    his balance bike is going to be a full carbon 😂

  • Sahil

    Congratulations brother

  • Robbie McGoo
    Robbie McGoo

    Awesome! Congratulations to you all!

  • vlad alexa
    vlad alexa


  • Nicholas McNamara
    Nicholas McNamara

    so have you decided what color her balance bike will be

  • Matthew Herrera
    Matthew Herrera


  • Simon Hergenroeder MTB
    Simon Hergenroeder MTB

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch

  • Uldin Szabolcs Dér
    Uldin Szabolcs Dér

    Congrats boss! 👏👏👏

  • Craig Crider
    Craig Crider

    Congrats Seth and Amy!

  • zahos:D


  • Logan Johnson
    Logan Johnson


  • Robbie Short
    Robbie Short

    Congratulations it’s the best gift as it’s lifelong

  • Yilmaz Satar
    Yilmaz Satar

    Congrats Seth! I’ve been watching and learning so much from your channel your going to do great my man!

  • InsaneRC

    The ultamite little shredder

  • itsAlex


  • armando cardenas
    armando cardenas

    Enhorabuena , Seth .

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    Rebecca is going to shred

  • J T
    J T

    Congrats! late to channel. glad I found this.

  • howcan playz
    howcan playz

    best dad ever she will be a young shredder

  • Sid

    I can already see the hair falling off Seth's head

  • cappuniño

    Sooo, brake oil test⁉️

  • James Rhode
    James Rhode

    DESCRIBES CSECTION, ME, why didnt you use a pipe cutter!? Cute lil shedder!

  • Mayuri Shiina
    Mayuri Shiina

    ayyy congrats

  • Jason Watson
    Jason Watson

    Congrats bro!! Mine just turned 15. Seems like yesterday she was that size. Enjoy every minute. Because they go by like seconds.

  • Alex Dennison
    Alex Dennison

    Didn't even know he was married LOL

  • JayDanger2x

    this is awesome!!!!!!!! RESPECT!

  • Tri_DeR

    Congrats dude

  • AlkinoosMagkas

    Dude, congratulations I remember watching your hacks videos with drama and I’d never thought in a million years that you’d have a kid. Congratulations again may the force be with her

  • Striker

    When I was a peanut 🥜

  • Ryan

    "Choose opportunities over dreams" - that's some good advice. I think you'll be a great Dad. To a good future!

  • Lewis Wilton
    Lewis Wilton

    Hope u still making bike shredding vids I'd the little on doesn't want to ride don't make her its personal choice me its ride or die

  • Onwe27 OWN
    Onwe27 OWN

    Drama would be happy to see this kid

  • Towfur

    CONGRATS SETH! Sorry I took so long !

  • Brent Archer
    Brent Archer

    grats seth hope the litte peanut is a little shredder :D

  • Bill Clinton
    Bill Clinton

    I teared up, haven’t watched the channel in almost a year and a half. Congrats to you and the wife! Ride on Dad

  • The Freezing gamer
    The Freezing gamer

    Dude, you've inspired me to get a bike live more and enjoy life, you are the best person I could ever think of and I have a big dream of being big at mountain biking and hope to be one of your best friends one day, truly from sam.

  • bisket2003

    This video is going to live forever and be a huge impact later in life. The coolest little memento to leave behind, at the least.

  • Reilly jarvis
    Reilly jarvis

    yeah this is cool and all, but can she manual

  • cduemig1

    Congrats! Goodnight moon could definitely use a good narrator voice. Hopefully you won’t be like me and take two years off mountain biking when my second was born!

  • Deenuka Gunawardana
    Deenuka Gunawardana

    Seth is gonna make a great dad His wife and daughter are lucky to have him as a husband and a dad

  • poop

    'And it is in fact a pretty good time to be a peanut' -seth 2021

  • A B Cars N’ Guitars
    A B Cars N’ Guitars

    Oh my god she is so cute!!!

  • Yohanna Tashi
    Yohanna Tashi

    She’s beautiful. ❤️

  • Emil Söderström
    Emil Söderström


  • John Leonard Tester
    John Leonard Tester


  • Scania HD
    Scania HD


  • Koozy On Ipad
    Koozy On Ipad

    Low key reminds me of iron man’s last video recording at his funeral in Avengers Endgame.

  • Jay Nguyen
    Jay Nguyen

    this will be interesting when shes old enough to watch and understand this video

  • Iloveyou

    Oh so seth has been a little freaky lately 😏

  • Larry Hopper
    Larry Hopper

    Congratulations. I wish you and your family many happy years together.

  • Simon_ _
    Simon_ _

    Duuude I have no idea how could I missed that!. Congratulations! I have the same approach - to be a grown up who plays like a kid. It is harder and harder but manageable. =)

  • Hizenburg

    The biggest Adventure begin’s here. Congrats seth!

  • FishingwithJayden

    When I was a peanut

  • Wistful dulli
    Wistful dulli

    I'm happy for man

  • Sayak Sarkar
    Sayak Sarkar

    Congratulations Seth... Lots of love for you and your family from India...

  • YT_Kingdt2011ツ

    awww so cute 🥰

  • Leibritz

    Congratulations 🙂 You will make a great dad!

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    Thank- You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God, Thank - You God..

  • Jonah Courtemanche
    Jonah Courtemanche

    God ( Jesus Christ. ) Will Always Be With You Forever And Forever And Forever And Forever For All Eternity..

  • LF_ Caleb
    LF_ Caleb

    Daddy will get you the specialized hotwalk carbon as your first bike which cost 1,000 dollars 😁😁😁🥲🥲🥲

  • Gimme ur cod points
    Gimme ur cod points

    I knew this was coming

  • RobloxJimmy

    gosh im crying im so happy for you

  • Kluger's Garage
    Kluger's Garage

    congrats my dude

  • Quinten Everett
    Quinten Everett

    All I'm saying is this kid will have a fun life

  • Yohann Schonfelder
    Yohann Schonfelder


  • Anime Babe
    Anime Babe


  • Jake Javier
    Jake Javier

    wife reveal lol

  • SecondEagle145

    Buy him a bike bro :3

  • Neil Camara
    Neil Camara


  • E GANG
    E GANG

    Remember to oil it

  • Andy Etchells
    Andy Etchells

    seth’s dad hacks

  • truckie453


  • Eggs

    OMG CONGRATS MAN!!! you better get 'em a mountain bike once they learn to walk.

  • Professional ???%
    Professional ???%

    that turn at 1:53, like, physics?

  • Alfred BK
    Alfred BK

    Thats wholesome you will be a good dad

  • Jesse Stewart
    Jesse Stewart

    A bit late. But congratulations

  • Smoking Tough
    Smoking Tough

    Congrats on being a father, it's a very rewarding role!

  • Jungle Jim
    Jungle Jim

    I still pound bottles and wreck diapers to this day

  • Jameson Branam
    Jameson Branam

    “Pound bottles and wreck diapers” hahahaha

  • ultrahd2000

    Congratulations, by now I’m sure you know that life will never be the same. In a good way.

  • Yager

    i was gone for a month and now youre a dad... WHAT?!?!? Congrats man!

  • Anton Blaschuk
    Anton Blaschuk

    "that's because this wasn't the first time we were expecting a child" - I'm still crying at this line. Seth and Amy, our wholehearted congratulations from Ukraine! Best health and luck to whole family! We became parents just 6 months ago, so you probably know a bit more about parenting. But anyway, that's one hell of a ride! :)

  • FireintheE

    Amazing precious miracle!!! congratulations you all are an official family unit of uniqueness and creativity!

  • yshoshan

    Mazel Tov Seth and Amy!!! Feb 26 bday? me too!

  • Lance Donton
    Lance Donton

    I know its late but congrats being a dad

  • KUSHI28


  • Vincent 123
    Vincent 123


  • ThatDodgeGuy

    I just imagine him full sending it off jumps in the future

  • Jaimey Janidu
    Jaimey Janidu

    And she'll be the one riding to school on a sick bike singing "They see me Rollin, they hatin"

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer

    Super happy for you Seth!! Your going to be a great and fun Dad.

  • K Montalbo
    K Montalbo

    good job 🤘🏿

  • Joey Ack
    Joey Ack

    Seth if you need to take a break from youtube by all means I dont want to speak for every one but I think we would understand if you needed some time and I hope your kid and wife are doing good and have fun

  • Michael Malcom
    Michael Malcom


  • Sammy Kahn
    Sammy Kahn

    He’s gonna shred so hard

    • Sammy Kahn
      Sammy Kahn


    • Sammy Kahn
      Sammy Kahn

      Sri I didn’t know

    • Lightning Eagle
      Lightning Eagle

      Its a she

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez

    Congratulations to you and your wife!!!!

  • BroWn MunDa
    BroWn MunDa

    Congrats Seth sending love from india ❤️ been following u since 2 years it been a gr8 journey so far let's see what tomorrow brings!