What Berm Peak is doing about high lumber prices
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  • a cool kid
    a cool kid

    i love that your using dead trees instead of cutting down live ones

  • Ricardas Stunza
    Ricardas Stunza

    that looks like a little bit almost like welding, as a welder i had a good laugh and i can confirm he is not wrong ;D

  • Jason

    When the gator bent you could see how frustrated he was in the little time laps thing. Lol

  • Sam Guy
    Sam Guy

    I know this is a late comment, but if you want some instruction I can show you what I know about MIG welding and how to get better. I live in north Carolina a few hours away from you (I think) let me know if you'd like some help.

  • Dylan Yewchyn
    Dylan Yewchyn

    Please put some more time into welding lol

  • Xseries live
    Xseries live

    planting trees is also important.


    Tbh I like this type of saw mill then the modern ones because of how cool and easy they are to fix

  • Spencer Stephenson
    Spencer Stephenson

    I was watching until I saw the ridgeline... makes sense regarding the gator hitch issue and mini trailer now...

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G

    Saw mills like this are a firm reminder of how much better we had it when we had the RIGHT to repair things. It's a damned shame the way we are being taken advantage of the way we are with modern technology... Fix it!? Why? Just go buy a new one with more features that are easily broken and require you to buy a new one all over again. Good job getting lumber for cheap.

  • LOL C
    LOL C

    Absolutely LOVE this channel my man!

  • Alistair Bailey
    Alistair Bailey

    What a fantastic saw mill and Audience is the man 👍

  • Classic Carson
    Classic Carson

    I hate to say this but I think it’s time you get a bigger truck

  • Krystal Weaver
    Krystal Weaver

    Seth u need a small tractor

  • jonnyjazzz

    That wood looks so good, my friend. You are a lucky guy to have all that on your property. I'm infinitely jealous.

  • pedo jarenshaw
    pedo jarenshaw

    10:10 Oscar has a natural whip when he runs!😄

  • Troy Allen
    Troy Allen

    Nice logs!


    Why does that have reverse lights? To let Frenchie know to get out of the way?

  • demilishing

    The cure for high lumber prices is high lumber prices. Bad investing joke sorry haha. This is a perfect example of why that is true though and some easy saying turn out to be quite true.

  • Mr Sir
    Mr Sir

    love the little bat dog helping out. that made me laugh

  • Magnus

    I hope you people are successful. I would love to see the big box lumber monopolies hurting.

  • Pickle Supply Company Yep!
    Pickle Supply Company Yep!

    When exactly do you have notions of building anything with the worlds wettest oak?

  • Heratick V
    Heratick V

    I see that foreman Oscar is doing a good job supervising.

  • Brandon VanZandt
    Brandon VanZandt

    Do another video soon! I can't wait to see what back yard debauchery you'll be getting into next

  • Wadup Waddupp
    Wadup Waddupp

    Lol, the metal rod is so tall that it acts as a lever to bend the connection 😂😂😂 what a fail

  • unlink

    That was lumber for I'm sure something like $2000, foraged for "free" at the expense of time and material, and $200 cutting cost. I'd say that's a decent wage right there.

  • Owen Greenberg
    Owen Greenberg

    Eagerly awaiting the video where you figure out how to somehow bring everything down to the sawmill with bikes

  • russr

    why not buy your own sawmill for 3k?

  • Door

    Door is valuable

  • Dave Mennenoh
    Dave Mennenoh

    Great video. Sawmill was fascinating.

  • Andy Saunders
    Andy Saunders

    Nice little sawmill.

  • OCoutdoors

    Looks like if you had a metal ledge inline with the hitch, the log could sit on that instead of dangling from the top of the bar. Maybe make a new rig and leave the hitch channel long, slide the upright over it and then weld. Like a slip slip PVC fitting. Cool rig tho. Looks fast

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    I liked the way you put learning a new skill. My favorite is doing it alone off a video. You mess up say a few cuss words over a good laugh and don't do it that way again lol.

  • MadClanPC

    tip spray works wonders for better welds

  • JerzyLasica

    I know you went with the original (and simple) design but you should make the front end of the hauler as a standalone part on its wheels like a trailer; check out atv log hauler.

  • Catherine Heck
    Catherine Heck

    what kinf of chain saw is that i need to get one

  • nitride8

    As a former product engineer of welding electrodes, I noticed you welded with NR211. It does not need shielding gas but it is definitely NOT beginner friendly. MIG would be far easier.

  • Pascalore

    I've always wondered why nobody uses the extra wheels to roll a log. Really reduces the stresses on the pulling buggy and keeps the log from grinding dirt into the bark. The bent receiver is one of those 'live and learn' things.

  • doggoluvr

    Also its environmentally friendly, removing the dead trees means more can grow and the carbon inside the trees isn't being released, its still in the planks

  • E T
    E T

    god i love your videos

  • devin anderson
    devin anderson

    If you buy the ticket I'll come out there and teach you how to weld. Lol

  • Nathan West
    Nathan West

    nice job never imagined that wood would become that expensive tho, I wonder what would it cost to get the wood pressure treated?

  • Nejc Lipar
    Nejc Lipar

    you should teem up with Audie to make some sawmil videos for his chanel

  • Prop Circles
    Prop Circles

    this is so cool

  • CodyKgraphics

    hire me i know how to stick and mig weld and have my own gear other than a welder

  • Clem Johnson
    Clem Johnson

    Great content as always

  • ProbablyLucky

    Thumbnail looks like the cover of the dopest album of 2021 👌🔥

  • Tyler Johnson
    Tyler Johnson

    Hey Seth you need to get a trampoline and make a trampoline bike it would be awesome 😎

  • Jim

    This video looks interesting. But as a someone who watches at least 6 hours of youtube a day i could not watch cause the audio issues with this video. There are issues with volume and layering. It just felt so damn overwhelming. I tried twice but had to give up at 3:11 I did not give a thumbs down but just wanted to let you know.

  • 99codemister

    4:07 Oh good. You realized the axle needs to be closer toe the towing point. Every log before this one was putting way too much tongue weight on the vehicle.

    • 99codemister

      Annnndddd... you busted it! Whoops.

  • Lukas

    Hi, cool video, but please use at least a chainsaw trousers. It will protect your feet if the cut goes wrong. A broken kneecap or cut shins are certainly more expensive and a longer-term affair. We want to see more videos ;)

  • I did something
    I did something

    You should have a loose tongue dolly go into the receiver so it can turn easy and then put you old dolly at the back it would put less stress on the hitch or receiver

  • Gplayz_42

    2:10 "learning is expensive" just have a grate dad that can teach you that

  • Michael Mann
    Michael Mann

    I love the thumbnail

  • Jacob Wolf
    Jacob Wolf

    so cool :)

  • Anderson Wolff
    Anderson Wolff

    BB aka blame Biden

  • Kraken wood floor service Mcmahon
    Kraken wood floor service Mcmahon

    Nice looking white oak.

  • Bibleman

    This has to be one of the hardest thumbnails I've ever seen on youtube

  • The Irons
    The Irons

    Great job Seth, the fact that you colaborate with a small sawmill like that it's actually amazing.

  • BOYO 123
    BOYO 123

    Not to be rude but why didn’t u just do a straight bar instead of the L shaped one for the gator so it wouldn’t bend or I’m just stupid and it’s better or something

  • Nicholas W.M.
    Nicholas W.M.

    This was an awesome video. Cool to see stuff like this

  • Ryder Nedelkovski
    Ryder Nedelkovski

    If you need help welding mess around with the settings on it and to get a good weld cut the wire 10mm from the spout and hold It at a 45 degrees hope this helps

  • joe cro
    joe cro

    god this channel has just changed so much from the good old bike park videos

  • Gay Preator
    Gay Preator

    Seth and Kevin to day camp. How great is Audie!! A favorite.

  • wtchnwsnw

    The correct answer to the title is stop voting democrat

  • Dennis Bruce Masayon
    Dennis Bruce Masayon

    You can now buy 12 ferraris🤣🤣

  • Angela Close
    Angela Close

    I like riding bikes but I'm not a mountain biker but I love these videos

  • katydid5088

    You should look into planting on your property. The tree types are pretty much present, so far as the types of plants that will tend to grow up as you cycle through the property. But it would be good to propagate starts from a wood lot if you intend to keep Berm Peaks conserved long term.

  • barnzy104

    Why do Americans always take guards off grinders 😂

  • Weddingtornado

    So cool!

  • Jerktio RR
    Jerktio RR

    even as a 15 year old kid from beglium learning welding and being pretty ok at it that was painful to watch when de whole thing got caught

  • F&E SUDO 2
    F&E SUDO 2

    whenever i click on your videos i am never underwhelmed or disappointed, you have earned a subscribe from me!

  • nick freeman
    nick freeman

    Amazing video. Id love to see more of these

  • Teddy Mcfartson
    Teddy Mcfartson

    Dude I can’t believe this all started in 2018. It feels like yesterday!

  • Pericles

    god teir thumnail

  • AzE Sniping
    AzE Sniping

    That’s why you needa kubota RTV

  • Jacob Conn with Conn Hikes
    Jacob Conn with Conn Hikes

    I really like this episode

  • Joep

    Lmao" gater like new, just used around the property"

  • Vinson Tran
    Vinson Tran

    So gangster sawing wood smoking a black n mild and even more fitting is that it’s wood tip not plastic 😂😎

  • Eloisa Olay
    Eloisa Olay

    The thumbnail look so cool .

  • DCV

    s'a great vid

  • darkskull


  • Ender Lord
    Ender Lord

    Those video gives me an idea. The high lumber prices are due to an imbalance of supply and demand, so what if a ton of ppl started pop up temp lumber companies to increase supply until prices even out?

  • Tyler S
    Tyler S

    We make less than we did on installing a deck for someone now than last year. Almost twice the price and we make less

  • Tim

    Whenever I watch your videos I see myself owning a little bit of land in America and building my own track with the bois. Here I am in Germany still in "Highschool"... ),:

  • Shelley vogel
    Shelley vogel

    Why don’t we ever see your wife

  • pumpikqq_

    im at 1:18 - that design is gonna bend something 4:50 - it bent the gator 😂

  • Corey Mooney
    Corey Mooney

    I'm so glad I clicked on this thumbnail. I subbed, binged, researched, and a month later I've got my own mountain bike and now I'm sweating on local trails. Thank you Seth.

  • Chandler Dorjahn
    Chandler Dorjahn

    Biden's America

  • Joshua Gilliland
    Joshua Gilliland

    Maybe keep your tiny puppy away from your self proclaimed "foolish" invention.

  • Just do Something
    Just do Something

    The dedication and hard work is very refreshing to see. You are adjusting to hard times with hard work and ingenuity, thinking outside the box. Thank you for what you do. I really enjoy your videos.

  • Fireheart318

    How could you not yell timber even once in this video about cutting down trees??

  • Nathan Keske
    Nathan Keske

    I love how you have some of the coolest bikes in the world but you drive a Honda ridge line 😂 you deserve like a Ford f450

  • jomax clux
    jomax clux

    Wow, i just want to learn to weld to get rear disk brakes on my old trek.

  • Digby Vincent
    Digby Vincent

    Spitting image of scully from Brooklyn-99 (no offence intended) 😂😂😂

  • Lee Andrew
    Lee Andrew

    Amurrrrcans now hyping the price of fuckin lumber

  • MindBlowerWTF

    You should have atleast buy a welder with a gun that You can use shielding gas with. There probably are retrofit kits available though. Learning on bad equipment and bad supplies is never a good idea.

  • Bold Book
    Bold Book



    Please save Tree🌳

  • Hessel Sieburgh
    Hessel Sieburgh

    One of the most badass thumbnails I’ve ever seen

  • Toby Segar
    Toby Segar

    Not worth at all. They rich they got tools GoPro's and tha. They could just buy the wood.